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10 Best Rugby Balls Exporters and Manufacturers in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Capital, another well-known sportswear producer
Kashmir Road, Sialkot.
Capital Sports is a famous sportswear maker that focuses on giving customers an all-in-one solution. They keep improving their tools to make better products for everyone – guys, gals, and kids. T ...
Purchase High Quality Sporting Goods in Sialkot
Kashmir Road, Sialkot.
Moltex Sports is based in Sialkot, Pakistan. Moltex Sporting Goods Ltd was founded in 1989 to meet the market demand for Pakistan manufactured sporting goods. Moltex began as a Sialkot-Pakistan ba ...
Purchase Best Quality Rugby Balls in Pakistan
29-I Industrial Area, 6 Km Wazirabad Road, Sialkot.
Jami International is located in Sialkot, Pakistan. Jami International is a well established name, the world famous industrial district of Pakistan. We own a well equipped, well organized, state-of ...
Purchase High Quality Rugby Balls in Pakistan
Saddar Baazar, Ward No. 7, Babu Muhallah, Sialkot-Cantt.
Zam Zam Sports is based in Sialkot, Pakistan. ZamZam Sports is specialized in exporting Sports and Fitness items. Our main products are Sports Wear, Fitness Wear, and Leather Wear. At the same tim ...
Old and Professional Suppliers of Footballs
Rehmat Pura, Mubarakpura, Sialkot, Pakistan
Sumi Sports is located at Mubarakpura, Sialkot, Pakistan. We are very old and professional suppliers of Footballs, Soccer balls, Rugby Balls, Basket Balls, and Volley Balls in Europe, and many oth ...
Sports Manufacturer in Sialkot
Village Dhaboola, Near Allam Iqbal Collage, Sialkot, Pakistan
Sockan Sports is located at Village Dhaboola, Sialkot, Pakistan. We are manufacturer of all kinds of sports products Rugby, Soccer, Football, Hockey, Footless, Cotton, Acrylic, Custom, Club. We us ...
Manufacturer Importer & Exporter of Balls, Clothing, Boxing Products & Accessories Since 1990
Sialkot, Pakistan
ARSW Sports is located in Sialkot, Pakistan. We provide various sports products like sporting goods and sport wears including Footballs, Hand Balls, Protective Gear, Volly Balls, Soccer Balls, Rug ...
Manufacturer & Exporter of Professional Soccer Balls and Team Kits, Since 2003
51-Ali Park, New Civil Lines, Sialkot, Pakistan
Neo Technological Zone is located at New Civil Lines, Sialkot, Pakistan. We are a Manufacturer & Exporter of Professional Soccer Balls and Team Kits, since 2003. Most professional Sporting Goods w ...
Winner of The Best Innovation Award 2009 from ADIDAS 
Kashmir Road, Pakka Garha, Sialkot, Pakistan
Capital Sports is located at Pakka Garha, Sialkot, Pakistan. Capital Sports is a renowned manufacturing brand making and supplying superior quality customized/personalized sportswear, casual wear, ...
High Quality Sportwear and Sport Goods Manufacturer and Exporter
Adalat Garh, Sialkot, Pakistan
Fioan Sports is located at Adalat Garh, Sialkot, Pakistan. We are manufacturer of Sportswear, fitness wear, Casual wear, sports accessories. Our main products are Footballs, Basket Balls, Tennis B ...

Essential Elment of rugby game is Rugby Balls

The first person to catch and run rugby was William webbellis he was the pupil in the school during 1800s previously this was against the rule of rugby at that time but it is the resemblance with today’s modern rugby. The rugby ball come in different types such as training ball, match ball and each ball is different for different weather conditions the quality of ball depends on the material used and later on the decision is made whether ball is best for training or professional match. Usually the design on rugby ball is cosmetic decision. Every ball that is created has dimples and bumps that help the player to make grip but there may occur some changes according to the each manufacturing company.  Rugby balls are treated for water resistance so it may be easier for you to grip. The weight of rugby balls is in between 410g to 460g with pressure of 9.5 to 10 PSI.

Rugby balls are essential element for playing rugby without rugby balls players cannot play rugby. Rugby ball play an important role throughout the game. Referees before the start of game make sure that ball used is playable. It means that ball is suitably pumped and has enough grip for the players. If the set criteria are not meet by ball it cannot be used for play. Rugby ball comes in oval shape and has multiple brands design size and weight. There are four different sizes of rugby ball and has multiple varieties. The ball is made up of original pigs bladder. As the bladder is oval in shape the ball is also designed in oval shape.


As the first rugby ball was made up of pigs bladder and has four panel of leather that are stitched together to form the outer look now in  modern time rugby balls are made with a rubber inner tube but the four leather panel still exist and these ball are still used for matches. It has been seen that leather absorbs water so when these ball are used in wet condition the weight of the ball increase and affect the performance. So now rugby balls are made up of synthetics waterproofing materials. As this material rugby balls can be used in any weather conditions. Microfiber, synthetic rubber and string materials are used in rugby balls to make the ball stay together. When the balls are stitched they use wax like substance around the stitching so that the ball stays waterproof and to avoid leakage. It make ball more durable and last longer.

Size of ruby balls

Rugby balls come in 4 different sizes for smooth play you need to choose the right size of ball for your game play. If the size is not perfect for you it can affect you performance and technique. It is better to choose ball that matches your age group through which you gain maximum output.

Size 1- these balls are known as mini rugby balls that are usually used by age group below 7. They are 15 cm long. These balls are used to make children hand grip to handle rugby balls.

Size 3- these ball are for juniors that are in between 8 to 14 age group.

Size 4.5- these balls are used by women and age group of 15 and above can use these balls

Size 5- these balls are used by men and age group 15 or above can use these balls

For international league rugby they use size 5 ball. The circumference of this ball is around 60 cm and it is 27 cm long. The weight of ball is around 410 g to 460g

If you are wondering where size 2 is basically it is known as midi balls that are used for promotional game or replicas that are not used in actual game.

While purchasing what factors you should consider?

While purchasing rugby ball first factor should be size. People should buy the ball they need for their upcoming training session or matches. After considering size they should see the brand and price of rugby ball. Prices may vary because of multiple brands. People also want to buy balls from their specific and they are usually loyal to the one brand.

Price of rugby ball in Pakistan

The price of rugby ball may vary on the basis of size, brand and material used to made balls. The price of rugby ball ranges in between 500 rupees to 3000 rupees in Pakistan.

Rugby balls play an essential element in playing rugby. Nowadays rugby ball are made up of synthetic rubber to avoid the issue water resistant. Rugby ball come in different sizes for different age groups while purchasing you must consider size, brand and cost of rugby ball and then make a wise decision. For your ease and your convenience we have compiled rugby ball manufacturing companies in Pakistan.  We have multiple registered companies in every city of Pakistan but mainly in Sialkot. There are many rugby ball dealers in Pakistan you can contact them by simply leaving a message on website or contact us by email if you any query. We will listen to you and suggest you the best dealer according to your need, convenience and budget.