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Best Japanese Restaurants in Pakistan to Dine in 2024

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Japanese Restaurant in Islamabad
Aga Khan Road, Shalimar 5, F-5, Islamabad.
Sakura Japanese Restaurant is located at Aga Khan Road, F-5, Islamabad Pakistan. There are early afternoon specials on sushi and evening eating offers. A phenomenal eating air wit ...
Best Korean and Japanese Restaurant in DHA Karachi
Stadium Lane 2, Phase V Stadium Commercial Area Defence V Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.
The Yoshis is located at Commercial Area DHA, Karachi, Pakistan. The Yoshis is Karachi debut Korean and Korean Fusion scaled down The Yoshis is offering sound and customary dishes of Korea and Ja ...
Best Restaurant for Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean food
119 Hali Road, Block E1, Gulberg III, Lahore.
The Fuchia Kitchen is located at Hali Road, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan. The Fuchia Kitchen is offering Tori Katsu, Tori Katsu Curry, Teriyaki, Teppanyaki, Teppanyaki Bar, Pad Thai Noodles, Egg ...
Best Chinese, Japanese and Thai Food in Gulberg and DHA Lahore
D, 95B, 1 Main Blvd Gulberg, Lahore.
The Bamboo Union is located at Main Blvd Gulberg and DHA, Lahore, Pakistan. The Bamboo Union is offering Chicken, Seafood, Beef, Noodles, Rice, Kiddy Bowls, Soups, Appetizers, Salads and much mor ...
Top Sushi Restaurant in Boat Basin Karachi
Tipu Sultan Road, Main Boat Basin, Plot #F105, Memon Co-operative Housing Society Jinnah Housing Society PECHS, Karachi.
The Cocochan Restaurant is located at Tipu Sultan Road, Main Boat Basin, Karachi, Pakistan. The Cocochan globally prepared gourmet expert spends significant time in Japanese food and draws on Chi ...
Best Chinese, Thai and Japanese Restaurant
Remco Tower, Main Tipu Sultan Road, Block B Shabbirabad, Karachi.
The Bonsai Chinese, Thai and Japanese is located at Main Tipu Sultan Road, Shabbirabad, Karachi, Pakistan. The Bonsai Chinese, Thai and Japanese serve food of the best quality and is resolved to c ...
Best Restaurant for Chinese, Japanese and Thai food 
Mall of Gujranwala, GT Road, Gujranwala.
The Tao Pan Restaurant is located at Mall of Gujranwala, GT Road, Gujranwala, Pakistan. The Tao Pan menu offers you shareable parts from the Sushi determination to exemplary dishes drawn from Mala ...
Top Asian Restaurant in F-7 Markaz Islamabad
Bhittai Road, F 7 Markaz, Islamabad.
The Ginyaki Restaurant is located at Bhittai Road, F 7 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. The Ginyaki Restaurant is offering Chicken, Beef, Seafood, Appetizers, Soups, Bowls, Egg Fried Rice, Vegetables ...
Best Cuisine in F-11 Markaz Islamabad
F 11 Markaz, Islamabad.
The SoHo Cuisine is located at F 11 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. The SoHo Cuisine is offering Soups, Appetizers, Salad, Poultry, Beef, Seafood, Noodles, Rice, Sushi, Maki, Nigiri, Sashimi and muc ...
Best Asian Restaurant in Islamabad
Street # 3, Kohsar Market, F 6/3 F-6, Islamabad.
The Nom Nom Wok Restaurant is located at Kohsar Market, F 6, Islamabad, Pakistan. The Nom Nom Wok Restaurant is offering Soups Bowls, Appetizers, Salad, Dumpings, Chicken, Beef, Fish, Prawn, Brow ...

Restaurants thet serve best japenese food in Pakistan

Japanese cuisine has its own taste and flavor there are many seasonal dishes in Japanese cuisine that has multiple health benefits. The typical Japenese food consist of rice noodles and they usually served with any fish, soups and pickles. As japan is surrounded by ocean so there diet mainly consists of seafood and seasonal ingredients.  Food are appealing for eyes as they are presented artfully and also taste so well that it is good for tongue, taste buds and stomach. There are many Japanese dishes that are eaten by Pakistani.

Favorite Japanese Food items in  Pakistan

Tempura- it is crispy, tasty and one of the most famous dish in japan. You will select your type of prawn, vegetable, or fish they will batter it and deep fry it. They are served with noodles or rice but usually served on its own. They serve multiple sauces with it.

Soba Noodles- they are the alternative of rice based meal soba noodles are in grey color and made with buck wheat floor. They serve it with soup and dipping sauces. Ramen is considered as most cheapest and popular type of noodles that are loved by people. They are served with broth fish, soya and topped with slices of meat as well.

Sushi- this dish is international famous. People usually considered that sushi mean eating raw fish. But sushi is made up of vinegar rice, raw fish and multiple types of vegetables as well.

Okonomiyaki is basically a batter that is mixed with your favorite ingredients and then it is fried like pan cakes live in front of you. There are multiple varieties from seafood, bacon, chicken onions, corn and many more. It is usually topped with mayonnaise and brown rice.

Teppanyaki -this dish is presented by chef on table in large grill in which the chef prepares the dish in front of you. This representation of chef skill is part of teppan. Teppan menu are based on range of beef items. Rice, pickles and vegetable are also part of this dish.

There are other meals that are also served like Teishoku  Yakiniku , Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki that are served in restaurants. People of Pakistan are truly a place of food people that love local and international cuisines. Below we have listed some of the best Japanese restaurant in Pakistan

Best Japanese restaurant in Pakistan

Suki Sushi is best place for Japanese food in capital islamabad there sushi makimono and sashimi are must try. There other varieties are rice, noodles, Korean bbq, poultry, seafood and meat. They deliver authentic food but still there are not much pricey.

Sakura Japanese Restaurant- they deliver Japanese cuisine and have also pan Asian menu in the restaurant. In the restaurant you will experience fine dining experience as the restaurant is located in five star Marriott hotels. They have live sushi counter and teppanyaki is live served on table.

Ginyanki – the restaurant is located in F7 Islamabad.   ginyanki serve Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Korean cuisine in the restaurant. They serve from appetizer to dessert menu on the table. They deliver fine dining experience in affordable rates.

Fujiyama- located in avari Lahore and in Karachi as well. They serve best Japanese food in Lahore. They have served best sushi in the town.  There ambiance is very cozy and staff is very courteous. You can also enjoy live cooking of teppanyaki on counters. They have makki rolls sushi, sashimi, nigri and wide range of teryakki options on the menu. They have starters, appetizer main course and dessert option on menu.

Sakura- It is located in PC hotel in Lahore and in Karachi as well. If you are looking for Japanese sushi buffet than it is place to go. Pc hotel arrange a night where all you can eat is sushi there is live teppanyaki counter. They have negimayahki edamame, salmon teriyaki, yaki soba noodles, grilled lobster and dobin mushi soup that are worth the try.

Gai's they offer modern Japanese cuisine. They offer fine dining experience with variety of brunch dinner and lunch menu. There most selling items are seared salmom tataki beef with mushroom rock shrimp tempura, and new york cheesecake they have variety of option for maki rolls sashimi an nigri to enjoy Japanese flavor.

Tao is located in Clifton Karachi. They started their operation in 2015. They offer other cuisines other than Japanese as well. They have vast range of soups starter’s sushi platters and delicious dessert in the menu. There famous dishes are pit pat kai chicken crispy beef chili oyster fish and sushi.

Bonsai is another restaurant in Karachi that is offering Japanese cuisines. Their staff is courteous and accommodating towards customers. There famous dishes are special fire cracker rolls, bonsai snow mountain maki and Asian mix prawns.

Prices of Japanese eatables in Pakistan

The prices may vary on type of food you will order, number of main course, starters and the location of restaurant you will choose because some authentic Japanese restaurants are usually are on expensive side but they are worthy enough to try for experience. The average price range of one main course meal is around 2000- 3000 rupees in Pakistan.

There are multiple types of japenese restaurants in pakistan that offer multiple type of food options avialable in the major cities of pakistan so you can choose according to your preference. In this article we have  muliple types of japenese food options aviable in the resstauant and also discussed some best japenese resturant that people love to visit to enjoy japenese food in Pakistan. If you want to visit Japanese restaurants you can simply contact from the above mentioned details for each branch or visit their website to know about prices and reservations.