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Service Road East, Industrial Area I 10/3, Islamabad
Enhance your gaming experience with pristine audio quality, lightning-quick responsiveness, and a collection of sleek and stylish gaming peripherals. Elevate your gameplay to new heights as you imm ...
Made for your needs
Gb11 Techno City Mall, off I.I Chandigarh Road, New Chali, Karach.
Paklap guarantees unbeatable prices and lightning-fast delivery on a wide range of electronic products. Explore our online store for the best deals on laptops, tablet PCs, and DSLR cameras. Shop wi ...
Best New and Used Computer Store
Shop No.35, 2nd Floor Rafi Plaza, Hall Road, Lahore.
Alkhair Laptop reigns supreme as Pakistan's premier destination for procuring secondhand computers and laptops. We have earned our reputation as a trusted hub for quality, pre-owned tech solutions, ...
Professional Seller of HP Laptop, Dell Laptop, Sony Laptop
GB - 03, Ground Floor, Techno City Mall, OPP. I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi
We are the wholesaler and retailer of Laptops of all brands like Dell, Sony, HP, Acer etc in Pakistan
Laptop Seller in Karachi
11, Saleem Avenue, Block-13/B , Opp. Baitul Mukarm Masjid, Main University Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
Ashrafi Computers has been established since 1986 by Naeem Ashrafi. Ashrafi Computers deals in all types of laptops.
Shop No.35, 2nd Floor Rafi Plaza, Hall Road, Lahore.
Lahore Laptop is located at Hall Road, Lahore. We offer buy the best used laptop at the lowest price in Lahore, Pakistan. Our wholesale computer department includes a variety of brands such as Dell l ...
Shop#4 Dubai Plaza, 6th Road, Satteliate Town, Rawalpindi.
Karachi Laptop is located at Satteliate Town, Rawalpindi. Karachi laptop is a store thats all about laptop accessories. Its the go-to place for everything you need to make your laptop experien ...
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Haider Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Wise Tech is based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Wise Tech is a Business Solutions. You can Buy a different kind of products. Nishaman Traders deal in those products though are not available in Market e ...
Effective and Affordable Products
6-AI-Abbas Center, Fazul-ul-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan
Innotech Computer is located at Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan. Innotech Computer was established in 2012 as an IT and energy system outsourcing company with the motto of providing efficient, aff ...
Online Shopping 2008
Office# 11, 12, 14, Basement, Ahmed Center, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
Mega.pk is located at I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. Mega.PK is one of Pakistans first online stores. Since 2008, we have been offering brand new laptops, mobiles, tablets, desktop computers & a ...

Visit Laptop shops for repair services and for buying new laptops in Pakistan

When you want to buy a laptop it is quite confusing even if you know what you need to buy and know much about laptop still you face difficulty in selection of best laptop. Whenever you need to buy a new laptop or need to repair your previous laptop you need to visit a laptop shop for that purpose. In this modern era we cannot imagine our life without computers or laptop whether we are using it for fun purpose or want to do work from home. It is extremely daunting situation if your laptop stop working in the middle of your work. In beginning we try to fix out the problem by yourself but in that situation it is better to visit laptop shop for repair of your laptop. Below we describe some of the benefits of visiting laptop shop at time of repair.

Benefits of visiting laptop shop at time of repair

Cost efficient- when your laptops are not working it best to visit laptop shops for repair services because buying a new laptop is much expensive than repair. If you try to do it on your own there are chances that you may end up wasting your time and energy.

Efficient- laptop shops that offer repairing service are efficient in their work because they daily handle such problem but if your try on your own to fix the problem you have lack of training and experience. Professional at laptop shop knows well how to resolve the issue in your laptop and also increase it efficiency.

Save Time- when you take the services of laptop shop to repair your laptop it save you’re a lot of time. If you do it on your own it will take you’re a lot of time in searching because you will spend your time on reading the solution available on Google. They on their shop have experience and right equipment to diagnose the problem in minutes.

Save your Data-  when your laptop stop working in the middle of your work you are at risk of losing your data and important files as you may have some important photos and have some business documents in it so it is important for you to get your data back. People at laptop shop can also help you to restore your whole data back.

Provide tips- the professional people at laptop will provide you with tips when you are buying your new laptop or want to remove the virus from your previous laptop so that don’t encounter any problem in near future.

Tips when buying a new laptop

Operating system- before you start looking for laptop first see which operating system best suits you. See which software you need to run on operating system. When you will run your software it will determine your hardware need as well. There are four operating systems each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages that areBottom of Form Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS and Linux.

Understanding Processor Names (CPUs) - after determining your operating system and hardware specification the first thing is so to see the processor of CPU. There are two companies that make processors that are AMD and Intel.

Processing power – If you are typical user you can used an Intel core i5 generation or any later processor but if you compile video or work on large data bases than Intel i7 or Ryzen 7

Graphic cards- all laptops have in build graphic cards theses graphic cards are fine for most users you can easily watch HD movies and play games without any problem. If you are gamer or video editor you may need a discrete graphics card

RAM- If you are normal users than eight gigabytes of RAM is enough for you but if you go to 16 GB your laptop will have more space one thing you need to ask when purchasing laptop is whether the RAM is soldered with motherboard. If it is soldered with mother board you can’t be able to upgrade it on your own. If you are gamer and work with large data you may require more Ram

Ports- You should also see the types of ports available on your laptop. Through ports you can plug different things in your computer like mouse, headphone and USB you must have one USB-C, one headset jack, SD reader and one USB-A port.

Webcams- Always see that your laptop must have web cam even in 2022 there are some laptop that don’t have webcam the lower price laptop has 720p webcams but now days people like 1080 p camera laptops.

From where you can buy laptops

Once you selected the laptop you need to see from where you need to buy and it is quite challenging to find a perfect laptop store. You can buy it from manufacture websites but always see the price list available on website. You can also buy laptop from retailers laptop shops but while buying pay special attention to every detail that is mentioned above.

Prices of Laptop

The price of laptops vary depending on the features they are providing and also upon the brand you are purchasing


In this modern era we cannot imagine our life without computers or laptop whether we are using it for fun purpose or want to do work from home. When you are purchasing a laptop it is quite difficult to choose which one is the right laptop for your work. In this article we have discussed some benefits of choosing laptop shop for buying new laptop and repairing your previous laptops. We have also discussed some tips when you need to buy a new laptop from laptop shop.  If you want to purchase a laptop from laptop shop you can simply contact from the above mentioned details or visit their website to know about further information.