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Prof Dr. Yawar Sajjad Plastic Surgery

Leading Plastic Surgeon from Lahore

262-263, Farooq Hospital, Main Canal Road, Thokar Niaz baig, Lahore.

Dr. Yawar Sajjad is fully committed to providing high-quality plastic surgery services, at an affordable cost. Dr. Yawar Sajjad is an experienced plastic surgeon at our clinic who has the advanced training to create exceptional, natural-looking results that meet the individual needs of our patients. If you are planning for plastic surgery and looking for the best plastic surgeon in Lahore, look nowhere else contact Dr. Yawar Sajjad today!

Elite Aesthetics by Dr. Omamah Yusuf

Look your best with Plastic Surgery

Office-5 Second Floor Pakland Square next to Islamabad Diagnostic Centre G-8 Markaz, Islamabad.

Dr. Omamah Yusuf is one of the best plastic surgery clinics by well known and experienced female plastic surgeon, Dr. Omamah Yusuf. She is graduated from Army Medical College and National University of Science and Technology in 2004. She got her degree in General Surgery in 2010 and in 2013 she has completed her Fellowship in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery by College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP). She is the member of International Society of Robotic Hair Restoration Surgeons.

Ammar Medical Complex

Nose Surgery in Pakistan

Main Jail Road, Lahore.

Ammar Complex is providing nose surgery or rhinoplasty treatment in Lahore from specialist to local and international patients. We have all treatments available for nose job or nose operation or nose reshaping surgery at reasonable cost. For more about procedure, recovery time, cost and treatments please call us or send us an email inquiry.

Dr. Shaista Effendi

Nose Surgery in Karachi, Rhinoplasty

Dr.Ziauddin Hospital, Clifton, Karachi.

Dr. Shaista Effendi is highly qualified and experienced doctor to perform nose surgery/rhinoplasty in Karachi, Pakistan. If you are looking for nose reshaping or nose operation clinic then you come to the right place. Call or send email for cost, procedure and recovery time of nose job.

Aga Khan

Nose Reshaping Surgery from Expert Doctors

Stadium Road, Karachi.

The department of nose surgery is providing all treatment of nose including nose operation, nose reshaping, nose surgery or rhinoplasty in Karachi. We have highly experienced and qualified doctors for your nose job. Book an appointment today or just call us for more info.

Dr. Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan

Rhinoplasty or Nose Resahping in Karachi

Suite # 202, Al-Khaleej Towers. Bahadurabad Karachi.

Are you looking for Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping? And you are looking for expert surgeon with cheap price then you come to the right place. We are offering nose job at reasonable cost to enhance your beauty, confidence and facial characteristics. For more detail please talk to us at our clinic based in Karachi, Pakistan.

Prof. Dr. Farid Ahmad Khan

Best Nose Job in Lahore

Surgimed Hospital, 1-zafar Ali Road, Gulberg V, Lahore.

Prof. Dr. Farid is foreign qualified and highly experienced doctor in the field of nose reshaping surgery or rhinoplasty. Our nose job or operation charges are economical as compare to other clinics in Lahore. For more please send us email or contact us.

Dr. Osman Bashir Tahir

Nose Surgery from Dr. Osman Bashir Tahir

Dr. OBT, Lahore.

Dr. OBT is highly experienced and educated professional in the field of Aesthetic. Dr. Osman is offering nose reshaping surgery or Rhinoplasty treatment at his clinic based in Lahore. For more about procedure, its side effects or recovery time feel free to contact us or send us an email.

Dr. Babar Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgeon from Lahore

8-C Model Town, Lahore.

Our Clinic is located at Model Town Lahore Pakistan. We are offering plastic surgery treatment by our Prof. Dr. Abdul Hakim Babar B.Sc., M.B;B.S.(Pb.) M.D., F.A.C.S., D.A.B.S., D.A.B.P.S.(USA).

South City Hospital Karachi

St-1, Block 3, Shahrah-e-Firdousi, Karachi.

It is privately owned Hospital they provide wide range of medical facilities to their patients. Patient’s rooms are well equipped with bed diningtable ,sofa and bed. Different room facilities are available on the basis of patient budget. Ground Floor is equipped with radiology equipment and unit. This floor has pharmacy, restaurant, blood bank and outpatient clinics. First Floor has nurse VIP, Private and semi-private rooms. Second floor has operation theaters. There are four labor rooms on this floor. On third floor there are VIP, Private and semiprivate room and also has 2 general wards there is administration building on this floor. Fourth floor also has General ward for male and female and 25 private rooms.

Enhance your facial beauty and nasal problems through rhinoplasty

The most prominent feature and central part of your face is nose it is essential part of your appearance and identity.  Rhinoplasty deals with yours nose reshaping that suits your personality and appearance. Nose reshaping is appropriate for the patients that have reached the maturity age when there all facial organs are developed ( it is typically after age of 16). Anyone who wants to change their facial appearance can go through rhinoplasty. Anyone that is going through nasal breathing issues because of any internal issue in the structure of nasal.

Before your nasal surgery your nasal surgeon will examine the quality of your skin, your inside and outside of your nose, the shape and size of your nose. Your plastic surgeon may ask question like do you have any issue while breathing in and out through your nose. He may ask whether you suffering from any allergies or using any kind of spray on daily basis. For effective and attractive facial look your plastic surgeon may recommend you chin augmentation.


Rhinoplasty surgery is done on the structure of nose that is bone and cartilage. To make your nose more narrow and straighten sometimes surgeon alter your certain bones. If you want your nose to be augmented in that case your surgeon uses cartilage from the other part of your body or nose. Your skin and soft tissue will than reposition to form a new structure of your nose. In some cases incisions are also placed inside your nose that are not even visible.  If you want you nostril to reduce or the base structure of your nose is narrowed down than small piece below your nostrils will be removed by surgeon. If surgeon recommended external incision they are placed under the hidden areas either at cheek join, crease of your nose and lip joins.

Recovery timings

After the surgery you may face skin numbness but it will be only happen for some time. The bruising marks will be reduced within 1 week and you can conceal it later with some makeup. You may suffer through swelling for couple of weeks or months. Mostly the swelling only affects the tip of your nasal. In some cases your surgeon may recommend a secondary surgery to get better results.

Cost of Rhinoplasty in Pakistan

I recommend you to do a bit of research before booking your surgery with the specific doctor. Not just search about the doctor also search about the specific clinic you are interested in for surgery because clinic plays an important role during surgery like if they don’t provide you with proper instruction you may face issues on your surgery day. While comparison you can look into surgeon experience related to your specific treatment, qualification, certification, foreign experience and versatility in your specific treatment. The cost of rhinoplasty depends on many factors like surgeon fee, post operation medication, technique and complexity of the surgery, hospital fee and anesthesiologist’s fee. The cost of rhinoplasty in Pakistan is around 60 thousand to 85 rupees.

How to prepare yourself for rhinoplasty

Your plastic surgeon will provide detail instruction before your surgery day so that you can prepare yourself accordingly for your surgery day.  He will provide you with detail guideline like which medicines and supplements you need to avoid before and after your surgery.

What you should expect from rhinoplasty

You after one on one consultation with your surgeon will choose incision on the basis of reshaping of your nose you needed. In most cases, plastic surgeon use incision inside or at the base of your nose. The incisions used are very small and invisible after week when they are healed. Rhinoplasty is performed in only few hours and general anesthesia is used by surgeons. Patients can go back home after few hours of their surgery with dressing and splint over their nose. To improve the angle between nose and lips sometimes trimming of septum method is used.   Shape and positioning of Septum may be altered to move nasal airways. In some cases the diverted part of septum may be removed partially. Surgeon use splint that is made up of tape , plastic, metal /plaster they help your bone and cartilage   to maintain the new shape of your nose

Recovery time after the surgery

After the surgery still you need to wear nasal splint for a week. You may require soft nasal packing that is usually removed within 3 to 4 days. You may feel discomfort for first 48 to 72 hours that you reduced by taking medications. Your swelling and bruising will start diminishing after 7 to 10 days, you can perform your normal daily activities and can go back to work after 2 weeks. Final swelling will be resolved and need almost 6 months.

How Rhinoplasty is beneficial for you

It will help you to remove nasal bends, humps and bumps. You can have better space and angle between your nose and lips. Your confidence and self-esteemed will be boost. It will help you to reduce overall wide nostrils. You will feel improvement in your air breathing and sense of smell. You can minimize the prominent tip of your nose for balance facial look.

Consultation and Good fit candidate for Rhinoplasty

Before booking your surgeon you will have a one on one consultation with your doctor to see whether you are perfect candidate for nose reshaping or rhinoplasty. Non-smokers are typically considering best fit for surgery that have wish to improve rather than perfection. Perfect, good health with stable body weight people are considered good fit for rhinoplasty surgery. People with nasal irregularities, large and prominent nose tips, Issue of breathing while sleeping, less sense of taste and smell and have a realistic approach towards the  are also considered clients for the surgery.


Risk associated with Rhinoplasty

You may face issue like bad reaction to anesthesia, infections, difficulty in breathing or scar marks. Thus, always choose a certified and experienced plastic surgeon for your treatments.  Not just this always chooses a clinic or hospital that provides a proper facility, guidelines and treatment related to your surgery.


Rhinoplasty surgery is used to reshape your nose.  Usually, surgeons to narrow down and straighten your nose alter bone. Through rhinoplasty surgery you can enjoy a better angle between your nose and lips. You can remove the humps and bumps and it will help you to breathe properly if previously you were facing issue related to it. After 2 weeks of the surgery you can perform your daily tasks. The cost of rhinoplasty surgery is around 65 thousand to 80 thousand rupees. People facing breathing issues due to structure issue rhinoplasty surgery is blessing for them. Go to your nearest clinic or hospital to book you appointment after research.

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