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203 Main Canal Road, Near Wafaqi Colony, Lahore.
Hadayat & Co, a reputable company based in Lahore, is dedicated to delivering world-class comfort and style to its customers. Specializing in sourcing premium finishing products, they offer an ...
Prime Quality Stones, Tiles & Mosaics
Plot 399, 3 Service Road, Industrial Area I 9/3 I-9, Islamabad, Pakistan
Cretesol is located in Industrial Area I 9/3 I-9, Islamabad, Pakistan. We deal with all kinds of tiles, marbles, stones and have a wide collection of all these things. we are here to respond to yo ...
Best Marble Shop in Islamabad
Peshawar Road, Near Mezan Shell Filling Station, Turnol, Islamabad, Pakistan
Al-Faisal Marble is located at Turnol, Islamabad, Pakistan. Al Faisal Marble was laid out in 1993. The organization has a strong and tremendous foundation and involvement with the field of marble h ...
Leading Marble Shop in Karachi
House # 176, Usmnina Society, Nazimabad 1, Karachi, Pakistan
Indus Marble is located at Nazimabad, Karachi, Pakistan. Indus Marble is the main Onyx, Marble, Rock, and sandstone handling and trading organization from Pakistan. We are the main provider of the ...
Superior Stone and Marble Exporter in Pakistan
150 Manghopir Road, New Karachi Town, Karachi, Pakistan
SK Stones is located in Karachi, Pakistan. SK Stones has arisen as a superior stone and marble exporter in Pakistan, with an enhanced global business portfolio. We are managing the assembling and ...
Best Marble Shop in Karachi
NC 31/1, DEH Manghopir, Manghopir Road, Gadap Town, Karachi, Pakistan
Popular Marble Industries is located at Gadap Town, Karachi, Pakistan. Popular Marble Industries was shaped in 1995, is among the Leading Processor and Exporter of Pakistan situated Marble as we ...
A Pakistani Marble Export Company
NC 26-31, DHEA Mangopir Road, Karachi.
SMB Marble, situated on Mangopir Road in Karachi, Pakistan, specializes in Pakistani Marble and Onyx. Our customized products showcase top-notch quality and are available in various designs. We cat ...
Over 30 Years of Experience
Attari Industrial Estate, 18-km Ferozepur Road, Shadab Garden, Lahore, Pakistan
Haqeeq Marbles is located at Shadab Garden, Lahore, Pakistan. Haqeeq Marbles was established in 1984, with a profound goal from previous encounters of ages and have clear edge innovation to make s ...
Elevate your home's aesthetic
Nusrat Bhutto Colony Deh, Manghopir Road, Gadap Town, Karachi.
Millat Marble Industry is located at Gadap Town, Karachi, Pakistan. Millat Marble is the leading Natural Stone Supplier and Exporter Based in Karachi Pakistan. We have a local network of partners w ...
 Trading of Natural Stones, Marbles and Minerals
M-8, Mezzanine Floor, Prime Beach View Apartment, Napier Quarter, Karachi, Pakistan
Marnite industries are located at Napier Quarter, Karachi, Pakistan. Marnite Enterprises bargains occupied with Mining, Handling, and Exchanging of Regular Stones and Minerals. Our essential spotl ...

All you want to know about Marble purchase in Pakistan

Marble is not best for everyone. Some people don’t imagine their home without marble but some don’t prefer marble due to its fragility and imperfections. Marble is the rock that is widely used in home to give your home a unique aesthetic and colorful look. The word marble was originated from marmar that is Greek word that mean to glisten. Marble is made when the limestone goes under high heat and pressure. Marble is timeless material look, beautiful, classic and cool material. People have admired using marble and people are using marble in their home for centuries. The stone is used in making of certain monument and structures. It was first used in Greece and Rome between 450 BC and 400 BC. After that it has been used in building historical place from taj mahal to washington monument tower.

Why marble is best for your home?

Aesthetic look and appearance- as marble is available in brown, black, beige and white in colors. It comes in multiple ranges of hues and finishes that open up many opportunities for innovative and creative design. Every slab of marble is different from one another just like your DNA and fingerprints.

Durable- It is one of the most durable natural stone. People usually say that it is easily stretch able discolors but it occurs usually because no care or maintenance is taken into account. When marble is maintained properly it last for 4 to 5 decades.

Treat with care- as marble react to wine vinegar, other harsh detergents and may lead to discoloration. Marble does not trap allergies like wood or carpets. Marble is property of home owner that have allergic concerns

Glamorous gloss- previously when you install marble you need to polish the floors but there are variety of finishes you can choose the one that suits your particular wall.

 In which areas marble is used

Flooring- marbles are used for flooring. The marble flooring is usually available in grey, white, beige and rarely in black color. Through proper lightening in the area where marble is installed it give classy and elegant look to interior

Wall chadding- as this area is less prone to heavy traffic so colorful exotic marble is used on statement and highlights walls. Usually in commercial area these wall are used at entrance or in waiting lounges.

Bathroom and vanities- as vanities are design with great though and care because they are your personal space. It is best for vanity tops and showered because they are durable and versatile

How to maintain you’re marble

  • It is best to choose quality sealant and re-apply them on regular basis. Always reseal you marble every year where there is heavy traffic.
  • Don’t use harsh chemical and acid based cleaner because vinegar bleach and other acidic cleaners dull your marble.
  • If you spill anything on marble clean it with natural cleaning solution soap or water to remove stain.
  • Always clean your marble on regular basis with the clean mop.
  • If you choose honed polish that use brush or scrub to clean you dirt and dust.

How to choose the marble for your home

If you want to choose the marble for your home it is best to visit the marble store to know about the right size and color you want because you won’t be able to see things in picture the way they look in reality. When you made the decision to choose marble for your home next step is to choose the marble store. Always visit the store you trust. To choose the right store to supply  the marble is bit difficult task but if you little research you will find the right one in no time.

There are many varieties of marble that can shock the home owner when they visit marble store. Visit the marble store and view variety of products. Consider the quality of marble sold on store also focus on the matter of production and  packaging material that will be used for material because they give you a clear picture about the service you expect from them.

Visit the store will help you to look the latest design and hi quality options available in the market. Purchase the marble stone that is latest in trends because if you want re sale  you can easily do it after 10 years.

Choose the quality of marble and color of the marble that matches your home decoration and is in your budget.

See how the supplier treats with other industry member. Always opt for the supplier that provides exceptional customer service. Visit the stores that understand your vision and recommend you best marble for your home that it bring life to your overall look of home.

How to check the quality of marble

  • See whether all the marble slaps have uniform quality, size and color.
  • One side of marble is polished and other four sides are machine cut.
  • It should be uniform in thickness and straight. If thickness is uneven it may cause uneven flooring that result into accidents.
  • You must check the marble tile is of even size as if the sizes are uneven it is hard to cut them.
  • Not just look the front side of marble also see the back because when marble is soft supplier usually at back surface they attach wire mash you must avoid such slabs.
  • To see how the marble will look after polishing you can splash a water to get a look how it will look after it is polished.
  • Examine the marble surface in light at angle of 45 degrees if there is dull surface it indicate poor quality.
  • Always check if artificial colors are not used you can do this by scratching surface.
  • Prosperity of marble slab can be checked by dropping 3 to 4 drop of lemon juice. If it absorb it shows it is not of good quality.


Marble is the rock that is widely used in home to give you a unique, aesthetic and colorful look. Marble is made when the limestone goes under high heat and pressure. In this article we have discussed about why marble is best for you, some qualities check for marble and how to maintain your marble slabs. If you are searching for the best marble store in Pakistan then you have come to right place. We have updated the best marble store for you. Just send message to multiple suppliers and get different quotes