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Dr. Zarqa Skin Laser Clinic
14/B1 FCC, Syed Maratab Ali Road,Gulberg, Lahore.
Dr. Zarqa Suharwardy Taimur is a multifaceted personality who is well known nationaly and internationally. Dr. Zarqa is a gold medalist and consultant in Aesthetic and Anti-aging medicine who has b ...
Beauty is Science
House no.2, Street 44, F-8/1, Islamabad.
Dr. Fazeela Abbasi stands as a distinguished name in the realm of dermatology and skincare. With a wealth of experience and a reputation for excellence, Dr. Abbasi is renowned for her expertise in ...
Skin Laser and Aesthetic Clinic
Gulberg 3 Hussain Chowk, behind Butler's Cafe, Lahore.
Dr. Afifa Zahra, a highly experienced Dermatologist based in Lahore, boasts over a decade of expertise in the field. With a rich educational background and numerous qualifications, Dr. Zahra is ded ...
We Put Patients Needs First
DHA Phase 1, Near Tooba Masjid, B-Commercial Area, Karachi.
Hash Clinic is your premier destination for a comprehensive array of services, encompassing skincare, aesthetics, orthopedics, and cutting-edge ED treatments. Our unwavering commitment is to emerge ...
House # 28 Street # 10 F-8/3, Islamabad.
Dr. Sheherbano, the CEO of IPAL Clinic, is a highly respected Medical Aesthetic Practitioner with extensive experience in the field of medical aesthetics. She is a member of the prestigious Royal Acad ...
Boost your beauty from the inside out
Main Jinnah Boulevard, DHA 2, Islamabad.
Wellness and Fitness Services
27, Kaghan Road, F-8/3, Islamabad.
Vagus Cosmetics specializes in hair restoration, offering top-tier treatments: FUE & FUT Hair Transplants, PRP Therapy, Facial PRP, Beard & Eyebrow Transplants, Female Hair Transplants, and ...
Best Skin Care Treatment in Town
1st Floor, Behrain Complex, Civic Center, Phase 4, Bahria Town, Islamabad.
Hassan Aesthetica is located at Civic Center, Bahria Town Islamabad. Hassan Aesthetica is run by a team of qualified and board-certified skin specialists and accredited practitioners using only the ...
Skin Care Treatment Services
Jinnah Avennue, Blue Area, Block – A, Islamabad.
Dr. Muhammad Ahmad offer safe, state of the art skin care treatment at our modern exclusive skin care center located in Blue Area Islamabad.
Skin Care Clinic
10 - D, Block C, Gulgerg II, Lahore.
Dr. Imran's Cosmetic Surgi Center is located at Gulgerg II, Lahore Pakistan. We are offering skin care treatment from qualified doctor Dr. Imran Riaz M.B., B.S, F.C.P. S. (Plastic Surgery.

All you want to know about skin care clinics in Pakistan

To know about skin type help you to get to next stage of skin care routine. Do you know about skin type whether it is sensitive skin or dry or oily skin. If you use a wrong product that doesn’t match your skin type it may harm you. It may worsen your dryness acne problems and other issue related to skin. No matter what is the type of your skin but if you daily maintain your skin the skin  issues will be reduce and you will feel improvement in your skin problems like acne, dark spots and scarring. The daily skin care routine include simple basic step that you can follow daily in morning and before the sleep.

Step to follow to solve your basic skin problems in Pakistan

Cleansing- always pick the cleanser to wash your face twice a day with it and the cleanser should not leave your skin tight after wash. If you have dry skin avoid using squeaky clean feeling because it will remove all the natural oil from skin

Serums- you can use vitamin c and e serum under you sunscreen lotion in morning and for night retional work best.

Moisturizer- we consider if you have oily skin you don’t need moisturizer but that is not right thing oily skins also need to use moisturizer with lightweight gel based moisturizer that don’t block your pores. People that have dry skin can use cream base moisturizer for their skin.

Sunscreen- always when you step out door apply sunscreen prior 15 minutes and use the sunscreen that has at least 30 SPF. People that have darker skin tone need to protect their skin more as hyperpigmentation is difficult to correct.

Charges of skin care treatment in Pakistan-

The charges of skin care treatment in Pakistan depend upon your skin care specialist experience, the procedure you will choose for your skin care and clinic or hospital charges. Usually in Pakistan the charges of skin care procedure starts from 3000 to 10k rupees in Pakistan.

Some Daily Tips for All skin types in Pakistan

  • Always keep your self-hydrated.
  • Change your pillows cover once in a week.
  • When going to bed wrap your hair and wash them as well.
  • Always wear sunscreen before going out.
  • Always follow a basic and simple routine that you can follow and to which your skin don’t react.
  • Always do a patch test before applying any product especially if you have sensitive skin. In patch test apply the small amount of product on inner arm, wash it after some time and wait for next 48 hours if you see any reaction don’t use that product if not you can use it.

Avoid Using DO it on your own hacks

Among people there are some few immediate working hacks like using of tooth paste and lemon juice to remove acne scars and dark sports. May be these hacks work for some people but they don’t work everyone they may harm you adversely. Usually these hacks can harm you in long run rather than gaining any benefit. Lemon juice used for hacks may cause dark spots after sun exposure because it is too acidic. If you use baking soda it will reduce your skin water and cause dryness. If you use garlic you may face skin inflammation and allergies. If you used tooth paste it dry out you skin and cause irritation.

Treatment for you all skin problems in Pakistan

You can tackle your skin problem without damaging your skin. Below we describe some treatment for skin problem that are

Acne- the treatment for your acne will depend on the seriousness of your acne. Daily skin care routine is essential to overcome the issue of acne. For mild acne problem you can use some non-prescribed products like salicylic acid, tea tree oil, alpha hydroxyl acids and many more. After applying these always use sunscreen because the product may cause skin sensitivity. For immediate and individual pimple you can use stickers and patches that will prevent you from infections and pull out the fluid.

Sebaceous filaments- these are tiny cylinder like tube that are whitish and yellowish color present in your pores. People usually mix this with blackhead  but Sebaceous filaments will give your pores a bigger look and you will try to remove it by pinching or using pore strips but doing so may cause some side effects rather than benefit like irritation redness dryness infection and open pores. Using retinoid or retinol will help you clan your pores.

Blemishes scars and pigmentation scar marks- take months to heal and fade for immediate effect or covering the scars you can use makeup and sunscreen. Other ingredients that can help you to reduce your scar marks are topical silicone that help reduce the scar thicken texture and color. Honey can help you to heal your wounds and scars. Vitamin c, Niacin amide and Retinoic acid can be also used in your daily routines after face wash.

Tips for choosing a skin care clinic

If you have never been to spa or skin care clinic it may be very daunting task to choose one as there are many options available so you need to choose the right clinic that give your perfect treatment and make you feel comfy during the procedure below we describe some tips that can help you to overcome the problem.

Ask referrals- usually the best recommendations are provided by your family and friends and some time when you go on referral they also offer you some discount.

Read the reviews- reading the review will help you to get to the proper clinic always read the review and get to know about them more on different platforms rather than just looking on their website.

Visit Photos- Look for the photo gallery of the clinic or you can look on instagram for before and after treatment result of previous clients.

Pay them visit or call them- ask them few question about any product and procedure you are interested.


No matter what is the type of your skin but if you daily maintain your skin the skin  issues will be reduce and you will feel improvement in your skin problems like acne, dark spots and scarring. In this article we discussed about the steps to follow your skin care treatment in Pakistan, some daily skin care tips, treatment of different skin problems, Charges of skin care treatment and Tips to choose the right skin care treatment in Pakistan.  For your ease and your convenience we have listed  some skin care clinics in Pakistan.  We have listed multiple registered clinics and hospital in every city of Pakistan that offer skin care treatment in multiple price ranges. There are many clinics in Pakistan you can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.