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10 Best Soccer Balls Exporters and Manufacturers in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Purchase Best Quality Soccer Balls in Pakistan
Raja Road, Sialkot.
Khason Sports is located in Sialkot, Pakistan. We deal in all kinds of sporting goods. We are the exporters and manufacturers of all kinds of sporting items in Pakistan. Feel free to contact Khason ...
Buy Best Quality Vollyballs in Pakistan
Daska Road, Dakwala Stop Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan-51310.
Leading Enterprises is based in Sialkot, Pakistan. We are manufacturer and exporter of Sports Balls, team wear, Gloves and Martial Art. We are ISO 9001 Certified. Please contact us if any order or ...
Best Quality Soccer Balls in Pakistan
19/338, Ansari Palace, Mujahid Road, Sialkot, Pakistan.
Khuspo Sports is based in Sialkot, Pakistan. We make hand stitched soccerballs for match purpose in 100% TTONE PU Materials with fitted latex and Butyl bladders.We deal in all kinds of sporting go ...
Purchase Best Quality Soccer Balls in Pakistan
Kadia Street, Defence Road, Akbarabad Chowk, Sialkot, Pakistan.
Kadia International is based in Sialkot, Pakistan. We deal in best quality sports goods in Pakistan, we are the manufacturers or all kinds of sporting goods, Leather wear, casual wear, soccer produ ...
Manufacturer of Garments
Ajmal Garden Colony, Sialkot, Pakistan
Bahlol International is located at Ajmal Garden Colony, Sialkot, Pakistan. Bahlol international is a consumer-driven, design-oriented, and Innovative Company, aiming to be the best Manufacturer and ...
Murad Pur Marala Road Sialkot.
 Bana Enterprises is specialized in making customized Working wear and Sports goods. Our service extended from producing custom-made cricket, soccer, hockey and other sports clothing for amateur t ...
Old and Professional Suppliers of Footballs
Rehmat Pura, Mubarakpura, Sialkot, Pakistan
Sumi Sports is located at Mubarakpura, Sialkot, Pakistan. We are very old and professional suppliers of Footballs, Soccer balls, Rugby Balls, Basket Balls, and Volley Balls in Europe, and many oth ...
Manufacturer & Exporter all Kind of Sports Ball & Wear
Pasrur Road, Babey Beri, Sialkot, Pakistan
Sialkot Football is located at Babey Beri, Sialkot, Pakistan. Sialkot Football.Com is the leading branding company, exporter, manufacturer of professional team sport apparels, soccer, and their re ...
Best Quality Sport Products Providers
Roras Road, Sialkot, Pakistan
Anwar Khawaja Industries is located at Roras Road, Sialkot, Pakistan. A 61 years old family-owned business, we took our first step in 1952 with a very enthusiastic approach to produce the best spo ...
Arshad Sharif Plaza Shop 4, Ground Floor, Sachal Sarmast Road, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
Arshad Sharif Plaza Shop 4, Ground Floor, Sachal Sarmast Road, G-11 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan

Basics about soccer game and Ball

Soccer ball is combination of soccer, basketball and dodge balls. There are total 8 players in the team with no permanent goalies soccer game can be played in large courts, indoors and outdoors.  The field size of court is 100’ x 75’. Goals are 7.5 feet wide and have 5 feet high and raised one foot above the ground. The major aim of the game is to score maximum goals by eliminating the opposition players. Rule of dodge ball is applied in which players can run and strike the ball which means to throw ball at opponent if ball is caught by the opponent thrower is permanently out of the game. If the ball struck the player and he misses the ball than the player is permanently out of game. Only one goalie is allowed to stay within single player area. Ball used cannot be hit by head or kicked into the goals. The balls that are thrown are counted in soccer ball. You can hit player with the distance of 10 feet.

Types of Soccer balls

There are multiple types of balls that can be used on different occasion so below are major categorization of soccer balls

Professional match soccer ball-they are used to enhance and maximize the player in building skills and abilities. These balls are approved by professional organization and clubs for using it on international and professional levels. It has great accuracy, pure performance, speed and best specifications. The balls are designed for all climates and for turf and natural surface. These balls are usually designed for international matches. These balls are usually approved by federation and also contain the logo of approved organization. These balls are created with best material and made up of five layers. They are most expensive balls as best material is used and properly designed and testing parameters are used. In these balls water adsorption, velocity, shape, bounce and balance are strictly maintained.

Match Soccer balls- these ball can be used in any kind of surface and still deliver high performance. These types of ball are designed to suit all age group and all level of play. It has official granted shape, weight and  size  regulations. Material used for making is reliable. The costs of these balls are more than practice ball but less than professional soccer balls. For these balls they used four to five lining for making of ball.

Recreational/practice/ training soccer balls- they are durable and tough for extendable use. These balls are used for all age groups and are standard. These balls are made with four or less layer and outer layer is covered by PVC. Practice ball are usually made of molded materials to withstand rough surfaces like concrete.

Indoor soccer balls- they are designed in such way that they are less to accommodate on harder surface. They are usually of size 5.

Futsal soccer balls- they are o size 4 ball but in weigh they are usually same as size of 5 ball. As these games will be played on hard surface so typically they bounce less and sometime they also have suede casings so it helps to stabilize ball on slippery surface.

How to choose best soccer ball for yourself

First pay a visit to the market and see what best suits you and best for your matches. Its easy task to buy when you plan to buy one until you doesn’t discover that they are available in different sizes material and types. Sometimes purchasing a soccer ball is hard but below are some attributes that you should see while choosing a soccer ball for playing

Usually you will came across match soccer ball or training balls in market if you want durable ball and you want to use it for extended time period you can go for  training/ practice soccer balls

Match balls are usually of actual official size and weight so you can purchase them if you want to experience the actual size that too in less cost than professional training balls you can choose them.

Size of Soccer balls

Soccer balls exist in four sizes. The size of ball depends on your age. But the size may different from league to league so you can consult your coach for the matter.

Size 1- they are known as mini soccer balls and use for fun to improve your foot work.

Size 3-these balls are used among children that lie under age of 8. These balls are considered as smallest official balls.

Size 4-these balls are used for children that lie in between 8 to 12 years

Size 5- these balls are official largest balls and they designed for players that are above the age of 12.

Price of Soccer balls in Pakistan

There are different size and types of soccer ball in Pakistan and they varies in the prices but the lowest price of soccer ball in Pakistan is around 800 rupees and the estimate average price is around 2200 Pakistan rupees. 

Soccer ball is used to play soccer game that has total 8 players in the game there are multiple types of soccer balls that can be used on different occasion. There are multiple sizes of soccer ball on the basis of age group. For your ease and your convenience we have compiled soccer ball manufacturing companies in Pakistan.  We have multiple registered companies in every city of Pakistan but mainly in Sialkot. There are many soccer ball dealers in Pakistan you can contact them by simply leaving a message on website or contact us by email if you any query. We will listen to you and suggest you the best dealer according to your need, convenience and budget