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Safety Officer Training Course
252-A, 2nd Floor Umair Plaza, 6th Road, Rawalpindi.
IPED is a recognized and affiliated institute from SDS & TTB to provide safety officer course in Rawalpindi. Our safety officer training course will provide powerful skills to safety officers by HS ...
Safety Officers Training Courses
A-5, Block 12-D, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad.
WISH is providing most up to date safety officer course in Islamabad. WISH can also deliver or provide safety officer training course at the door step or offices. Call us or send us an email inquir ...
Offering Professional Safety Officer Training Courses
54-A, Street No. 14, Cavalry Grounds Extension, Lahore.
STC- Safety Training Center is one of the best institute for safety officer course in Lahore. STC is a registered firm with Government of Pakistan and providing safety training to industries, organ ...
Building # 166, Hamza Street, Bosan Rd, near Attock Petrol Pump, Sabzazar Colony, Multan.
Looking for a top-notch institute to help you learn new skills. Look no further than Cosmic Institute. We offer over 150 courses, ranging from digital marketing and web design to English language a ...

All you want to know about security officers in Pakistan in 2022

Safety officers are hired by big companies and in industries like construction, engineering and mining so that they reduce the risk of accident at workplace. Companies hire them to avoid financial allegation that they need to do if any person is injured during their work. Another reason of hiring safety officer is that they sustain your company reputation if frequent accidents occur at your workplace. They work for the safety of people at workplace.

Job Duties of security officers

There are many job duties and activities that they need to fulfill as safety office that are:

  • Drafting implementing and revising management policy
  • Keep your organization up to date with health and safety laws.
  • Training employee with health and safety risk at work place.
  • See whether all safety equipment are variable to the employees
  • Identify and minimizing safety risks at workplace.
  • See whether all employees know how to use those safety equipment’s.
  • Responding and reporting any safety related incident.
  • Conducting safety inspection.

Working environment

There is different working environment in each industry and organization for example the safety officer working in hospital will spend most of his time in hospital buildings will work in shift rather than in regular office timings. If safety officer work in office environment or in company or on road they mostly work on office hours timings. The safety officer working in mining industry will spend few hours in office and some time in mines. The job task of safety office at mining industry is more difficult than other job locations.


After the increasing trend of safety measurement in Pakistan there are many courses that are taught in the institutes that are related to safety officer field in Pakistan. Working in safe environment is most important factor when you are considering any job. When employeews feel comfortable in their work environment only than they can perform well. Below we describe some of the advantage that are:

  • When organization have safety officer they ensure the safety of their employee that prevent employees to leave that organization.
  • Safety officer will help you to prevent your employees from injuries.
  • Cost of legal battles will be reduced.
  • Employee productivity will be increased and employee will be more satisfy.
  • Employees that get safe environment can devote their more time and energy to do job.
  • When they will work more eventually they will generate more profit for your organization.

Tips for joining the safety courses in Pakistan

Usually most of the employees are in hurry when looking forward toward the courses related to the safety. They usually don’t see the facts before joining the courses related to safety. Soe of the tips are described below:

Physique- as most of the safety officers have well shaped physique and it has been seen that you require a strong body to perform different activities at work place. People that have strong body are preferred by organization so it is best to build your physique before joining a safety course if you lack strong body you can easily do by performing exercise at home and maintaining your diet. One you build your stamina you can join gym and within few months you can apply for a safety officer job after the course.

See the post- Safety officer field is quite vast almost every sector need safety officer. Firstly, see for what kind of safety officer you want to become whether you interested in hospital, business, mining and firefighting chores. Once you decide this you can now narrow down your research. Once you know your requirement and interest join the course related to that field. After that start looking for the jobs related to that safety officer field.

Check institutes- once you know what your specific field is and also build a strong body next step it to join the course in the specific institute. First of all make a list of institutes that are offering course related to your interest. It is better to choose the institutes that are near to your home because it saves your time and effort. You can also see the safety courses online to make a list.

Reputation- Once you are done with making of list see the reputation of each institution. See whether they are recognized to any institutions or not. See if they offer any placement assistance to the students you can also ask your family and friends about suggestion if previously anyone did the courses related to your field. You can check review and testimonial on their website. You should visit the institutes to meet the faculty member to know about their expertise in the field.

Choose wisely- You can compare the syllabus, fees and structures now as you have visited institutes meet the faculty checked the testimonial, syllabus, fees and reviews so now you can select the institution easily by giving the weightage to each institution. The institution that met your entire requirement and is still affordable you can enroll yourself in that institution

Duration and Fee

The courses duration related to safety officer field are 6 months. The charges for each courses depends on many factors but usually the price ranges for one course is around 15k to 20k rupees in Pakistan


Big companies usually hire Safety officers like construction, engineering and mining companies so that they reduce the risk of accident at workplace. Companies hire them to avoid financial allegation that they need to do if any person is injured during their work. They perform varieties of function in the companies. They have different work environment depending upon the company they are likely to join. In this article we have discussed some benefits and tips for joining security courses in Pakistan. If you want to get enroll in safety officer courses you can simply contact from the above mentioned details or visit their website to know about further information.