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All you want to know about swimming pool accessories in Pakistan

There are certain pool equipment that are needed without which your pool cannot be functional like pool filter and pool pump apart from pool equipment there are certain pool accessories that will improve your swimming experience. There are certain pool accessory that are practically needed like the pool cover but there are certain pool accessory that make your pool experience enjoyable. Below we describe some of the pool accessories in Pakistan that are needed

Popular pool accessories in Pakistan

Pool liner- pool liner are used to cover the side wall and floor to ensure that water stays in the pool. It improve the aesthetic look of your pool and extend the life of your pool. You can choose the pool liner that suits your style. But while choosing it always make sure that the product you are purchasing is of high quality. Always choose the liner that has right thickness and quality. Always choose the pool liner that come with warranty

Pool ladder- this accessory is practical addition into the pool for the deep end of pool to easily enter and exit from the pool. If you have pool above the ground than having a pool ladder is essential. For pool above the ground. A ladder frame is considered best. For below the ground pool ladder you need a durable one that last longer for these pool concrete to the deck ladder are considered best. You don’t need such ladder to replace every season.

Pool cleaner-automatic pool cleaner are used to keep your pool clean and make the cleaning job easy. There are suction cleaner that are connected to the filter and are cost effective option. Robot cleaner are energy efficient and used advance technology. Always ask the pool technician about what type of cleaner will best work for your pool type.

Pool covers- it is also a pratical accessory that is used to reduce the amount of debris in your pool and also keep the pool water warm for long hours. Thermal blanket are used to maintain heat in the pool and block sun light, bubbled blanket also maintain heat in pool, light weigh and cost effective option. Slight cover are durable option and can bear the weight of children and pets.

Pool lights- pool lights serve both purpose it give an aesthetic and practical need for pool side. Pool light are helpful to detect the hazardous area like steps, pool ladders, pathways along the side of pool. Colored lights can be used to enhance the aesthetic of your pool. When choosing light option for pool you can choose LED lights they are easy to maintain and are also energy efficient.

Pool Toys- every one like to play with pool toys in pools it make you’re swimming experience more enjoyable. There are many type of pool toys for children and for adult as well. There are ride on toys and games toy that help in relaxing

Test strips- is a practical accessory that is used to see what type chemical are needed to be add in pool for making it bacteria free clean water. You should test the pool water every week you just need to put the strip in water for few seconds and then compare the strips color with chart that will determine what type of chemical you need to add.

Skimmer- It is must tool that you need to have the skimmer has flat net that is attached via long pipe there are certain interchangeable attachment with pole. Skimmers are used to remove debris from pool and other leaves flower and insects that float on pool water. With skimmers you can get pick those; elements also that drop in your pool accidently.

Safety Latches and alarm- the pool become an attractive place for children in summer so experts says that you must install layers of safety on the pool. You should have motion detectors. The motion detector will beep if there is anything or anyone on the pool side.

Equipment storage- you always require some space around pool to store maintenance equipment and chemicals. As you need to keep the chemical out of reach from children the equipment storage area should be near pool side as you’re frequently need it.

Sun screen and first aid- it is practical accessory needed on pool side. Always purchase a sunscreen that has high SPF and good in quality. Apply after every two hours. Always keep the first aid box near the pool side you don’t know uncertain situation can occur at any time.

Prices of pool accessories in Pakistan

The cost of pool accessories in Pakistan varies on the type of accessory you want, the location of the shop and quality of product. Pool accessories in Pakistan cost around 1000-52000 rupees.

Things you need to see while buying pool accessories in Pakistan

There are many pool accessories in Pakistan when you use pool accessories it make your pool look beautiful and it became more functional so it is best if you plan the things accordingly so that you make best possible purchase. When you will plan thing in advance you won’t buy any unnecessary item when choosing pay the visit to local pool shop near you home. You can tell the type of pool you have type of accessories you are looking. They will help you in choosing the best products. Always select the trusted brand when you are looking forward to make big financial investment as products made by trusted brand last for long. Always choose the product from manufacture that offer certain warranty for the products. Before purchasing the product from the manufacture always see the reviews online. You can also ask them to provide the feedback of their clients. You can ask recommendations from your friends and family about certain shop where they have purchased pool accessories in Pakistan


There are certain pool equipment that are needed without which your pool cannot be functional like pool filter and pool pump apart from pool equipment there are certain pool accessories that will improve your swimming experience. In this article we discussed about, types of pool accessories in Pakistan, price of pool accessories in Pakistan and thing you need to see while choosing pool accessories in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple pool accessories stores in every city of Pakistan that offer pool accessories in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.