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Installation & Repair Services Air Conditioners from Karachi
Plot # ST 2/2, Sector-19, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi.
We are providing professional engineering and repairing services to private & government companies. We are specialist of providing installation, maintenance & repair services of AC (air condition) of ...
AC Repair Service from Lahore
Commercial Block, DHA Phase-1, Lahore.
We are highly experienced company deals in repair, maintenance & installation of air condition (AC) & split of all brands like Haier, LG, Panasonic, Gree & Mitsubishi etc. We are also offering cheap a ...
Air Condition Repairing Services from Rawalpindi
Mian Plaza, Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi.
We are Rawalpindi based company deals in repairing, maintenance, & installation of AC, spilt, washing machine, room cooler & freezer. We are an expert in our field and providing best services at econo ...

All you want to know about repair services in Pakistan

No matter what type of industry you are working or whether you are working at home. You need to keep your equipment and tool in working condition to perform efficiently and effectively. When you keep your equipment efficiently up to date you can avoid unplanned downtime. There is major difference between repair and maintenance. Sometimes repair and maintenance work hand in hand but they are also used differently in asset management space. Repair are used to restore the working equipment that get stop working because of any damage. Maintenance is the routine checkup activities for tool and equipment so they last longer and also prevent damage.

Level of repair services in Pakistan

The level of repair should depend on the damage on the assets there are two types of equipment failure that are partial failure and complete failure

Partial failure- the asset got some low capacity malfunction that can later on repaired by taking right corrective measure to restore the full function of equipment used.

Complete failure-when the equipment you are using completely get malfunctioned and can’t be used further if not repaired. The amount you needed to fix the failure will solely depend upon the failure cause. If the equipment is break down the repair will be expensive. Some failure exist because unforeseen accident, natural wear and tear occur because of human error. Through proper maintenance and repair service you can avoid uncertain situations.

Tool and equipment are important asset for company and workers. As these equipment used will provide you with income and provide profit to the company or the equipment used in home help you in making your job easy. When your repair the equipment part on time the system will work for longer time period. Below we discuss something you must consider while providing repair services in Pakistan

Things you must see while providing repair services in Pakistan

Let the heat equipment cool down- before start repairing the equipment make sure that equipment that need repaired services are stop for some time before you start repairing. Try to work with the tool in short interval if you continuously use machinery the part of your machine will need repair services frequently.

Lubrication of tools-if you want that your equipment last for longer period make sure that repair services provide proper lubrication to your equipment. If you don’t know how to lubricant your equipment you ask the repair services to do so for you.

Calibration of tool- it is essential part of repair services as power tool equipment must be aligned. The repair service if any alignment is not correct they will correct it for you so that it does not harm the performance of your equipment.

Replace worn parts- when you provide repair services there might be some component in your machinery that need replacement. There are some part in some equipment that need to repaired after some specific time if you don’t replace them it will affect the overall machine performance.

Clean them regularly- once the equipment provided the service. you should always clean them. You can hire the service of Repair Company as they have right type of brushes to clean your equipment once in week or month.

Charges of repair services in Pakistan

The charges of repair services in Pakistan varies on the type of repair services equipment, the location of the clients and quality of services. Repair services in Pakistan ranges in between 500-10000.

Importance of repair services in Pakistan

The life span of your machine is increased- if you’re properly maintaining your machine and provide the repair services on time when needed they will serve more than their life span.

Overall cost is reduced- when you provide repair services on time and the life span of your machine increase than original time span the cost of machine is significantly reduced but in severe circumstance like burn of equipment you need to buy new one if you can’t repair it.

Efficiency is improved- when you provide the repair and maintenance service after some time to your machine it will improve the efficiency of the machines.

Value- if the machine is properly repaired and maintained it won’t loosed it’s value when you properly clean your equipment and change the worn part it won’t decrease the value of equipment.

Types of repair services in Pakistan

Emergency repairs- emergency repair are needed to reduce the risk of health and safety these damage can cause serious damage to the life and property like burst of water pipes gas pipeline. In these condition you need to respond quickly to reduce the damage.

Urgent- these repair cause inconvenience to the people and cause serious damage to property like electric failure or fault heating system. The target response time for these repair is 24 hours

Standards repair- these repair are not urgent like dripping water in kitchen the target response time is 5 working days

Other repair- theses repairs are uncertain events like window replacement or work in new house.

Rechargeable repair- these repair are charged to people on the basis of repairment they have made in faulty equipment or in your house.


You need to keep your equipment and tool in working condition to perform efficiently and effectively. Repair services are used to restore the working equipment that get stop working because of any damage. In this article we discussed about, importance of repair services in Pakistan, charges of repair services in Pakistan and types of repair services in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple repair services shops in every city of Pakistan that offer repair services in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.