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All you want to know about mosaic tiles in Pakistan

For the home pool or pool at restaurant or at spas you require tiles that need to place in your pool at time of construction. The best tiles for pool are mosaic tile that are in blue and green in color. These swimming pools are becoming popular. There are certain benefits of mosaic tile.  Mosaic tiles is of nonporous material these tile are resistant to stain and don’t get damage by the pool chemicals. You can use these tiles for entire pool. You need not much time for maintenance of these decorative mosaic tiles. You need to just wipe the tiles to remove the stain. You can use mild detergent to remove any oil stains. These tile give an amazing visual draws the attention of viewers as it has color enation quality these pool light give a dramatic effect when pool light are on at night.

Mosaic tile are gaining importance because of the environmental contribution. While construction of these mosaic tiles you need less energy than ceramic tiles. They are considering environment friendly as these tile are made up of broken recycled glass. The most popular color for swimming pool tile is blue. According to psychologist, Blue color gives a soothing effect and give relaxation feel. To add personality to the area people used mosaic tiles. Now a days people used mosaic tile for their home kitchen swimming pool walls bathroom and for many other space area below we discuss types of mosaic tile in Pakistan

Types of mosaic tile in Pakistan

Stone mosaic tiles- these tiles give a fabulous look if installed at your home it compliments the decoration at your home. If you want a traditional look you can go for mosaic flower or geometric design

Glass mosaic tiles- the most popular among the mosaic tiles they can be used in commercial building and at home as well. The two major types of glass mosaic tiles are cast and fused tiles. cast tile are used for colored pattern they have textured and wavy finish. Fused tile are blend of coated and cast glass.

Swimming pool glass- these glass mosaic tile can use in swimming pools to give an undersea effect they are easy to install and maintain. These tile make stunning beautiful in affordable rates.

Etched stone- these tiles are large in size and etched into almost every design these tiles also create stunning effect. These tiles give smooth engraved and luxurious feel.

Hand painted stone- you can create a unique design with hand painted stone tiles. You can create any design on it from ornamental to traditional landscape design. You can place these tile anywhere in your home.

Medallions and murals- these tiles are fusion of modern and ancient technology. These tiles are best for businesses and home you can choose the design from library of mural and can create your own custom design. You can cut the stone into swirling and delicate curves.

Water jet mosaic tiles- they are hand crafted unique pieces of tiles there tiles are used for multi-dimensional and textured pattern.

Advantages of using pool mosaic tiles in Pakistan

Aesthetic beauty- It give an aesthetic beauty to your swimming pool side you can create endless design by using different solid color blue and green.

Stand the severe damage-These tiles are used and stand the severe damage. So they are best for your swimming pool as they are out door and need to withstand every type of weather condition for long time investment mosaic tiles are best.

Environmental friendly- these are created with handmade ceramic pieces and recycled glass is used and cut with hand to fit into place. Each tile is created with hand. Thus they are environmental friendly and are cost effective.

Easy to clean- you can easily clean mosaic tile as they have smooth and glass surface  you can wipe the dirt with cloth soap water it will instantly remove the dirt.

Easy to maintain- they are best choice for swimming pool owners as they require less maintenance. They are stain and water resistant thus easy to clean.

Multiple design and color- they come in multiple pattern and color and you can choose any as per your choice and need.

Prices of pool mosaic tiles swimming pool in Pakistan

The cost of pool mosaic tiles in Pakistan varies on the type of pool mosaic tiles you want, the location of the shop and quality of product. Pool mosaic tiles in Pakistan start from around 60 rupees per sq.ft.

Tips to choose the right type of pool mosaic tiles in Pakistan

Pool tiles are important to consider because these tile give you a feel that sitting in an ocean or in spas.   you need  to see whether you need vibrant or soft color tile or want eccentric mosaic tile or elegant monochrome look. There are many factors you need to consider the most important are safety durability budget and attractiveness. So below we are discussing some tips you can consider when creating pool.See the part of pool that need tile for water line or under pool or for both. If you want tp refresh your previous created pool you can change the tile on waterline. When you add mosaic tile on waterline it will give extra touch to your pool side

Budget- you need to see your budget when deciding on the tiles. If you have large pool than select an affordable option.

Safety- no doubt glossy finish tile look best but always consider you and your children safety as priority.

Durability over cost- when choosing tile give priority to the quality of tile that are durable and require less maintenance.

Compare different types- there are many option available for pool mosaic tile compare each type and then choose the one that will go best in your pool and is in your budget.

Choose the right size- choose the right size large tile are less stable but cover more space smaller tiles last longer and are break resistant.

Creative with pool color-choose bright color tiles for your pool it will become vibrant and inviting. And give a luxury look to your pool.


The best tiles for pool are mosaic tile that are in blue and green in color. There are certain benefits of using mosaic tile.  They are of nonporous material these tile are resistant to stain and don’t get damage by the pool chemicals. In this article we discussed about, types of pool mosaic tiles in Pakistan, price of pool mosaic tiles in Pakistan and tips to choose the right type of pool mosaic tiles in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple pool mosaic tiles stores in every city of Pakistan that offer pool mosaic tiles in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.

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