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All you want to know about swimming pool equipment in Pakistan

People try to clean their pool own their own or hire the service of  pool cleaners company  in Pakistan  to keep your pool safe and functional  they will bring certain equipment with them and you also need to buy certain equipment for daily cleaning and maintaining your pool.  There are many varieties of pool cleaning equipment’s in Pakistan you can choose any  some of them are must have some are optional and some of them are luxury. Below we describe some of the most important swimming equipment, chemical and filter that are needed to keep your water crystal clear and warm for swimming.

Swimming pool cleaning equipment in Pakistan

Below we discuss some important pool cleaning equipment available in Pakistan.

Telescopic- you use this pool cleaning equipment in Pakistan for brushing, skimming , vacuuming and many more tasks. As telescopic poles can shrink and extend. This extension will help you to clean pool from anywhere it flexibility to reach anywhere in the pool. This save your effort and time always choose a telescopic pole that is at least 1 feet long, has thick tubing and made up of heavy duty aluminums.

Skimmer net attachment- to clean your floating leaves in your pool you need pool skimmer net to do this job. It is attached to the telescopic pole and help you in skimming your pool.  When the net is scooped into the pool water it scoop all the leaves bugs cups, wrappers and that come in its path. You can easily skim out the objects as net is made up of fine mesh. There are types of skimmer bag nets and flat net. You can choose flat net as it is easy to clean and maneuver.

Pool brush attachment-. With passage of time algae is buildup on the pool walls, steps and floor but the best way to get rid of it is to prevent it by scrubbing of with a pool brush. When you brush your pool before using it prevent from being green you can use certain pool chemical so your pool can be used for long. There are 3 types of brushes that are best for different types of pool for concrete pools you can use a nylon or stainless steel brush.  For gunite pool you can also use stainless steel pool for fiber glass pool you can use nylon brushes.

Vacuum head- there are 3 main parts of pool vacuum that are head hose and telescopic pole. The vacuum head is used to do vacuuming when you pass it over your pool the way like a brush do. The vacuum head is attached to telescopic pole to start cleaning when it is powered on.

Vacuum hose without this cleaning equipment you cannot clean your pool. The vacuum hose is connected to skimmer and provides the pressure to the vacuum so it can swallow algae. Choose a vacuum hose that is at least 30 feet long and has built in swivel cuff.

Pool filter- to keep your pool water clean the filter play an important role in it. It is used to purify the pool water remove the containment and debris in water so swimmer can easily swim without fear of debris and microscopic particles. People that are new pool owner for them sand pool filter is best.

The other types of pool equipment that keep you pool in working condition and ideal for swimmers that are pool pumps that circulate water and power the filtration and heating process. Pool heaters are used to keep the pool water warm and you can enjoy swimming in rainy and cloudy weather as well. Chemical are not equipment but you need them for cleaning your pool. They keep your pool bacteria free and safe so you can swim without any hesitation. Automatic pool cleaner do the brushing and vacuuming automatically on its own. Pool leveler as pool loose water every day whether it splash out from pool or evaporation you can used automatic pool leveler or use a cover to recover water loss.

Prices of pool cleaning equipment in Pakistan

The cost of pool cleaning equipment in Pakistan varies on the type of pool cleaning equipment you want, the location of the shop and quality of product. Pool cleaning equipment in Pakistan start from around 50 thousand rupees.

Tips to choose pool cleaning equipment in Pakistan

No doubt budget is important thing when choosing the pool cleaning equipment for your pool in Pakistan. There are different types of pool cleaning equipment and each one of them has different price range. Apart from budget you need to see few other things when buying equipment for cleaning of your pool are

Type of pool you have- usually all pool cleaning equipment work on both types of pool but there are some pool cleaning equipment that work best above ground pool than below ground pool. Like you cannot use manual brushed hand held vacuum for above ground pool cleaning equipment. Robot can be used for cleaning but they are rarely used for above ground pools.

Size- the size of pool will also decide what type of pool cleaning equipment you need for larger pools you need to require automatic cleaning equipment.

Tolerance for maintenance task- if you have tolerance to maintain the pool you can use hand held pool brushed to clean algae but if you are busy you can hire the service of any company and can also choose automatic machinery and robots for cleaning of your pool.


There are many varieties of pool cleaning equipment’s in Pakistan you can choose any  some of them are must have some are optional and some of them are luxury. In this article we discussed about, types of pool cleaning equipment in Pakistan, price of pool cleaning equipment in Pakistan and tips to choose pool cleaning equipment in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple pool cleaning equipment stores in every city of Pakistan that offer pool cleaning equipment in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.