10 Best Leather Jackets Manufacturers in Pakistan to Choose in 2023

Are you looking for a leather jackets in Pakistan? If so, you've come to the right place. presents contact information, addresses, and names of the best leather jacket manufacturers and exporters form men, children and women. Our extensive business listings directory makes it easy to find the right leather jacket for your needs. Plus, you can send an email inquiry or make a call right from our site.


Large Scale Manufacturing Leather Products

I-9/3 I-9, Islamabad, Pakistan

MONT 5 is located at I-9/3 I-9, Islamabad, Pakistan. Modern large scale manufacturing processes create bulk quantities and produce goods at lower cost. These methods while cheaper, take the love out & the detail that goes into creating a personalized product. Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Leather Chak

100% Quality Leather Product

Office 301, Third Floor, Gulistan Khan House, AK Fazal Haq Road, G 6/2 Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan

Leather Chak is located at Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan. Leather Chak is one of best Point for Leather Product like jackets, Vest, Brazer and letterman of leather for Men and women 100% Quality leather product. For any queries, you may connect with us via email, WhatsApp or call. We will be happy to assist you.

Mender Leather

Specialized in Real Leather Fashion Products

2197/C-3, Qadri Street, Chungi No 9 Flyover, Humanyon Road, Multan, Pakistan

Mender Leather is located at Humanyon Road, Multan, Pakistan. Exporting Leather Products Since 1989 From Multan ,Pakistan and specialized in Real Leather Fashion Products. Mender Multan Pakistan aims to reach masses with the language of fashion and style of Real Leather. We are manufacturer and exporter of Jackets, Belts, Wallets, and accessories in Real Leather. Call +92 346-8800800 today. Alternatively, send us an E-mail. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

Dropwort Enterprises

Eimanabad Rd, Shames Deen, Sialkot.

Dropwort Enterprises Company is located at  Shames Deen, Sialkot. Dropworth Enterprises is a world class Leather products manufacturer exporter & wholesale suppliers based in Pakistan . We are manufacture and supply all Leather products. leather gloves, leather bags, leather jackets, leather belts etc. For any qurey Contact us through Email and Contact No.

Ishmal Leather Industry

Leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Leather Products 

New, near Hamza corporation, Adalat Garh Adalatgarh, Sialkot, Punjab 51310, Pakistan

Ishmal Leather Industry is located at Adalatgarh, Sialkot, Pakistan. Ishmal leather is one of the leading professional manufacturer and exporter of leather products including leather bags,Gloves,Wallets Leather Jackets/Garments and all other leather goods.In short span of time we became a leading manufacturer company. We are also at the forefront of providing excellent customer service because we are available 24/7 via phone, WhatsApp, Facebook, and our website.

Permair Leather

With 150 Years worth of Experience in the Industry

22-KM off Ferozpur Road, Rohi Nala Road, Gajju Matah, Lahore, Pakistan

Permair Leather is located at Gajju Matah, Lahore, Pakistan. We were established in 1997 and are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality, natural grain cow leather in Pakistan. We focus our production around the beliefs of consistency, quality, and experience. Being the only official licensees of Permair Leather in Pakistan, the name chose itself. Have a question or comment? Use the form below to send us a message or contact us by mail.

DAB Leather

Provide you with Leather Products

Kiosk Basement 1, Nishat Emporium Mall, Lahore, Pakistan

DAB Leather is located at Nishat Emporium Mall, Lahore, Pakistan. At DAB Leather Accessories, we are driven to provide you with leather products locally manufactured and at an affordable price. While most of our products comprise wallets, belts, cardholders, and keychains that are everyday essentials, we also stock limited edition collections of leather jackets and laptop bags, especially for our leather enthusiasts. Pick from a variety of designs to suit your style. If you have any concern and query about our products or want any kind of information or complaints and suggestion please feel free to contact with us and share your concern with Us!

Leather 1142

Best Leather Products Manufacturer in Islamabad

F-10 Markaz F 10/3 F-10, Islamabad, Pakistan

Leather 1142 is located at F-10, Islamabad, Pakistan. Leather1142 is a young dynamic online retailer offering a made to order service for leathers. In business since 2000, our mission is to provide the best quality leather and stitching. We are available to assist you with all your queries and inquiry. Our team is always ready on a priority basis to assist regarding all your needs.

Oxlo Leather

Manufacturer & Exporter of Complete range of Leather Products

Doburji Arian, Sialkot, Pakistan

Oxlo Leather is located at Doburji Arian, Sialkot, Pakistan. The purpose of this website is to provide brief information which you may find useful and meaningful so that you can make an initial evaluation on our company. We are available to assist you with all your queries and inquiry. Our team is always ready on a priority basis to assist regarding all your needs.

Superlative Enterprises

Manufacturers the Fine Quality Leather Products

5 KM, Daska Road, Sialkot, Pakistan

Superlative Enterprises is located at Daska Road, Sialkot, Pakistan. Superlative Enterprises, based in Sialkot, Pakistan, have been manufacturers the fine quality leather clothing, leather gloves, leather handbags, leather purse, leather wallets, leather belts, different kinds of small leather goods and accessories, leather promotional items and leather fetish gear since 1977. Please submit any questions, concerns, or general feedback in the space below along with your name and email address.

All you want to know about leather jackets in Pakistan

Leather jacket have different sizes, style and types like motorcycle leather jackets are designed to prevent any serious injury while some use leather jacket as fashion garment. They keep you warm, are windproof and save motorcyclists from injury during rigid outdoor activities. Leather jackets are used as everyday clothing garment in cold areas. It is hard wearing garment the more you wear it the better and attractive it get with time. Leather jackets are soft as they are made up of sheep skin mold to your body to become high quality end product. Leather jacket were used to represent symbolic association but now there are used by all. Models, school teacher, university student, parents and motorcyclists all love to wear their leather jackets. All kind of people in world irrespective of any racism or color wear leather jackets.

When to wear the weather jacket and are they waterproof?

The answer to this question depends on the type of leather jacket you choose for wearing. Light weight jacket that are made up of sheep skin are used by people all year around the world. Leather jacket are not beech wear but you can wear them at night when the temperature fall. Heavy jacket have ample lining to make you wear in winter season. It is permeable material naturally so avoid exposing it to heavy prolonged rain season. The leather jacket are resistant to rain but they can resist certain amount of rain and how much they will resist the rain it will depend upon on the type of leather that is used and also on whether the leather surface is treated for water resistant coating.

Types of leather jacket used in Pakistan

Leather jacket are made up of animal hides for heavy leather jacket they used cowhide but horse and buffalo hide are also used. For light weight leather jacket they used sheep, goat, pig or kangaroo hide are also used. Below we describe some types of leather jackets

Fauz leather jacket- these jackets are made by using imitation leather. In past hundred years there are many form of imitation are developed .The most imitation leather are formed from petro chemical basis.

PU leather jacket- the pu leather is made any of these one whether it is made up of low quality split leather that is afterward coated with polyurethane layer or it is entirely made up of polyurethane. These jackets are choice of vegans as it is cheap chemical alternative to the animal hide.

Nappa leather is first developed in 1875 in America. Different treatments are used on multiple types of hides to create a soft luxurious leather jacket. It is fashion garment so it needs special care to maintain.

Perforated leather jacket- these jacket have tiny holes in them at regular interval that allow the air to circulate around your body. These jackets keep you cool in heat. These jackets are designed for motorcyclist in summer.

Price of leather jackets in Pakistan

The price of leather jackets in Pakistan depends on the quality, the brand you choose, the stitching quality, the details, and the type of style you choose to wear. In Pakistan the price of leather jacket ranges from 2000 to 5000 rupees.

Advantages of leather

Leather was used from ancient days because it was reliable and long lasting. People who are well aware about the benefits of leather jacket never prefer other type of jacket some of the advantages of buying leather jacket are

Good Friend in Bad Weather- they protect you from wind if you ride on bike. It is best for low temperature region where it usually rain or snowfall. You can use them in every season.

Safety from Accidents- if you own a bike you might know that leather jacket protect you from injuries if you fall from your motor bike. The jacket may get damage but you will be safe.

Fashion wear and variety of style- It come in multiple style like quilted, bomber, distressed and motorcycle leather jackets. Leather jacket are also used for fashion purpose and it give you smarter look.

Comfy and durable- they are soft and give you comfortable feel. They are soft but are durable as well.

Easy to maintain- a leather jacket need not that much care. You just need to clean it once a month by just simply damping the cloth. You just need to use polish and conditioners after 2 to 3 months.

Long Life- Original leather jacket that are made up of animal hide are expensive but they last for several year so it is worth the money you spend on them.

Tips to buy the leather jacket in Pakistan

When selecting jacket to make your decision worthy you can see these tips that are

Leather type and quality- the most important thing when buying leather jacket is to see the type and quality of leather jacket. Consider the type of animal skin that is used in making of jacket. The next thing is to consider type of leather that is full grain, genuine and top grains. Lastly look for the finishing of leather.

Joint and panel- the next thing is to consider the panel and joint on your leather jacket. Jacket that are made up of few panel has less joint and are more expensive.

Inner lining- the lining also tells about the quality of leather jacket the inner lining adds more weight to your leather jacket. It keeps you warm and also absorbs sweat.

Stitching- the neat stitching is also the sign of quality of jacket this show that great effort is put into making of leather jacket.

Leather jacket style-There are different styles available in leather jacket you need to see what types of style you need and which style suits you. The most important thing you need to consider when buying jacket is its cut and fit these two things decide whether the jacket looks good on you or not.


Leather jacket come in different sizes, style and types. They are designed to prevent you from any serious injury and save you from the cold weather. Leather jacket are made up of animal hides for heavy leather jacket they used cowhide but horse and buffalo hide are also used. For light weight leather jacket they used sheep, goat, pig or kangaroo hide. In this article we discussed about the types of leather jacket in Pakistan. the price of leather jacket in Pakistan and tips when buying leather jacket in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple leather jacket shop in every city of Pakistan that offer multiple types of leather jackets in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.

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