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The 10 Best Salon Furniture Stores in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Supplier of Salon Furniture
G.10 Makki Shopping Mall, Garden Road, Karachi.
The wide range of saloon furniture we offer has got a high demand in market. These products are made of superior quality material and tested for their fine quality at manufacturers end.

All you want to know about salon furniture in Pakistan

The hair salon was first established in Rochester network in 1888 by Martha harper. In his parlor he handle hair trimming services for men and women by using her life saving of 360 dollar. The salon has simple furniture with minimum interior design. But now a day’s salons have modern furniture that attract customer. They also provide multiple service like spa service nail art and message service as well. They just don’t have modern style furniture but also have new technology equipment’s for your hair or skin treatment. Below we will discuss about the salon furniture that is required and need of every salon.

Types of salon furniture in Pakistan

Barber chairs- to provide best service to your customer you need to think about the comfort of the valuable customers. If you have comfort barber chair the person sitting on the chair will recommend your salon to his family and friends. It just not provide comfortably to customer but it set a tone and vibe of your salon when there is perfect chair it give customer king or queen feel. When barber chair is used it help the artist also to serve the customer. The metal portion of chair can be made up of chrome and cast aluminum. Instead of using clear fabrics or leather hi quality of vinyl is used. Always choose the chair that is durable. No doubt barber chair are costly they are high in quality but this quality of product will help you in gaining profit.  There are different color of barber chair so choose the one that go with your aesthetic. Barber chair has multiple function like height weigh adjustment and chair reclining. To maintain the durability of chair you must maintain the cleanliness of chair. For vinyl barber chair you can use vinyl cleaner.

Beauty beds- as multiple services are provided by salon in Pakistan now people want to pamper themselves under roof. This is the reason all spa, nail art and message service are introduced by salons. To cater the need of customer like message there was need of bed to be purchased. Always purchase a top quality of bed as customer comfort is top priority. Always clean the bed once the customer leave because no one like to visit a messy salon. The size of salon bed should be ideal that it can fit any body type.

Beauty Tools- A saloon is not salon if it has no beauty equipment. This is most important part of beauty furniture. If you have the right type of equipment only than you would be able to provide right services to your clients some of the beauty equipment’s at salon are brush, comb, beauty shampoos, condition beauty soaps. You need to purchase hi quality of beauty tools and you need to maintain them as well. These things are needed in the salon to make your salon grow better.

 Price of salon furniture in Pakistan

The price of salon furniture varies from location to location, the material, the type of salon furniture needed. The price of salon furniture ranges in between 5000- 50000 rupees in Pakistan.

Tips to choose the right type of salon furniture in Pakistan

If you are planning to open a saloon you need salon furniture so below we are providing some useful tips to choose the right type of furniture in Pakistan. If you are interested to open your own salon always consider the comfort of client in mind. Always consider what types of service you will provide in your salon so you can only purchase the furniture that is best for you.

Protect client and make them feel comfortable- when you are furnishing your salon the utmost important thing to remember is your client comfort. As you customer will sit on the chair or lay on bed for couple of hours so you need to make their experience memorable it has been seen that 80 percent people visiting saloon require comfort when visiting salon. When there are appropriate chair it will be easy for you to perform job duties

Quality of sink- the sink you are using should be durable large and need to highly powered. Always properly do the maintenance of your sink as it can clog easily. Always hire the insured plumber that do the installation with care

Focus on aesthetic and salon fixture- when you are adding some new furniture in your salon always make sure that your new furniture go with the aesthetic of your salon. You can also hire the interior designer that will help to be productive and creative at the same time. There should be proper seating arrangement in waiting area for clients that are waiting or come with their family members. Always look for the color scheme of your salon with care as it set up the tone and vibe that attract customers.

Focus on quality salon furniture- when you are establishing salon try to buy quality furniture in this regard you can contact specialized manufacture that create professional pieces of salon future. You can visit the shop to get the written estimate

Include lightning – the lightening in your salon also make a big difference. When there is perfect light it would be easy to work for artist and it show lightening also improve the mood health of customer

Track record and warranty- always keep a track record of your manufacture that provide salon furniture make sure that they provide with the right equipment and furniture. You can also ask them if they provide any maintenance services.


Salon furniture has been evolved from past years. Now salon furniture are used to attract customer. New furniture equipment are designed to attract customers. In this article we discussed about, types of salon furniture in Pakistan, price of salon furniture in Pakistan and tips to choose right type of salon furniture in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple salon furniture in every city of Pakistan that offer multiple salon furniture variety in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.