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10 Best Marquees in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Plot No 6, Expressway, Islamabad Expressway, Nawaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
Paradise Complex (Pvt) Ltd is located in Plot no 6, Expressway Islamabad, Pakistan. Paradise Complex (Pvt) Ltd. was founded in 2007 to provide an impeccable venu ...
We Provide Perfect Setting For All Sort Of Functions
10 - Aibak Block, Main Bulevard, New Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan.
Mughal-e-Azam Banquet Hall is located at New Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan. Our marriage hall offers to make your precious moments twinkling like a pearl and our creative wedding planner knows how ...
Witness Your Beautiful Wedding
Main Expressway Road, Near PSO pump, Islamabad, Pakistan
Majesty Marquee is located Near PSO pump, Islamabad, Pakistan. At Majesty, our only mission is to make your special day, Beautiful and Memorable for your lifetime. We have the finest tailor-made W ...
Beautiful And Elegant
Near PSO Pump, Expressway Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan
Margalla Grande Marquees is located on Expressway Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan. The concept of Margalla Grande Marquees is to provide residents of twin cities i.e. Islamabad and Rawalpindi the ...
Versatile Venue, Experience Innovation
Hangu Phattak, Bypass Road, Opposite Speen Ghar, Kohat, Pakista
TAJ marquee is located Opposite Speen Ghar, Kohat, Pakistan. The people at Taj Events and Marquee boast a very experienced track record in leading event management companies of the region, includi ...
Best And Top Most Papular Marquees
Islamabad Highway Near PSO Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan
Empire Marquees is located in Islamabad Expressway, Islamabad, Pakistan. Only at Empire Marquees Islamabad. Decor by Best Events Planner. Outside Lawn function. Complet ...
Your Event Needs To Be Perfect In Every Way
Kallisto Marquee, Main G.T Road, Sawan Camp, near Toyota Rawal Motors & Bahria Phase 7 Exit, Islamabad, Pakistan
Kallisto Marquee is located Near Toyota Rawal Motors & Bahria Phase 7 Exit, Islamabad, Pakistan. Kallisto Marquees provide you with the best years of experience in Weddings & Event Planning, Cater ...
Great  Marquee For Reception Or Any Large Occasions
Vip Block 1 Gulistan-e-Johar Karachi Pakistan
Al-Hamd Marquee is located in Karachi, Pakistan. We provide Premium Service with excellence and convenience for any and all occasions such as business and or personal events for any size event, bi ...
Provide Premier Wedding Facility 
Rosemary Ave, near Allah Square, Phase 7 Bahria Town, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000.
Rosemary Marquee is located in Phase 7, Bahria Town, Pakistan. Every aspect of Rosemary Marquee sets it apart from the crowd. Whether it’s the awe-inspiring Marquee. The dining experience at r ...
Pavilion Marquee Is Most beautiful Marquee
Islamabad Expressway behind PSO Burki Petrol Station Islamabad Pakistan
Pavilion Marquee is located in Islamabad. Our beautifully landscaped Pavilion garden is an idyllic space for a wedding, dinner, lunch or daytime business conference.  Pavilion brings to you all t ...

Choose the Best Marquees in Pakistan for your event

Outdoor events add something special to your event the sunshine and blue skies add an overall good feel. If you want to enjoy out door event so you need to hire the services of marquee. With the help of marquee you can arrange a grand event together in one place. If weather predictions are in favor than you can have open marquee option to bring an outdoor feel in your venue. There are many companies that provide the service of marquee in Pakistan. While choosing the right fit marquee for yourself you need to opt for the one that fulfills your requirements. Ask yourself whether you need the provider just to create the marquee or you want other extra services like table chairs, dance, floor and venue designing.

Requirements of placing the marquee in Pakistan

If you own your land and want to place the marquee there than the marquee providers will survey the land to see whether land is right one to place and has necessities like electricity and water. When the company observes the location they know which size and structure is best for the location. They will also suggest you if need other extra items like generators. The major advantage of using marquee is the flexibility of layout, size and structure option available if you have big or normal gathering. The largest area is for gathering of guest but you need to consider other key areas like bridal room, washroom and catering area for your event. To see how much advance you need to prepare the structure of marquee in the specific area will depend on how much preparation you need to design the marquee.

 A simple set of marque can just be placed in one day before the day but if you require complex marquee arrangement as it is large wedding set so you need to prepare for it 2 to 3 days in advance because you need lightening, technicians, venue dressers and caters need enough time before wedding to start. If it is bright sunny day you need not to worry the marquee will provide a great source of natural light. If the weather condition are gloomy it is prefer to add additional lightening. In the interior decoration you can use chandelier style lightning or romantic soft light to give a beautiful feel to the environment. As DJ units, camera man and live band may require an electricity supply near the marque if you don’t have nearby plugin and electricity supply you can consult it to marquee provider to provide you with generator as well.

Tips for getting best marquees in Pakistan

Get you hand on marquee providers early- you will get marquee throughout the year but if you have specific date in mind than you must reach the marquee providers early so you get the date booking of your own so you don’t seem disappointed as when there is peak season of event there might be less availability of some good marquee that have all items you have in mind for your event. If you work on things at last minute you won’t get what you desired.

Size- First of all sees the space area you have and how many guest you are inviting for the event. If you have less space area still you have some good options available but if you want that you must seated on chair and tables in front of them than you need a spacious area for event. You need to look for the hidden space areas of catering service so they can prepare the best food for you.

Get prepared for every type of weather- always prepare for every type of weather if you have certain arrangement outside the marquee see whether you have enough space inside marquee if there is unexpected rain.

Use you’re surrounding – as you must consider weather updates but it is always lovely to opt for outdoor space if you have some beautiful view like garden flower or water by near side. You can place there marquee with roof covered and open sides or can have transparent walls or window to have a view of outside. You can do lightening on trees that are outside or use light or lantern or use a light along the path to guide the guest about the location.

Seating Plans- there are long table, round table and theatre tables each one of them required different foot prints. For dining areas you may need sofa seating arrangements. If you want to have sit down meal arrangement so you need spacious area so that waiter staff and other guest can easily move around instead of tripping over chairs.

Furniture and finishing- as marquees don’t come with furniture you have freedom to choose the decoration, the seating arrangement and lightning decision.

Do comparisons – before opting for the marquee always do comparison and consider the reputation of the marquee provider. Consider whether cleaning is done for all arrived coverings and structure will be secured.

Power supply – as you require electricity supply for lightning, sound system and for entertainment purpose. So there are lots of wires that need safety protection. The staff also helps you to hide wires and if there is no electric supply they provide you with generator.

Marquee charges in Pakistan

In Pakistan the marquee are set in specific areas and they charge per person on average they charge around 1k rupees per person and the charges may exceed to 2500 rupees per person in Pakistan.


Outdoor events add something special to your event the sunshine and blue skies add an overall good feel. If you want to enjoy out door event so you need to hire the services of marquee while choosing the right fit marquee for yourself you need to opt for the one that fulfills your requirements. In this article we have discussed about the requirement of marquee, tips to choose marquee and charges of marquee in Pakistan. If you are searching for the best marquee within Pakistan then you have come to right place. We have updated the best marquees list in Pakistan for you. Just send message to multiple marquees and get relevant information.