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Best Roof Waterproofing Company
401, 4th Floor, Rania Mall, Bank Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi.
Welcome to Mr. Waterproofing, the fastest-growing waterproofing company in Pakistan. With over 5 years of experience, we know what products, methods, and applications work best to waterproof your r ...
B-1, New York Icon, Bahria Enclave, Islamabad.
Home Advisor Company is a trusted name in Islamabad, renowned for its dependable services. We specialize in Waterproofing, All Pests Fumigation, Termite Control, Water Tank Cleaning, and Heat Proof ...
waterproofing an Art
Islamabad Office # 13-B, 3rd Floor, Kala Khan Center, Murree Road, Rawalpind.
The Next Sealers A Leading Waterproofing Service Provider in Islamabad. With a notable presence since 2012, The Next Sealers has earned a reputation as a trusted name in the industry. Our team of p ...
Nothing can beat our experience
Roofline private limited 2nd floor al jannat plaza, G-8, Islamabad.
ROOFLINE Group, a prominent manufacturer in Pakistan, specializes in the production of SBS & APP waterproofing membranes as well as various grades of Bitumen Emulsion. Our company takes pride i ...
Bahria Town Phase-7 Islamabad.
Proof Tech Water Proofing is a reputable company based in Islamabad, Pakistan, specializing in high-quality water proofing solutions. With years of experience in the industry, Proof Tech offers a r ...
Street # 8, Sector I-8/1, Islamabad
As a caretaker, our company offers a diverse range of services aimed at providing effective solutions for various concerns. These include Termite (Deemak) Control, Pest Control, Waterproofing, and ...
Professional Home Maintenance Services
Khyber Heights, Rafi Commercial, Phase 8 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.
Best and Effective Waterproofing Services
Office 16, First floor, Executive Plaza I-8 Markaz, Islamabad.
Smart Fixer is your go-to, reliable waterproofing company in Pakistan, providing top-notch services at budget-friendly rates. We specialize in offering the finest waterproofing solutions for your h ...
Home Roof Waterproofing
Office # 105, 1st Floor Islamabad Plaza, G 8 Markaz, Islamabad.
Cool Roof Chemicals is your trusted partner for top-quality roof waterproofing solutions in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, Pakistan. With a decade of dedicated service, we've earned a reputation for exc ...
Project Your Home Without Damage
Office No 38, Yahya Pride, Block 13D-2, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.
Instant Chemical Services, established in 2010, is a reputable company specializing in waterproofing, roof heat proofing, and roof insulation solutions. Our expertise extends to structural repairs ...

Save your home and yourself from heat wave by hiring roof heat proofing company

As summer is already here, this means that your home will now tolerate the heat waves and high temperature in the upcoming months. But there are some methods through which you can get rid of the heat wave and give your home a cool feel. As people living in the Sothern parts of Pakistan completely rely on AC in summer. But due to hot weather there are frequent power breakdown all around Pakistan and heavy utility bills has made people not to use this facility so to deal with this weather there is option for hiring a professional roof heat proofing company and it is the best option for the people who are living on the top floor.

How it works?

They simply add on additional layer of heat resistant substance so that it acts as a barrier. This material will absorb both heat and water, thus protecting your roof and preventing the residual heat from entering your home.  Most of house owners are unaware about that how effectively affordably and simply they can bring change in their home. There are many big and small companies in Pakistan that are providing roof heat proofing services.

Mainly the roof heating is done at residential and industrial area. First all you need to hire  a person whom you can trust and quite sure about the company that they will do the task on right time. You don’t want to comprise on heat proofing service whether it is your own home or you are constructing for anyone else. If residential roof proofing is done in wrong way it can cause serious damage to property and your money will also be ruined. So always hire an expert for residential roof heat proofing services so that you don’t face any unnecessary situation. Industrial roof heat proofing is very necessary for building of industries at time of construction. When you installed roof heat proofing it will save you from many issue of industries related to heat. Just do a little bit research before hiring a company for roof heat proofing services. See what kind of services will be provided in your set budget. Nothing can go worsen if roof heat proofing services job is not performed on set standard

Popular methods of roof heat proofing

There are certain methods for roof heat proofing of your home or commercial area.

Heat roofing sheet- when you install roof heat proofing sheets at your home it will lower the temperature of your indoor house. To save you from sun radiations they used factory made sheets that are quite effective for home. They are made with corrugated patterns. There are multiple types of sheets available in Pakistan like PVC Plastisol sheet, Polyester Painted Sheet and  Galvanized Steel Sheet These common available corrugated sheets are very light but can stand out even in harsh weathers. These sheets are affordable, effective, durable, energy efficient and sustainable.

Application bitumen membrane- it is commonly used substance for heat proofing. It is also one of the well-known treatments in Pakistan. As mostly in Pakistan the room tops are flat you can easily apply bitumen rolls on the roof so that they absorb water and heat. They are made up of asphalt and other adhesive that are spread on the roof and coated completely as well on the roof. Usually home owners prefer black painting further molten bitumen membrane is painted with white so that it heat proof and also feel appealing to the eyes.

Paint or chemical roof cooling- through this white reflective paint you can save your home from ultra violet rays. It is also one of effective and affordable technique to use reflective white paint. The texture of this paint is similar and appear is also similar like white paint but these chemical heat proofing services are used for two main purpose. Firstly it is used to reflect back the ultra violet rays and secondly by increase of concrete slab it also lower down the temperature of your home roof. It is also known as roof cooling coating. These paints can be used on pitched and flat roofs as well but you need to coat multiple layers of chemical by the help of brush, mop, spray machine or roller brush.

Built up roofing- It is best and cost effective procedure for heat and water proofing in house. It is also known as BUR. It is used on low slop roof and flat roof. In BUR procedure it includes ply sheets, layer of bitumen and reinforcing fabric. The above layer consists of gravel, marble and rock that help in absorbing the heat from roof. The minerals used act as protective layer against the moisture to save it from leaking on roof by sealing the surface. It is easy to maintain, relative less expensive and more durable. The top layer of BUR is also resistant to fire.

Heat proofing services

You won’t get benefit from any of the above mentioned roof heat proofing option if you don’t apply them properly on your roof top. There are certain companies that provide roof heat proofing service and there are certain experts of roof heat proofing service that will apply chemical and also will guide that which type of chemical is best for you whether local or branded chemical will be best for you. All this will be covered in roof heat proofing services. The services are only provided by the people who have years of experiences. Sometime the chemical being ordered are not available in Pakistan or not available in that specific city than the cost of roof heat proofing services will be exceeded.


Prices of roof heat proofing services may differ because of many reasons whether the product is brought from local manufacturing company or imported from some other country. When you purchase product from local vendors the cost will be lower. The price also differ because of demand and supply as in summer the price increase because demand increase as people want to get relief from this hot weather and also protect them from heavy electricity bills because of less usage of AC when they have roof heat proofing. Price also varies from thousands to hundreds of thousand because of multiple size and quality of chemical and sheets. 

To sum up above information if you see that even if you have proper ventilation system at your home but still  it is quite hot in summer than consider to take the service of roof heat proofing company or an expert person in the field so that they can estimate the procedure and let you know about  all suitable option available for you according to your roof type and budget.