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Best Disposable Plastic Product Supplier
Welcome to Disposable Bazaar, your ultimate destination for premium disposable food packaging solutions. Our extensive product range features everything you need, from high-quality plates to versat ...
Shopping, Plastic & Polythene Bags Manufacture
Jalil Centre, 231-Circular Road, Bhati Gate, Lahore.
We are the leading manufacturer, exporter & printer of shopping bags, polythene bags & plastic bags in Pakistan. We are also providing flexo gravure printing services on all type of bags for tea, rice ...
Manufacturer of PP Woven & Polyethylene bags
Plot 3/3 Sector 21, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi.
We are a leading manufacturer & printer of PP Woven Bags in Pakistan. We can manufacturer bags in different colors, sizes & shapes with printing. Our product line is film laminated & plain laminated w ...
Polyethylene Bags Manufacturer
2.5 Km Kahna Kacha Road, Lahore.
We are a manufacturer of full range Polyethylene bags in Pakistan used for t-shirt, garments, retail, zip-lock, and garbage. We are also providing printing services on shopping, plastic & polythene ba ...
Garbage & Plastic Shopping Bags Manufacturer
Sector A/2/8, Karachi Export Processing Zone, Landhi, Karachi.
We are the manufacturer of high quality garbage bags, shopping bags and plastic shopper bags in all sizes, color & weight in Pakistan. We also welcome your query regarding custom made bags.
Platic Shopping & PP Woven Bags Manufacturer
House No. 208-A, Street 5, Cavalry Ground, Lahore.
We are making products out of recycled materials; we can manufacturer plastic shopping bags and PP woven bags of high quality. We can manufacturer products of customer demand so feel free to contact u ...

All you want to know about plastic bags in Pakistan

Usually in Pakistan plastic bags are used to take meal or groceries we also used them in dustbin basket you usually stack your extra plastic bag in the cabinet. The plastic bags are used for multiple purposes. Plastic bags are made up of polyethylene material you can use them to travel along your apartment and houses. Factories are located all around the world and each step of making is done at different location wholesalers than transport these bags to major franchise vendors and small stores. As there are number of shops available in Pakistan. There are thousands of shops of fruit carts groceries and take out restaurant so shop keeper needs a lot of bags. Even the small business company requires millions of bags consider a bakery has 15 outlets in different cities of Pakistan and they sell around 500 bread from one location so just for one day you need 7,500 bags for one location.

Properties of plastic bags

There are many reasons that plastic bags are convenient because of their strength and flexibility they are best to carry the items for transportation of good from one place to another. Below we describe the properties of plastic bags

  • They are made of flexible material and the walls of bags are not rigid so any kind of items can be fixed into it.
  • They can hold around 50 pounds of weight so on grocery stores they are considered as great option.
  • Plastic bags are naturally water resistant they will keep your grocery dry if you do groceries in rain storm
  • The plastic bags are much affordable than paper bags so small businesses prefer these.

What type of plastic is used in making of plastic bags?

Usually plastic bags are made up of high density polyethylene they used tons of plastic pellets than these pallets are put under high pressure and heat to liquefy the material to cut, shape into bags and then print according to the need. Polyethylene basically starts with gas that is ethylene it is present in crude oil natural gas and coal. When the ethylene is combined by catalyst the polythene material is formed that is used for making of plastic bags.

Step 1-Polyethylene pellets are put into a hopper

Steps 2- they undergo through high heat and pressure to liquefy.

Step 3- then liquid plastic is blown upward into the long tube shape.

Step 4-when plastic tube starts to cool giant roller are used to platen the two for one thing sheet of plastic.

Step 5- it is cut in to desired width.

Step 6- when it is cut into width it is put onto giant roll of plastic

Step 7- they printed the plastic with help of alcohol based ink.

Step 8- later on it is formed into your desired shape.

Step 9- to create handle they punch the puncture at the top of bag.

Step 10- lastly they heat sealed the edges of two same shaped plastic pieces.

The strongest plastic bags are the ones that are made up of high density polyethylene this material is strong, flexible and water resistant it can hold up to 50 pounds of weight. No doubt plastic bags are strong but don’t use it to carry the most expensive item you can carry your daily necessities item in them.

Where they are produced?

They are manufactured all around the world as there many step involved in preparation of plastic bags so you need to have right working industrial equipment and facilities to produce them in large quantity. Mostly the manufacturing of plastic bag is automatic. Through different machines like roller, cutting tools that formed bags to create same size and be consistent with material. Precision is the key high level of precision can be achieved when you use machines rather than labor.

Where the Bags Ends Up?

Plastic bags cannot be recycled because they can jam-up the machinery only 5 percent of the plastic bags are recycled. You need to set up separate machinery for recycle of plastic bags. Companies are also struggling to recycle plastic bags because they see that bags are not empty they usually contain receipts. Plastic bags manufacture say that every fifth bag has receipt and it is hard to search every bag for the receipt than get to recycle procedure. Later the manufacture figure the way for it by dropping ton of water on plastic bag. After that the water will separate the plastic and paper. The paper quickly sinks and polyethylene plastic bag float. Later on these bags are dried and toned in to piece that look like snowflakes later on it meted down to reuse it. Manufactures are investing in new cracker plants that build the blocks of plastics. Despite of some action are taken to recycle plastic bags still plastic waste problem will get worsen. Countries are imposing ban on plastic bags and other plastic items. As plastic bags are very cheap so it is hard to shift the people to transfer from plastic free environment. You will see plastic bags everywhere you go so you need to reduce the consumption of plastic bags instead use alternative of it like cloth bags that are reusable and don’t easily torn.

Cost of plastic bags

The cost of plastic bags depends upon the size, quantity and quality of material used in making of plastic bags. They exist from 1kg of size of 20 kg the lowest price is around 54 rupees and highest is 300 you will get plastic bags in kilogram form in Pakistan.


Plastic bags are made up of polyethylene material they are used for multiple purposes. Usually in Pakistan plastic bags are used to take meal or groceries we usually stack our extra plastic bag in the cabinet. In this article we have discussed about the properties, the steps, where they are produced and cost of plastic bags in Pakistan if you want to buy plastic we update the list of plastic bag manufactures in Pakistan you can visit them in case of information and query.