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Best Jeans Brands in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Best Fashion Brand in Pakistan
Plot No. D/266-B, Shed No. 1, Shershah Haroonabad, Karachi.
Weave Wardrobe, a premier fashion brand in Pakistan, specializes in crafting top-tier clothing. Our dedication to quality and style sets us apart, making us the go-to destination for discerning sho ...
Making your sporty vibe better
Khokhar Town, Shahab Pura, Sialkot.
Bahlol International, headquartered in Sialkot, Pakistan, stands as a premier clothing manufacturer. Leveraging strategically deployed machinery, the company specializes in crafting high-quality ga ...
Gear Up for Greatness
ugoki, RahimPur, Sialkot.
Batapore General Trading Company, headquartered in Sialkot, Pakistan, is a dynamic manufacturer and exporter with a legacy dating back to 2013. Renowned for its diverse product portfolio, the compa ...
Shalwar Kameez Collections for Boys, Girls & Baby
Fifth Road, Block D, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Minnie Minors is located at Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Minnie Minors is a leading Pakistani kidswear brand offering fun, stylish and comfortable clothes that are made to last. Minnie Min ...
Cambridge Shalwar Kameez Collections for Men
Centaurus Mall, Blue Area, Islamabad.
Cambridge outlet is based in Centaurus Mall, Islamabad, Pakistan. Cambridge offers latest design collections of men shalwar kameez, jeans, polo shirts, salwar kameez and kurtas. For designs, collec ...
One of the Best Jean's Store in Rawalpindi
Fateh Plaza, Commercial Market Road, Block B Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Adam Clothing is located at Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Adam Incorporation is a part of Media 99 Pvt Ltd. It was established in 1998 and is now one of the largest manufacturer and export ...
Ashraf Marth Shaheed Road, Mandi Bahauddin.
Darth Collection is one of the fastest growing jeans brand launched in 2021. We are the supplier and online seller of men, women and kids jeans of high quality. For best prices jean please feel fre ...
Best Store for Men's Jeans
F 8/4 F-8, Centaurus, Islamabad, Pakistan
Royal Tag is located at F-8, Centaurus, Islamabad, Pakistan. Royal Tag is Smart Formal Fashion Retail Brand for Men. Established in 2012 with the philosophy, “Quality products and consistent cus ...
Affordable Jeans Store in Karachi
Karachi, Pakistan
Furor Jeans is located at Karachi, Pakistan. A casual clothing brand, Furor caters the need of young generation with its unique wardrobe and comfortable trendy attires like Jeans, shoes, shirts and ...
The Most Choosen Apparel Store for Men's
Plot 3-C, Lane 6, Zamzama Commercial Area, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan
Montivo.pk is located at Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan. We sell branded clothes made in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Turkey. Our products are factory leftovers or surplus which are 100% ...

All you want to know about jeans in Pakistan

Jeans are used by men and women both in today’s world and they are so deep ingrained in our life that it is very hard to imagine our life without it. Jeans is not considered jeans if it is not made up of denim Jeans are considered as most difficult garment to purchase. Jeans are considered as essential garment for your wardrobe.  Jeans come in different sizes, cuts and fabric. The detailing of the jeans is more or less same in every jean. Now a day teenagers used embroidered jeans that look elegant. So below we will discuss about the style fabric and detailing of jeans.

Jeans come in different style in Pakistan

Regular- these types of jeans are very comfy and you can move anywhere without hindrance of movement. These jeans look fit with plaid shirt jacket and lace boots and shoes.

Straight- It is timeless choice and best option for stockier gentleman that feel comfy in leaner cuts. This jeans style is adaptable for most purpose and intents.

Slim- this jeans types suit most body shapes and it is comfortable and lies between skinny and extreme cuts. You can pair skinny jeans with sweater, jacket, t-shirt, leather loafer or sneakers.

Skinny- they are becoming popular from last decade. It is best wear if you are not more than 21. Avoid wearing tight on the top of these jeans it is best if your wear oversized jacket or sweater on it that will balance the proportions.

Wide Leg- this jean may give untidy look. They have big straight cut leg without any flares. You can pair it with slimmer pieces to balance it out like slim fit crew neck t shirt or short jackets.

Jean Fabric in Pakistan

Jeans is not considered jeans if it is not made up of denim. Diagonal weave technique is used to make it very hard.

Dry denim- It is unwashed raw denim. It is in deep indigo color because it is not washed after dying. These fabric jeans are stiff. These jeans are dark tone so they go with sweatshirts and T shirts as well.

Twill- it is type of denim and it has diagonal weave. Most of the denim has right hand twill that means diagonal line raise from left to right. Left hand twill rise in opposite direction and give a softer feel.

Ring spun denim- this jeans was used till 1970. The cotton fiber are twisted and spin with help of ring that give soft and strong open end denim it is mostly used for commercial production. This jeans is associated with vintage denim as it has uneven appearance and more characterful.

Open-end denim- it was introduced in 1970 that used mock twisting cotton fibers. It is dark color fabric as it absorbs more dye and bit bulkier.

The other type of fabric is Selvedge, Japanese’s denim, stretch denim. The modern denim is around 14 oz but the first denim was 90z. The modern denim is thicker and durable. Choose the middle weight denim for wearing. As light weight denim is not that much durable heavy weight are durable but you cannot wear them all around the year.

Details of Jeans

One of the distinguish feature of denim is tobacco stitching that is brown stitching. There is double stitching that is achieved through two parallel needles it increase the strength of your jeans. There is traditional stitching that is known as chain stitching. This stitching looks like continuous rather than dotted. Rivets are used on jeans at stress points because people complained in the beginning about the rip of jeans. Mostly jeans have 5 pockets 2 in front 2 at back and one coin pocket that is present inside the right front pocket. Zips and button are also used to make your jeans a complete look.

Price of jeans in Pakistan

The price of jeans in Pakistan depends on the quality, the brand you choose, the stitching quality, the details, the type of fabric and the type of style you choose to wear. In Pakistan the price of jeans ranges from 500 to 2000 rupees.

How to choose the right type of jeans for yourself in Pakistan

Jeans are considered as most difficult garment to purchase. Jeans are considered as essential garment for your wardrobe.  As choosing the right type of jeans that fit your unique body shape and make you feel confident. Below we describe some tips you must consider when buying jeans for yourself.

Not always go for trend- now a day high waisted jeans are in trend but it is not compulsory to buy one because it is trending as it is not compulsory that this style suit your body type. So ignore the trend and choose the one that suit your body type.

Remember Jeans Stretch- as jeans stretch when you first time wore jeans on store it may feel tight and you may buy bigger size. Never choose a loose jeans always choose slight tight jeans as they will stretch when you wear all day.

Consider the Crotch- like rest jeans fabric the crotch of jeans will also stretch as you wear the jeans so choose he jeans that crotch area fit tightly and when you start wearing it will fit and give comfy feel.

High-Waisted- if you curvy shape than choose high waisted jeans the higher waist jeans you choose it will create illusion of longer legs and smaller hips.

Try Extra Flair to Add Shape-if you don’t have curvy figure choose extra flair jeans as it gives the illusion of shape figure. Choose jeans that have extra stitching button and zippers.


Jeans are used by men and women both in today’s world and they are so deep ingrained in our life that it is very hard to imagine our life without it. Jeans come in different sizes cuts and fabric. The detailing of the jeans are more or less same in every jeans. Now a day teenagers used embroidered jeans that look elegant. In this article we discussed the style and the fabric of jeans, the price of jeans in Pakistan and tips to choose the right jeans for yourself. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple jeans shop in every city of Pakistan that offer wide range of services in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.