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F-11-1 Main Service Road Islamabad.
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Main Shahrah e Faisal, karachi.
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CleanzeUp is located at Anique Plaza, Islamabad Pakistan. CleanzeUp branches are also proving services in Karachi and Lahore with professional staff. Since years we have been helping inhabitants ...
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Saaf.Pk is locted at Shahrah-e-Faisal, Block 6 PECHS, Karachi Pakistan. At the present time giving its administrations in significant urban areas of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, ...
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Moti Mahal, Cinema Murree Road, Chamanzar Colony, Rawalpindi.
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F-11 Markaz, Islamabad.
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House No 23 Askari Bazar Saddar, Lahore Cantt.
Carpet Sofa Cleaning Services is located at Askari Bazar Saddar, Lahore Cantt Pakistan. We offer proficient carpet and sofa cleaning in Lahore at a sensible cost with a progressive floor covering ...
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55-G, DHA Phase-1, near Sector G National Hospital, Lahore.
Azeem Sofa Carpet Cleaners is located at Sector G National Hospital, Lahore Pakistan. We are experts in the Sofa, Carpet and Dry cleaning business, which imply we generally keep awake to date on ...


On daily basis we spend a lot of time on our sofas so they get stain and dirty. Cleaning of your sofas need a specific skill whether you spill a juice or there is grime build because of your dog sitting on it so you need not to worry because sofa cleaners can get you covered on this always.

You feel better whenever you sit on your sofa after a long tiring day at office to see TV or to have family conservation or to read a book or take a nap. But you must be unaware about the fact that most of germs exist on average household sofa than on average toilet seat. Our sofas are usually exposed to our body grease, dust, dirt, food crumbs and other microorganisms. Thus, this will create the environment for other viruses, allergen, dust mites and bacteria. It will also affect your health and the air quality in your home.

You need to clean your sofa daily to keep safe and good air quality home environment. It has been seen that we don’t clean our sofas regularly the dirt and dust accumulated in your sofas can damage the original colors of sofas. Even if you bought them few months back they will start looking old because of no proper cleaning. You can clean you sofas on your own and can also book the service of sofa cleaning company that will help you to preserve the life of your sofa and will also give them a new look after cleaning. We recommend you to do professional cleaning of your sofas after every 6 months.

There are certain sofa cleaning services that use non healthy process to clean your sofas though water, chemical and refrain you from sanitization that can cause molds and marks in future. You can clean sofas on your own but you cannot remove the dirt particles the way professional sofa cleaners can do so we recommend you to opt for the services of professional sofa cleaner as they have right equipment and machinery to clean your sofa without damaging your sofas. As professional cleaner these have latest equipment and chemical free product that don’t harm your sofa color.

 They provide sofa cleaning sanitization service that includes

  • Specialized machinery- they have high pulsating vacuum machine that has HEPA filtration than can clean your sofa 11x stronger than any regular vacuum at your home.
  • Steam sanitization- to kill bacteria impurities viruses they use steam sanitization at 180°C. This helps in eliminating mold generation and can dry your sofas in less than 1 minute.

Before your sofa cleaner read the instruction it is best that your read the care instruction provided by the manufacture for cleaning. Usually furniture you bought has these instruction same as like your clothes.  You will see various coded here are some codes we will tell you what they mean.

  • Letter W will indicate that you can wash this sofa with water
  • Letter S indicate that don’t use water to clean your sofa instead use solvent based cleaner.
  • Letter WS will indicate that you can use both water and solvent based cleaner for wash.
  • Letter X indicate don’t use water or solvent based material instead only use vacuum to clean this material.

What you need to see before hiring a sofa cleaner

Hiring a sofa cleaner for cleaning is best choice for you but how to choose best one is difficult. Usually sofa cleaning is done when you see that there is need of it because of any dirt or stains so maintaining a relationship with sofa cleaner will hard rather than you maintain a healthy relation with your lawn care taker. As there are multiple option in the market for cleaning it is hard to see which services you should opt for?

Situation is more worsen when you see the website of sofa cleaner and there is no such necessary information provided by them that what material they used for cleaning like whether they used soap or bleach solution to clean sofa. When you see review there are quite horror stories available on website where perfect furniture is turned into disaster because of incompetent cleaner. Even in some case the pet or children became ill because of exposure to the sofa after cleaning.

You can limit this possibility of mishaps by hiring a sofa cleaner after doing a small homework here are some of the tips you should see before hiring sofa cleaner company for cleaning of your sofas.

  • See for how long the company is in same business. It is not that company that have shorter length of experience are always disqualified but every business needs to be started somewhere to gain experience but you must ask them about their experience because you don’t want to hire such company that fly away from the business once it has cleaned your sofa. If you are interested in hiring a company that has 1 or 2 years of experience always see what experience the company owner and employee have before working in this company. You can also see testimonials certification and review available online.
  • See what type of equipment and solution are used by them. There are multiple types of cleaning equipment’s and system. You should see which carpet cleaner use your desired equipment’s and solution by paying them a visit or calling them or visiting their website. If there is no website available than there is warning alarm. If the information you are trying to find related to the company is not readily available than you call them and ask your desired information the owner should not hesitate to share any information with you.
  • when we are purchasing thing we try to avail the services that offer lowest prices but when you are looking for sofa cleaner never do this because usually lower price show low incompetence experience in the field. If the prices are too high for any sofa cleaner than always calculate and ask them what services they are providing in this amount.
  • See whether company you are hiring for sofa cleaning is insured. No one is immune to accidents no matter how big and experience a company has in cleaning sofa.
  • As it era of technology and information and if you can’t find review of your interested company anywhere online or on social media platform either they are new in this service or either they keep their review option off on platforms. As review option is loved by honest businesses even if someone gave a bad review if your product is best there would be more good review that are enough to make up for nasty one. As good review generate new and repeat clients. You can search for Google review for specific place.
  • Always see that when you visit them how they treat you. See whenever you ask them anything through email whether they get back to you on time with serious reply. Are they courteous and friendly? Do they answer question honestly. If the company passes this final test, you’ve probably found yourself a good keeper for sofa cleaning.

Charges for cleaning of sofa in Pakistan: 

The charges of sofa cleaning depend on per sofa seat and type of sofa that would be cleaned usually in Pakistan they charge around 500 rupees per sofa.

As we spend a lot of time on our sofas so they get dirty easily. You need special equipment and alot of time to clean your sofas. It is best to take the services of any sofa cleaning company.  Sofa cleaning  is done through specilaized machinery and steam sanitization. Make sure before cleaning your sofas you go through the instruction provided by the manufactures. In this article we have also described what you need to see before hiring a sofa cleaning company so, If you are searching for the best sofa cleaner in Pakistan, then contact with the list above.