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10 Best Security Companies in Pakistan | Security Guards Services

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Security Conscious Company
36 1St Floor, Suharwardy Road G6/1 Abpara Islamabad.
X-Vision Security Services: Your safeguarding experts for peace of mind. We are a trusted and dynamic security agency, dedicated to protecting what matters most to you. With cutting-edge technology ...
Professional Security Service Provider
SOS House 1131-C Block, Mumtazabad, Multan.
Security Organizing Systems (SOS) is one of the pioneers and fastest growing security services companies in Pakistan. SOS provides professional armed and un-armed trained security guards, bo ...
Corporate Security Guard Services
Office No 202-131/1, Speedy Tower, Main National Highway, Phase-1, DHA Karachi.
BLITZ is a Karachi based security guards provider operating since 1998. BSS provides security services, security guards, bodyguards & mobile escort to multinational, corporate, shoppi ...
Security Guards Company in Gujranwala
G.T. Road, Attawa, Gujranwala.
Green Beret Security is a Gujranwala based security guards provider having many years of experience to provide guards, bodyguards and other security services to corporate clients.
Security Guards Company
7-A, Cantonement Plaza, Abid Majeed Road, Lahore Cantt.
Access Security Services is a Lahore based security company providing armed and unarmed security guards, bodyguards & mobile escort services to corporate companies and also for ho ...
Security Company Providing Armed Security Guards
House # 1, Lane # 1-A, Khawaja Corporation, Adayla Road, Rawalpindi.
Wiser Security Services is a rapidly growing security guards provider in Pakistan. Wiser security offers professioinal armed and unarmed security and bodyguards to corporate & mul ...
Offering Professioinal Trained Guards
Office No. 13, Kala Khan Shopping Centre, Shamasabad, Murree Road, Rawalpindi.
AQSA Security Guards is a well reputed security guard company in Rawalpindi, Pakistan providing trained, good looking and smart security guards to large companies in Pakistan.
Providing Professional Security Guards
House No. 10, Street No. 10, Sector: F-8/3, Islamabad.
Ghouri Security Guards Company operating in Pakistan since 1999. Ghouri Security provides high quality security guards with extensive experience in the security industry. We are an exper ...
4th Floor, Shahnaz Arcade, Shaheed-e-Millat Rd, Bahadurabad Delhi Mercantile Society, Karachi, Karachi City
Limton Innovative Systems is located at Level 04 & 05, Shahnaz Arcade, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi, Pakistan. Limton is the pioneer in Time and Attendance Management and Access Control Systems ...
283-C, Raja Akram Road, Near Race Course Ground, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Askari Guards is located in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. AGL’s integrated, comprehensive, and complete security solutions enable individuals and organizations to prepare an ...

10 Best Security Companies in Pakistan | Security Guards Services

As the duties and responsibility of clients depends upon the client needs but there major duty is to reduce and prevent crime and enforce the rules and regulation where they are guarding. Security guard life is important and they have huge responsibility on their shoulder as many life’s are dependent on them. If they detect safety hazards on time and remove them before they are exploded it saves many life. Security guard you hire must be trusted person because they have access to some information that no other person has access. You can find experienced security guards from registered security companies in Pakistan. There only responsibility is not to keep the information secret but help in protecting your property below we describe some job duties of security guards that are.

What are the security guards services in Pakistan?

Observe and report- the duty of security guard vary from site to site and also depend on the area within the site they just not need to observe but need to pay attention to all detail note them in your book and then they need to report to the concerned person.

Deterring and detecting crime- when the security present all time it will prevent criminal for doing any illegal activity on the specific site. Usually when criminal see that guard is present at site they change their mind and plan. If you see any criminal activity taking place you can simply call police and tell them relevant information this will help them to reduce crime.

Good public relation- keeping good relation with other people is also consider duty of security guards as they are constantly in contact with public while they are on duty. The clients usually want that you give the useful information to general public visiting.

Respond to emergency situation- It is situation that can occur at any time and is danger activity for lives and properties. Responding effectively in emergency situation is also included in insecurity guard duty. In emergency they act as leadership role to guide people through emergency exit. They are the most trusted person of the organization in emergency situation as they handle things without panic situation.

Control and access by usage of alarm systems- they also control the movement of people vehicle and material that are coming or going out from the site. They also check delivery check in order and gate pass for authorized document that need to be check carefully.

Patrolling- it is another part of their job that they need to visit different point of site by going around in this way they can take care of large area that cannot be viewed while sitting.

Traffic and crowd control- sometime they control the traffic in malls hospital and party places. If certain dispute occur among people they help in managing the people with extreme care. They are also place in crowded areas like stadium music festival to control crowd.

Find safety hazards-during patrolling they will find various issues on different sites like bare water leakage you can note them and tell the authority for repair services.

Organizing special duties- some security guards perform more than these duties like they receive call and email and then respond them.

The main responsibility of the security guards is to protect people, property, and information. They protect client, their staff member, public that use client property, VIPs, government official and everyone. They provide protection to client property personal property, public property and store. In today world protection of information is more important because cybercrime is increasing in all institution and organization.

Charges of hiring security guards in Pakistan

The charges of security guards varies from location to location, the experience of person and type of security guard you want to hire. The charges of security guards ranges between 20000-40000 rupees per month in Pakistan.

Where to find the right type of security guards in Pakistan?

The biggest challenge is to find a reliable trustworthy and qualified guard for yourself with passage of time it is getting hard with increase in demand of guards the employment of security guards will exceed 15 percent till 2030 always look for licensed guard from security companies in Pakistan or a guard that have previous left security job when hiring the previous job security always ask about the guard from his previous employers. You can find right type of security guards in following places

Find right candidate in person- you can find the right people if you visit local fairs. Here you can meet the people face to face. The hiring managers can easily evaluate the fitness, qualification, character and level of interest of a person.

Find online- when you try to find candidate from online advertisement you will find multiple candidates from all fields and finding the right person will be bit more difficult. As digital marketing focuses mainly on generation z that are available online for job seeking. You can advertise on social media platform, can use your own website and can post job opening job boards etc.  Always include the right job description.

Improve your message for the audience-As recruitment manger you are not target audience so recognize the motivation of employee you need to hire. The generation X employee give value to social responsibility flexibility and job design. They are less focused on retirement. The hiring manger should tell what is their benefit working in your reputable organization like you will get an opportunity to work in exciting environment their assignment will match their interest and they will excel in security industry.

Ask from you already workforce- the current employees are great source for recruitment in your company they can recommend you their friend and family members. You can set a referral bonus to encourage employees in your organization to recommend people about the organization.

Think out of box- You can also look to other alternative you can maintain the data of previous applicant that have applied in past you can also recruit and advertise in training institutions. You can also partner with any local military and law enforcement


Security guard have huge responsibility on their shoulder as many lives are dependent on them. If they detect safety hazards on time and remove them before they are exploded it saves many life. There only responsibility is not to keep the information secret but help in protecting your  life and property. In this article we discussed about the responsibilities, services and duties of security guards, charges of security guards and security guards services in Pakistan and tips to where to find the right type of security guards in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple security guards companies in Pakistan that offer multiple security guards services in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.