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Shamsi Society, Shah Faisal Colony, Karachi.
Al-Amal Foundation School is a prestigious educational institution dedicated to providing a nurturing and dynamic learning environment for students of all backgrounds and abilities. With a rich his ...
Best Middle School For Boys and Girls
House# 1986, Street 27, Sector I-10/2, Islamabad, Pakistan
Bright Model School is located at Street 27 Sector I-10/2, Pakistan. Bright Model Schoo laid its first stone in Mar 1995 with a great Vision of her founder and principal Mrs. Sabira Shabbir Awan ...
Street 21, House 191-A, F-11/2, Islamabad.
Taleemabad is located at F-11/2, Islamabad. Taleemabad, your all-inclusive online education hub!. We provide top-notch learning resources for students of all ages. From pre-primary to primary ...
Private School for Girls and Boys
D-106, Block 2, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan
International School of Karachi is located at Block 2 ...
Private School for Boys
299 B, SMCH Society, Karachi, Pakistan.
Gulistan Shah Abdul Latif Higher Secondary School is located at SMCH Society, Karachi, Pakistan. Gulistan Shah Abdul Latif Higher Secondary School is located in Karachi, its ...
Higher Secondary School Karachi
1-5 / B - VII, Karimabad, Federal B Area, Karachi, Pakistan
Aga Khan Higher Secondary School is located at Karimabad, Federal ‘B’ Area Karachi, Pakistan. Aga Khan Higher Secondary School  Karachi strives to create a harmonious balance between academi ...
Montessori to O-Level School For Girls
ST-17, Block-15, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi, Pakistan
AES School for Girls is located at Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi, Pakistan. The school has been established by ambitious people whose vision expands beyond the ordinary and the obvious. Through a nu ...
Private School for Girls and Boys in Lahore
15 Canal Bank Road, Upper Mall, Scheme, Lahore, Pakistan
Lahore American School is located at Canal Bank Road, Upper Mall Scheme, Lahore, Pakistan. The Lahore American School (LAS) is an independent co-educational day school, which offers a U.S.based e ...
Best Private School & College for Girls and Boys
Block H, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan
Divisional Public School Lahore is located at Block H, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan. It is evident that under his guidance Divisional Public School and Intermediate College, Lahore would make pro ...
Private Montessori & High School For Boys and Girls
112 Shadman I, Opposite Bank Alfalah, Lahore, Pakistan
Lahore Literati School is located at 112 Shadman I, Opposite Bank Alfalah, Lahore, Pakistan. LLS has the vision to establish a positive learning environment, where everyone believes that every st ...

All you want to know about taking admission in Schools in Pakistan

Many people considered going to school for granted and many students consider going school as irritation and burden. Every child in their life at some point wishes that they do anything that they don’t have to go for school. School are very helpful to groom your children they help your children to attract with other children and build relation apart from education they learn other new things that are beneficial for your children. Below we describe some of the reason that why should you enroll your children in schools

Reason why should your enroll your children in school

Helpful in teaching social skills- School is first place where children for first time attract with other same age group fellow to learn new thing. They learn to make new relation, listen to teacher and ability to work on their problems.  It is important to learn this skill so that they can interact with the society.

Build up the confidence in your children- as many people face anxiety and don’t have much confidence to talk someone but in school they in early age teach in such a way that the confidence of students to talk with other is increased. Teachers play an important role because they celebrate the student’s success and struggle in class.

Encourage critical thinking- critical thinking is developed in students when they visit school they learn to absorb the material and later own through their own understanding and different ideas express it in writing and speaking skills. This skill set that is developed you need in every part of your life.

They offer varities of other opportunities – Schools are not just a place to educate you children in one field instead it is place where they can participate in club, and extra-curricular activities.

Helps in reducing poverty- It has been seen that education is essential tool that is used to reduce poverty in the country. When your children are educated they will work in high paid jobs that will eventually benefit the whole family. If a country wants to reduce poverty they need to invest in schools.

Schools promote gender equality – As women receive less education than men in most parts of world.  So they don’t get jobs and become vulnerable to violence but when these girls visit school their chances to earn income for the family increase and are safer. Studies indicate that there are less maternal death rates in women that are educated.

School benefit the whole nation- If you have good schools it will benefits individual, families’ communities and whole country. Students when receive education they will get high paid jobs and then will invest the money in school for next generation that will eventually benefit the whole country if the education system is improved.

Tips for Choosing the Right School for Your Child

Every child is different from other. Some students give best in the neighboring schools some give best in public private school and some give best output in virtual school. So when choosing a school for your children you need to be bit careful. Choose a school for your children that make them happy to visit instead of taking it as burden and boring activity. Below we describe some tips to choose school for your children:

Think your time when you were school- what you like the most in your school and what you dislikes at your time in school. Take time and think what things you have learned most in your school and which things were ignored by school and then see different school that give you child better experience than you had when you at your school. See all the shortcoming you faced don’t exist in the school now for your children

Identify goal for your children- As being the parents you know your children the most that why you need to select best school for them. Always keep the dreams and goal of your child in mind, what you want your child to become and also see your child strength and weaknesses than select the school accordingly.

See what are your requirements of schools- see the learning environment of school that you are interested for child admission. See if your child needs any special things or any subject they are interested in or if your child like small school settings see these things while looking for your child school.

See the option- you have many options so make a list of school and research different school and give them weightage on basis of learning environment budget or any other factors that are important for your children.

Visit school -You must visit school to do the shortlisting ask all the queries and things you need to ask them. If they allow you do visit class rooms, look around, meet teachers and see the over all school approach and culture.

Evaluate the schools when you paid the visit to all schools keep in mind your child needs and school that best suitable for children learning environment.


People usually don’t pay attention or bother when sending their children to the school it’s not the right thing because school are the first place where your child get attracted with his age fellow and learn new things.  School helps children to increase their confidence and social skills. It improves the life style of individuals, communities and benefit whole nation. In the article we have discussed some tips for parents when selecting school for their children. If you have any query, you can simply contact from the above mentioned details or visit their website to know about further information.