10 Best Leather Belts Manufacturers in Pakistan to Choose in 2023

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Mender Leather

Specialized in Real Leather Fashion Products

2197/C-3, Qadri Street, Chungi No 9 Flyover, Humanyon Road, Multan, Pakistan

Mender Leather is located at Humanyon Road, Multan, Pakistan. Exporting Leather Products Since 1989 From Multan ,Pakistan and specialized in Real Leather Fashion Products. Mender Multan Pakistan aims to reach masses with the language of fashion and style of Real Leather. We are manufacturer and exporter of Jackets, Belts, Wallets, and accessories in Real Leather. Call +92 346-8800800 today. Alternatively, send us an E-mail. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

Dropwort Enterprises

Eimanabad Rd, Shames Deen, Sialkot.

Dropwort Enterprises Company is located at  Shames Deen, Sialkot. Dropworth Enterprises is a world class Leather products manufacturer exporter & wholesale suppliers based in Pakistan . We are manufacture and supply all Leather products. leather gloves, leather bags, leather jackets, leather belts etc. For any qurey Contact us through Email and Contact No.

Ishmal Leather Industry

Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Leather Products 

New, near Hamza corporation, Adalat Garh Adalatgarh, Sialkot, Punjab 51310, Pakistan

Ishmal Leather Industry is located at Adalatgarh, Sialkot, Pakistan. Ishmal leather is one of the leading professional manufacturer and exporter of leather products including leather bags,Gloves,Wallets Leather Jackets/Garments and all other leather goods.In short span of time we became a leading manufacturer company. We are also at the forefront of providing excellent customer service because we are available 24/7 via phone, WhatsApp, Facebook, and our website.

ADS Leather

High Quality Leather Belts Manufacturer in Gujranwala

Sialkot Bypass Road, Chicharwali Pull, Near Sultan Palace, Chicherwali, Gujranwala, Pakistan

ADS Leather is located at Chicherwali, Gujranwala, Pakistan. We at ADS Leather Belts Company manufacture genuine quality leather belts. We encourage the continuous development of innovative and quality products to diversify our product offerings for our national market and to name into the international market. Call +92 321-7544043 today. Alternatively, send us an E-mail. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

Lea Phenom Leather Craft

Premium Hand-Stitched Leather Products

Service Road, Muslim Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Lea Phenom Leather Craft is located at Muslim Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Lea Phenom offers premium hand-stitched leather products. All of our goods are crafted by a single craftsman, ensuring that each product gets 100% attention to detail. We hope you enjoy your visit. Please let us know if you have a question, want to leave a comment, or would like further information about any of our services

Permair Leather

With 150 Years worth of Experience in the Industry

22-KM off Ferozpur Road, Rohi Nala Road, Gajju Matah, Lahore, Pakistan

Permair Leather is located at Gajju Matah, Lahore, Pakistan. We were established in 1997 and are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality, natural grain cow leather in Pakistan. We focus our production around the beliefs of consistency, quality, and experience. Being the only official licensees of Permair Leather in Pakistan, the name chose itself. Have a question or comment? Use the form below to send us a message or contact us by mail.

DAB Leather

Provide you with Leather Products

Kiosk Basement 1, Nishat Emporium Mall, Lahore, Pakistan

DAB Leather is located at Nishat Emporium Mall, Lahore, Pakistan. At DAB Leather Accessories, we are driven to provide you with leather products locally manufactured and at an affordable price. While most of our products comprise wallets, belts, cardholders, and keychains that are everyday essentials, we also stock limited edition collections of leather jackets and laptop bags, especially for our leather enthusiasts. Pick from a variety of designs to suit your style. If you have any concern and query about our products or want any kind of information or complaints and suggestion please feel free to contact with us and share your concern with Us!

Mr. Belt

Manufactures, Exporters and Importers of Leather Products

Commissioner Road, Sialkot, Pakistan

Mr. Belt is located at Commissioner Road, Sialkot, Pakistan. We do undertake the manufacturing of our quality products from the best of Leathers, hardware and the raw materials for the entire satisfaction of our valued client bearing in mind the technicalities. Call +92 52-4593073, +92 300-8710288 today. Alternatively, send us an E-mail. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

Arrivee Industry

Pakistan's Top Leather WholeSale Produce

Ferozepur Road, Small Industries Estate, Kasur, Pakistan

Arrivee Industry is located at Ferozepur Road, Kasur, Pakistan. At Arrivee we are producing supreme quality leather products for the international community. We help brands & end users with wide range of 100% pure leather goods in wholesale. Please let us know if you have a question, want to leave a comment, or would like further information about any of our services

Oxlo Leather

Manufacturer & Exporter of Complete range of Leather Products

Doburji Arian, Sialkot, Pakistan

Oxlo Leather is located at Doburji Arian, Sialkot, Pakistan. The purpose of this website is to provide brief information which you may find useful and meaningful so that you can make an initial evaluation on our company. We are available to assist you with all your queries and inquiry. Our team is always ready on a priority basis to assist regarding all your needs.

All you want to know about leather belts in Pakistan

Leather belts are durable, comfortable but they are  expensive than other materials of belts. In Pakistan there are two main categories of leather belt that are causal belts and dress belts. They come in different style and color you can choose according to your own preference. Picking the right type of leather belt is daunting task if you don’t know what to look for in belt. Finding a high quality belt with good leather quality and style that last for longer time period is bit trick. Below we describe some key feature you must consider when purchasing leather belt for yourself.

  • Choose the belt buckle and leather belt that suit your own style.
  • Look for the leather belt type that you love to wear more often.
  • Always see the quality of leather used to made belt and the craftsmanship.
  • Look for the suitable leather color that goes well with your dressing.
  • You need to see the size of belt and see if you require a customize size.
  • Focus on your budget before buying leather belt as leather are bit expensive than normal ones.

Types of leather belts in Pakistan

Dress belts- they are best to wear on formal occasion and in office as well. They are mostly 1-¼" to pass through the loops of your pants. You belt should match your outfit or your boots. Like if you are wearing blue dress with pants and black shoes the color of your belt should be in shade of black to go with the flow. The buckle should have elegant look with classy design.

Casual belts- these belt are used to pair with your jeans t shirt or go perfect with casual wear. They are mostly 1-½" to pass through the loops of your jeans or pants. This belt is not the right type of belt to style for your formal events.

Some of special leather belts types are described below.

Kilt belt- they are customer made belt that are 1-¾" - 4” wide. These leather belts are used to wear on waistline with a kilt. You must try kilt belts before purchasing them.

Waist belts- The size of this leather belts vary in width from ½" to 4" wide. These belt are similar to kilt you need to wear them on natural waistline. These best go well with sweaters or dresses.

What is the most durable leather for belts?

The best and durable leather belt is one that is made by using high quality material but not every leather used for belt is equal. Usually the leather used for belt are made up of cow hide that is further split into two categories that are full grain leather and corrected grain leather.

Full grain leather- It is durable and best for making of belts. This leather maintain it natural appeal as it is ages it get more beautiful.

Corrected grain leather- it is also used for making of good quality belts but it is not that much unique. The leather is sanded down to give products a uniform pattern.

How can you tell the quality of a leather belt?

As all belt are not made up of high quality some belts are made with cheap material that are not genuine leather belts that will easily break and will feel like crap on the waist. If you are going to buy the belt and the company don’t tell you about the type of leather they are using so avoid purchasing such belts. To access the leather belt you can see the price tag of belt first of all as high quality leather belts that are vegetable tanned are bit on expensive site. The belts that are in minimum range are made with inferior leather and belts that are cheap they are made up of leather by product and glue. You can also tell the quality by touching the belt and its feel. The thickness and the weight of belt will give you the idea of quality of belt. The heavy the belt is the more cow hide is used in it and more it will last longer. Even the leather belts are thicker but still people feel comfortable in wearing them all day long.

What type of color belt should you choose?

Most commonly used and available leather belts are in black and brown color. They are also available in grey color but less common in the market. Black belts are best choice to use every day with monotone and light clothing. They look perfect with formal and casual wear. Brown belt are best for people that have rugged style and these belts go well with earthy tones clothing. These belts are perfect for jeans and casual wear. Grey belts are less common but are versatile. These belts are usually worn with dressier clothes to give you an elegant look.

Belt size

The most common mistake we usually make when buying belt is that we assume that belt sizes are same for every brand. Always measure you waist first and then buy the belt. Use the measuring tape to measure your waist accurately. You can also ask the brand about the sizes and also ask them if they make customized sizes. Never settle for any less than a perfect fit belt.

Choose the right type of leather outfit in Pakistan

  • Always choose the quality over price.
  • Choose the leather type that best suits you.
  • You can match the belt and shoes leather.
  • It is best if you match your shoes color with belt.
  • Your accessories should match the buckle of your belt.


The leather belts are considered best and durable.  They are made by using high quality material but every leather used for belt is not equal. Usually the leather used for belt is made up of cow hide, goat hide or pig hide. In this article we discussed about the key feature to look in leather belt, the type of leather belt, the belt size and choosing the right type of belt. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple leather belts shop in every city of Pakistan. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.

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