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Are you searching for physiotherapists in Pakistan? b2c.com.pk presents contact numbers, addresses, maps and names of physiotherapy clinics offering knee pain, neck pain, neurological, sciatica, back pain, and paediatric physiotherapy services . Discover the best physiotherapy center around you with b2c.com.pk extensive business listings directory and send an email inquiry or make a call to the best one.

Best Psychologist in Lahore
Mustafa, 31-A, Abbas Block Town, Lahore,
Abdul Aziz: Empowering Minds and Fostering Well-Being. As a dedicated psychologist, Abdul Aziz brings compassion and expertise to help individuals navigate life's challenges. With a focus on holist ...
Pain and Disability Physio Care
236 Badar block Iqbal Town Lahore.
Dr. Sami Ullahs Physiotherapy Center in Lahore offers a complete range of physiotherapy services delivered right to your doorstep, prioritizing convenience and comfort. For further details, pl ...
Best Physiotherapists in Pakistan
Muhammad Hospital Lalazar Colony.
Ms. Javeria Sajid is based in Gujranwala, Pakistan. Ms. Javeria Sajid has the following degrees : DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy). Ms. Javeria Sajid is specialist Physiotherapist. You can contact ...
94-D, Urban Homes Nishter Colony Near W.E Apparel Pvt (Ltd) Atta Bukhsh Road, Lahore.
Urban Physiotherapy Clinic is located at  Atta Bukhsh Road, Lahore. Urban Physiotherapy Clinic, where your health and wellness come first. Our expert team offers personalized care that goes be ...
Best Physiotherapist in Pakistan
Al Razi Health Care Hospital, Gulberg 3 , Lahore.
Waseem javaid Physiotherapist is available in Lahore, Pakistan. Waseem Javaid Pt, the Physiotherapist, is available for in-person and online video consultation. I have over 8 years of experience i ...
Verified Physiotherapists in Pakistan
Phase 4, Sector DD DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab.
Ms. Zerva Khan is available in Lahore, Pakistan. Ms. Zerva Khan is specialist Physiotherapist. Some of the common diseases treated by Ms. Zerva Khan include:
Best Physiotherapist in Pakistan
Main double road. Near Askari bank Islamabad.
Ms. Saba Kifiat  is available in Islamabad, Pakistan. Ms. Saba Kafiat is specialist Physiotherapist. Ms. Saba Kafiat charges Rs. 1,500 for consultation. Ms. Saba Kafiat, the Physiotherapist, is ...
Best Physiotherapist in pakistan
D.H.A. Main Blvd, New Super Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.
Dr. Fatima Ziazi is based in Lahore, Pakistan.  Dr.Fatima Niazi is specialist Physiotherapist.Dr.Fatima Niazi charges Rs. 1,500 for consultation. Dr.Fatima Niazi practices through Marham.pk. The P ...
Best Physiotherapist in Pakistan
Block A Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Asst. Prof. Mehwish Niaz is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Asst. Prof. Mehwish Niaz has the degrees of B.S.C (Physiotherapy), D.P.T. Asst. Prof. Mehwish Niaz is specialist Physiotherapist. You can co ...
Best Physiotherapist in Pakistan
Pain And Spine Physio Clinic, Plot 1526 Corniche Road,Phase 4, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.
Syed Zia Hassan is based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Syed Zia Hassan has the  degrees of rpt State University nylpt American Physical Therapy Board bspt King Edward Medical College. Syed Zia Hassan ...

Choose the best physiotherapists in Pakistan

If anyone is affected by illness, injury or any kind of disability through physiotherapy you can restore the function and movement. Physiotherapists in Pakistan help you if you are effected by injury or illness by exercise, education, manual therapy,movement and advice. People of all ages can get there to get a relief from their pain and prevent disease. As this profession help people to develop and recover to work independent as long as possible.

Physiotherapy is science based profession in which it deals with aperson well-being and health basically the general lifestyle of human being. The core essence of physiotherapy is to make patientinvolvement for his own self-careby empowering them, educating them, providing awareness and their own participation in the treatment. At any age of your life you can take help from physiotherapist. Physiotherapy will help you to get relive from your back pain, injury or any other long term medical issue like asthma and also help you in preparing for a sporting event or child birth.

A physiotherapist in Pakistan designed a customized program for patients so that they can restore their movement and functional ability. Physiotherapists are trained in such a way that can help patient in every stage of their life. They deal with infant and as well as old age patient that have problem in their movement and functioning that is effected by injury, aging , Weight loss, health issues, disease, environmental factors  and different disorders.

All issues of patients are treated by physiotherapists or physiotherapy clinics in Pakistan through different methods that are:

  • Massage your muscles
  • Stretching your muscle
  • Using muscle stimulation tools and devices
  • Recommend you certain exercise
  • teaching them change of lifestyle by telling them right posture and walk
  • manipulate joints

They not only deal with one singular part of body instead they deal with your whole body. They don’t deal with your physical aspects but also help you psychologically socially emotionally wellbeing. They deal on all stages of providing health care like rehabilitation, prevention, intervention, education and treatment. They work on a goal to improve your life style.

Which conditions are handled by physiotherapists?

Physiotherapy clinics handle multiple types of injuries and condition in their life some of them are describe below:

  • Orthopedic- they handle issue of low back pain sciatica, knee problem, back pain ,arthritis, joint problem, foot issues and carpel tunnel syndrome
  • Chronic condition- diabetes, blood pressure obesity and asthma
  • Neurological they also help patient in these condition like cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s disease, concussion stroke,multiple sclerosisvertigo( you feel dizzyandneuropathy (nerve damage
  • They also deal with Raynaud’s syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid arthritis
  • They also deal with General wellness of patients.

Physiotherapists in Pakistan can work in multiple rehabilitation centers, clinics, nursing home, hospital or even can visit patients at their home. They also work with doctors to provide them detail feedback about the person progress and if any issue is noticed while working with patients.

In what conditions you need to see physiotherapists?

You can visit physiotherapists for multiple reasons. In some cases your consulted doctor may suggest you to visit physiotherapists for the consult condition or injury. Sometimes youfeel pain you visit physiotherapists on your own to receive physical therapy

Most common reasons of people visiting physiotherapists are:

Chronic condition: condition like asthma blood pressure and diabetes can affect people mobility and balance.

Followingsurgery: once you are done with surgery the most important part of the surgery is to get up and start moving because it is needed for your healing process. If your any body part is affected like hand, back or foot physiotherapists will help you to regain use it or provide compensate to it.

Illness you can visit them if you had a prolonged illness or if your illness has affected your balance motor skills or mobility.

Aging- as people age they feel issue in their movement and functioningphysiotherapistshelp you to recover this issue by teaching you simply how to regain their functioning and loss.

Injuries- they leave patient with extreme pain and even in severe circumstances people can’t move so physiotherapists helpyou in these situations.

Improve your physical performance- patients and athletes who want to perform well and better in their work and field usually purse help from physiotherapists. They learn different techniques and stages through which they canincrease their potential to perform well.

Major health issue: traumatic brain injury stroke or heart attack and other health problems lead patient life into difficulties to perform daily task. They will help you regain your normal activities in daily life.

General wellness- to counter the effect of aging people visits physiotherapists so that they can learn how to stay healthy flexible and mobile.

Consultation with physiotherapists:  your physiotherapist will take around 30 minutes to fully observe your movement and strength later on will ask certain question about your problem and will fully examine you physically. After fully examination they will recommend you the best possible solution for you.

The price of consultation will depends on the qualification and experience of your physiotherapists. Mostly for consultation fee they charge around 1k to 3k rupees in Pakistan.

If you are searching for the best physiotherapists in Pakistan, this is the best starting point for you. The b2c.com.pk presents the list of physiotherapy clinics near you that will help you to choose the best one.