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Best Screen Printing Services in Pakistan to Hire in 2024

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Designing, Printing, and Packaging
Office No. 603, 6th Floor, Al Hafeez Shopping Mall, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan
Indus Printing Company is located at Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan. Indus Printing Company is a well-reputed company in the local market and is known for its affordable rates. Indus Printing Com ...
Digital Print Shop in Lahore
Ajmal House, Agerton Road, 4th Floor, Lahore, Pakistan
The Print Fun is located at Agerton Road, Lahore, Pakistan. PrintFun is the best online printing company in Pakistan at the cheapest and cheapest price, so you can conveniently order your online p ...
Provide Guidance through our Experience
Office # C-5, 3rd Floor, 172/L Rahat Jo Dero, PECHS, Block-2, Karachi, Pakistan
Brand Impact is located at PECHS, Block-2, Karachi, Pakistan. We believe prints get noticed, start conversations, communicate ideas, and most important of all print help sell the products. Brand ...
Dealing with all kind Printing
Taseer Center, Kutchery Road, Sialkot, Pakistan
Hajveri Printing is located at kutchery Road, Sialkot, Pakistan. Hajveri Printing is dealing with the printing press, offset printing,  mug printing, and screen printing services. Please let us ...
24/7 Customers Support
Office #01, Chand Plaza, G9 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
Islamabad Printing Press is located at G9 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. Islamabad Printing Press is one of the most famous printing service providers in Islamabad. We deal with almost all types of ...
Islamabad best Printers
Office # 8, Benazir Plaza, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan
Printing Press.Info is located in Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan. Offset, screen, and digital quality printing services in Islamabad, Pakistan. We offer t-shirt design and custom printing, offset ...
The Print Specialists
Plot No 35, Sector 27, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi, Pakistan
Rehan Printers is located at Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi, Pakistan. We provide the highest quality apparel identification products with time-sensitive worldwide delivery while giving custome ...
Best Local Printing shop in Rawalpindi
Dr.Qadeer Khan Road, Khanna Pul, KRL Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Citi Digital Printing Shop is located at KRL Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Best Printing services are provided at reasonable rates. We deal with Printing press, mug printing, T-shirts printing, offs ...
Best Print Press In Islamabad
Office 4, Basement Chand Plaza, G9 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
Sigma Printers is located at G9 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. Our veteran and attentive team of graphic designers will sit down with you in person and assist you to produce ideas that may flip you ...
Our Designs & Prints will make sense to you.
Five Star Plaza, Gulzar-e-Madina Road, Ramtalai, Gujrat, Pakistan
Jawad Printers is located at Ramtalai, Gujrat, Pakistan. Jawad Printers is a Gujrat-based printing company that offers different printing services like Printing press, T-shirt printing, Mug print ...

 All you want to know about screen printing in Pakistan

In screen printing they transfer the stenciled design on flat surface with squeegee, mesh screen and ink. Usually for screen printing they use fabric or paper but you can also use plastic, wood, metal or glass surfaces. In screen printing they basically use a stencil on a mesh screen then push the ink or paint via the stencil to create the imprint or design you choose on the chosen material. There are certain stenciling techniques that are used and are interchangeable but the procedure of printing remain same. You can use multiple shades of ink that can be used for screen printing. For multi colored designs you need to separate the stencil for separate color. There are many reason that screen printing is most popular the major is that you can use extensive choices of colors. It is also effective printing type for dark fabrics. The printer can reproduce the  in same time and stencil can replicate the design continuously. Screen printing is best for creating bulk accessories and garments. Below we describe the steps of screen printing

Steps for screen Printing in Pakistan

Create design- First of all the design is printed on a transparent acetate film later on that is used to develop the stencil

Preparation of screen- the printer will select the right type of mesh screen that suit the stylistics design and fabric texture. The mesh screen is later on coated with light active emulsion that hardens it beneath the bright light.

The emulsion is exposed- the acetate sheet is placed on the emulsion mesh and left in bright light so that it get harden so parts of screen that are covered will remain in liquid state. If there is more than one color so for each color new screen will be used. Each screen that will be used need to align with hand precision.

Emulsion washed and stencil is developed- after certain period all the areas that were not covered with design will become hard. The emulsion will not be hardens and it will be rinsed. It will create clear imprint of the designs.

Screen is dried and touchups- once the screen is fully dried after rinse the printer will be used to make any touchups. The stencil is fully developed and ready to use.

Items prepared for printing- The screen is placed for printing on printing press. The items are placed below the screen on printing boards

Ink and squeegee- the screen is lowered and add ink at the top. The squeegee is used to spread the ink on the screen. This ink than pushes through the open area in the stencil that create design imprinted on product. To create multiple orders you can repeat the process. The mesh can be reused to create a new stencil.

Dry check and finish- Once the printed product is dried you can check the product quality and if needed it can be washed if any residue is left behind.

Tips to find the right screen printing company in Pakistan

Finding the best screen printing company require research you cannot spend your whole day in searching for the best company instead there are some useful tips that help you to select the best company for your work. Below we describe some useful tips that are

Develop a checklist- you need to create a list that shows that what you are expecting from the printing. For e.g. if you need a large production in less time than you should add it in your checklist. You can also add some other key factors such as printing technique, delivery policy, apparel choice as well. This checklist is very helpful when you are looking for exact services or when you are talking to the companies.

Clear about your expectation- when you contact multiple screen printing companies you need to be clear in your mind what you are expecting from them. If you want wide variety of apparel in different size option than you should look for the company that offer these options. If you need an assistance of designer expert you need to discuss these things in initial stages.

Check the quality- as you want high quality screen printing for your valuable customer so you must ask them to provide you with any ready samples of the work that they previously did with some other clients. This will give you hand on experience about the quality of their work. Best companies love to provide the sample of their work before you even don’t ask them.

Quantity capabilities- always check about the number of people working in the staff. If you want to work with small or medium company you get a hand on services but the disadvantage to work with them is that they don’t have large equipment to fulfill big order requirement. While some company produce in bulk quantities you need to see what is your requirement and then choose the right one.

Discuss about the design graphics- Always have discussion about the design and graphics even if you just want your company logo print. You need to consult them to know whether the design can be printed or not. Always get help from screen printers for getting assistance regarding designs.

Turnaround times- Ask about the printer turnaround times. Always ask the company the minimum day’s requirement they need to complete the order.

Pricing- always get the general view of cost from the company to complete the project. No go for cheap go for the quality as well as affordable rates.

Read reviews and customer service- always consider the customer service the company you are interested is welcoming or not and whether you can contact them when needed and also read the review of company to select the best one.

Refund Policies- always ask the company for the return policies in beginning. So if you are satisfied with the end product at least you know what happens next.


Screen printing is most popular as you can use extensive choices of colors. It is also effective printing type for dark fabrics. Screen printing is best for creating bulk accessories and garments. In this article we discussed step of screen printing and some tips when choose screen printing company. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple registered screen printing company in every city of Pakistan that offer wide range of services in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.