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All you want to know about LCAT test in Pakistan

LCAT is known as LUMS common aptitude test that is essential factor to measure the performance of candidate that need to apply for various disciplines. It is multi choice test and students have 3 hours to complete the test. In the test they measure the three areas of students’ knowledge that are mathematical, verbal and reasoning. The type of question in test is similar to SAT reasoning test as it measure mathematical, reading and writing skills of students. There are total 7 sections in the test for each section you have 25 minutes. All sections provided are compulsory there is no choice. In First 6 section there are combinations of question of math and verbal the 7 section includes paragraph writing.

Section in LCAT test

The verbal section is made up of three scored section. For two sections you have 25 minutes and for one you have only 20 minutes. This section includes question related to sentence completion, reading short passage and then answering the question. These questions are used to test the vocabulary, sentence structure and understanding of students.

The mathematical sections are known as quantitative portion of LCAT test. It also consists of 3 scored sections for 2 sections you have 25 minutes and for one section you have 20 minutes.  One portion of 25 marks has all multi choice questions. The second portion has 10 grid question and 8 multiple choice questions. The third portion also has 16 multiple choice questions.

The writing section of LCAT contains multiple choice question and brief essay. The essay contributes to the total 28% to the writing section and rest weightage is for multiple choice questions. You will be given 25 minutes to complete this section.

As there are recent changes made in the content of LCAT test for some program test they allow using of calculator to save time and accuracy in calculations.

Marks Calculation

For each question you will mark correctly will add one point and if you marked one wrong it will be deduct one forth point. There is no deduction for answering incorrect in math grid question. So it recommended to make guesses if you are sure about that answer is correct.

LCAT Preparation and scheduling

If an FA/ Fsc pass student want to appear in test he should consult from SAT mathematics I-C. You can practice for reasoning through SAT-I but the difficulty of LCAT questions is more than SAT-I. If you are A- level student you can start practicing through SAT-I reasoning you can skip SAT mathematics.

It is recommended to schedule your LCAT test early because you need time to prepare for the test and competition among students is very high so prepare for the test accordingly. You rapplication is complete if all the needed information is available and all documents needed are attached to it specifically the result before the deadline.

LCAT registration Fee

Students can register themselves online. You will get an online registration form you need to fill the form and submit it once you are done with online registration the next step is to send the following documents to the admission officer that are: two copies of your national identity card, two passport size photo and you need to send a bank draft in favor of LUMS university or photo copy of bank receipt. Once you done with it registration card information will be provided on your online account when it is posted.  Applicants need to take print of that registration card. On test day they need to bring registration card and identity card otherwise you will not be allowed to take test. You must reach the test 30 minutes prior the reporting time provided.

Tips for Preparation of LCAT test

  • Practice the test effectively with same condition and time limitation to see actual result while practicing at home. Try to take whole test at one time do not measure each section time separately.
  • Start studying early because there is high correlation between studying early and scoring good at LCAT test. Start studying prior to your test day.
  • Rely on some good study guides rather than purchasing many study guides. Do comprehensive study and spend your time in reviewing things deeply.
  • Read with concentration when you are preparing for test because good reading fluency is also required when appearing for LCAT test.
  • Identify your weaknesses and start working on them you can start studying from past paper, practice guides and other materials. Where you thing that you need help of someone to clear the concept you can ask them.
  • Memorize the instruction for each section so that you don’t forget anything while attempting question.
  • Choose the strategy that suits your learning style and preference. You can also ask help from field experts because they are ones usually that make and develop such test so they know the pattern and also give you useful tip to solve questions.
  • Don’t rush in hurry to solve question solve with patience it is better to answer few right answer than attempting all wrong in hurry.


LCAT test is used to measure the knowledge of student that wants to apply for the LUMS University in multiple disciplines. In the test they measure the three areas of students’ knowledge that are mathematical, verbal and reasoning.  There are 7 sections and for each section they provide 20-25 minutes time. The total time of LCAT test is around 3 hours. In this article we have discussed about LCAT scoring, marks calculation, registration fee and time provided for each section and we have also discussed some tips so that you can prepare effectively for LCAT test.  If you want to prepare yourself for LCAT test you can simply contact from the above mentioned details or visit their website to know about further information.