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All you want to know about plastic chairs in Pakistan

There are multiple types of metal used for manufacturing chair but plastic furniture have played their role in Pakistan furniture market due to various purpose it serve. The plastic chair that are used in our home are usually made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material and it is produced in bulk quantity. Below we discuss some benefits of using plastic chair in your home or an office.

Benefits of choosing plastic furniture in Pakistan

Plastic chair are affordable than other material used for making chair like metal and wood. So people love to buy these because they are less expensive. Plastic chairs also give a wonderful and comfy feel. It is best choice so far if you are low at budget.

Less maintenance- the major benefits of using plastic chair is that they require no or less maintenance cost. All you need is to buy them and place them anywhere you want as this material is rust free so you need not to paint them. The material is resistant to stain, easy to clean but the color may fade when expose to spills you can only clean it by using a soft cloth.

Lightweight- plastic chair are much lighter in weight than wood and metal chair you can easily carry them on your own where you wanted to place them they are convenient to use because don’t need help of anyone

Eco friendly- usually the plastic furniture is used by recycled material once you use those plastic chair you can recycle them again as well. This show that when you’re plastic chair impact less on your environment. By using plastic chair at home and office less wood be used less trees will be cut to build furniture in this way plastic is also environmental friendly.

Sustainable- people stop using plastic furniture and consider that it effect the environment but this is not the case in reality the plastic that is not in used is broken down into pallets to create another appealing designs.

Kids friendly- there are multiple bright color elastic furniture available for kids to attract them. They are ideal option for children that have habit of dropping item unnecessarily.  They won’t get shattered with unexpected hits because they are elastic.

Waterproof- the most important thing you need to consider when buying furniture for outdoor that it need to be waterproof that is major difference between indoor and outdoor furniture. If you ever placed the wood or metal furniture outside the paint will peel off  so plastic chair are ideal choice in this situation as you simply need spray paint of hi quality to give it a new look. It will not leave a spot on carpet tiles or floor.

Versatile- these plastic chair are versatile because they are corrosion free and light in weight. You can use them indoor outdoor in kid’s room anywhere you like plastic material can be used to cold and form into any shape. Plastic chair come in multiple color to give attractive look to your office and home

Termite free- no doubt the wooden furniture give a perfect vibe but termite may be drawn on wood causing it damage. Wooden repair are very pricey and during maintenance cause a chaos in your home. Termite don’t exist in plastic furniture

Durable-plastic material that is made by high quality of plastic don’t break easily. It is not effected by harsh environment whether it is rainy or sunny day outside. If you accidently drop it won’t break into pieces.

Price of plastic chairs in Pakistan

The price of plastic chair varies from location to location, the material, the amount of plastic chair needed. The price of revolving chair ranges in between 2000-5000 rupees in Pakistan

Types of plastic Chairs in Pakistan

Plastic chair are made up of multiple material that are

Thermoplastic- it is exposed to heat so that it get soft and can be molded in different shapes. Once the plastic cool off it get hard. You can use this plastic after reheating and reshaping without any chemical damage thus, they are consider ideal choice for plastic chair. There are different type of thermoplastics that are nylon, acrylic, PVC, Polypropylene and polythene.

Thermosetting plastics- chemical are heated to high temperature and then it is cool down but thermosetting plastics cannot be reshaped or remolded once they are molded. They cannot be recycled the types of thermosetting plastic are Bakelite, epoxy resin and melamine

Different Styles of plastic Chairs in Pakistan

There are many style of chair some of them are described below

Panton chair- they are the trendiest style of chair used in home they are best for comfort and there shape is like S.

Ghost chair- these chairs have stylish modern look and are transparent. These chair enhance the look of your room.
Plasteel chair- these chair are made with combination of plastic and steel. These chair body are plastic but the leg are made up of steel. It increase the comfort and durability of these chairs.

Baby chairs- these chairs are designed while keeping the kids in mind. They are comfy and colorful. They can be used for multipurpose like for eating reading this make them ideal choice for kids.

Geometric design chair- these chair are made with geometric designs and look like fancy design.

Perforated chair – these chair have back and sometime seats are also perforated. These designs are made by keeping in mind the countries where they promote air circulation.


The plastic chair that are used in our home are usually made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material. Plastic chair are affordable than other material used for making chair like metal and wood. In this article we discussed about, benefits of choosing revolving chair in Pakistan, price of revolving chair in Pakistan material and style of plastic chair in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple plastic chair in every city of Pakistan that offer multiple plastic chair varieties in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.