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The 10 Best School Furniture Stores in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Supplier of School Furnitures
Shahrah Nazaria-e-Pakistan, J2 Block Block J 2 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab.
National Furnishers is located at Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore. We are manufacturing an excellent range of School Furniture. Designed by using high quality wood and cutting edge tools, our school fur ...

All you want to know about school furniture in Pakistan

The classroom is the area where students learn each and everything about the world. The most common furniture items used in school are desk, chair, computer stand, cupboard, teachers chair, desk, white board and green board. Now classroom are built in a way that promote collaborative learning it includes different activities like creating posters , report video and solve problems. Thus there was need of right manufacture company that create furniture keeping in mind these function and comfort ability. As when student and school demand are meet they feel satisfy. When students feel supported and comfortable they will become more engaged and alert about the activities that are going in their classes. It has been seen that classroom furniture have influence on ability to concentrate students on their work and result.

School furniture influence on how well student learn at school. For primary school student the light weight and easy to use desk and chair are best as it can easily transform with other student in group activities. If best quality of furniture is used student feel like home and relaxed that will lead to best results for students and school. It help them to collaborate with their student fellow by promoting team learning that is not required in school but throughout your career. In school the size of furniture change one size doesn’t fit all. The learning style, the size, shape and height of every child is different from other one thus it is preferred by school to have adjustable desk and chair so that make students comfortable. No one can perform well if they feel uncomfortable because the furniture is too big or too small for their style of body type. If you have prolonged sitting on uncomfortable chair it can lead to back pain that can affect the performance of students.

If in school arrangement they design ergonomically student chair, table stools and workstation it can help in promoting perform well and reduce back pain. The adjustable desk and chair are design to support the growing body of students so that they can fully perform well in all activities. Stackable chairs is best for modern learning they are flexible well design and welcome space. You need to be creative to see what types of chair will suit you according to the space area available. The stackable chair can easily be stacked and can be store for later use when needed.

Price of school furniture in Pakistan

The price of school furniture varies from location to location, the material, the number of table chairs needed, and the types of furniture you choose. The price of school furniture ranges in between 5000- 36000 rupees in Pakistan.

Types of classroom furniture for students in Pakistan

The most time of student is spend in classroom. The comfortable class furniture increase the performance in class. Below we describe some school furniture require for student

Student classroom table- it is essential item when planning to buy school furniture there are many table option available according to the classroom atmosphere.

  • Simple desk are best for reading writing and work ideal for small groups.
  • Different types of table create the creative environment
  • Collaborative table are design to work in teams and groups and allow flexibility.
  • Multipurpose desk are used to meet and adjust the evolving needs.
  • Folding training tables are used to reconfigure the space when there is certain activity in class.
  • Height table are design to adjust the table according to height of student.

Class room desks and chairs- the requirement of every student is to have a right size of desk and chair so they can perform well some of the options in desks and chair are given below

  • Desk with wheel are helpful to shift from one place to another you can easily shift them in group setting.
  • Desk with space area help student to keep their extra book and copies. It offers flexibility to students.
  • Adjustable sit stands improve student performance during the active learning.

Classroom furniture for teacher- for teachers the furniture preferences are different than students usually the furniture of class room are in black, blue, brown or red in color.

  • For storage teachers need drawers and desks to organize their valuable and essential items. They need cupboards for storage of student copies. Some of other furniture requirement for teacher are simple shelves to store the ideal projects, books or other supplies
  • Cabinet are helpful to segregate the work of each students so there is no hustle while distribution.
  • For teachers desks there is storage option as well.
  • The simple desk will work best for lecturing.
  • A desk with wheel offer flexibility to teacher to move it easily where she want to deliver lecture.
  • The desk with a chair is best so you can sit when needed.

Things you need to consider when buying school furniture in Pakistan

The physical appearance and environment has major impact on performance of students to make sure that you buy the best furniture we describe some tip that you must consider when buying school furniture.

Efficiency- always see the height of table and chair in same position because if there is low chair and high table it can give back pain. Always consider the size and age of students while selecting school furniture.

Comfort and convenience-always give priority to comfort of students choose the table and chair that provide ample space to move and sit comfortably in class so he can perform all task well.

Safety and durability- always make sure that you choose the furniture that is durable and strong enough to bear students weight.

Transportability- as management usually change the sitting arrangement of class so choose furniture that is light weight so you can easily move it.

Classroom space- choose the furniture according to space area in classes and also serve your purpose.

Budget- before making decision always see the amount you have to spend but never comprise on quality over price.


Class room is the area where student learn each and everything about the world. The most common furniture items used in school are desk, chair, computer stand, cupboard teachers chair and desk white board and green board. In this article we discussed about, types of school furniture in Pakistan, price of school furniture in Pakistan and things you need to see while buying school furniture in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple school furniture store in every city of Pakistan that offer multiple school furniture variety in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.