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All you want to know about solar panels in Pakistan

Solar energy is the light and heat that come from sun. The entire amount of sunlight that hit earth surface in one hour can handle energy consumption for a year. Solar technologies are used to convert sunlight into electricity through photovoltaic panel or by mirror that concentrate solar radiation. You can use energy as electricity and can store in batteries. Sun emit electromagnetic radiation and every location on earth face different amount of sunlight in a year. Solar technologies are used to turn this dilations into useful form of energy that can be used in our daily life. There are two main types of solar technologies that are photovoltaic and concentrating solar thermal power

Photovoltaic basics- these are used in solar panel. When sunlight hit the solar panel the energy is absorbed through PV cells in panel. This energy create an electrical charges that respond to internal electrical field in the cell that cause electricity to flow.

Concentrating solar thermal power basics- in this system they use mirror that reflect and concentrate sunlight to the receiver that collect solar energy and later on convert it into heat. Later on it can be used to produce electricity and store it for later used. Usually these solar thermal power are used in power plants.

How to choose a solar panel company in Pakistan

When you are planning to make a huge investment in your home or at office by installation of solar panel that is form of renewable energy always make sure you choose the best company. Solar technology is becoming popular and accessible technology so there are many companies that are providing the installation services  so below we describe some tip for you to choose the best solar company in Pakistan

Company should be accredited and licensed- always choose the company where the installers are accredited and the company you are choosing is licensed and registered by relevant authorities.

Less sale tactics- usually the best companies of solar panel don’t spend much money on sales tactics, or don’t provide any on point discount. If  the company you are choosing is burdening you to choose their product it is best to leave the company and move ahead.

At least get 3 quotation-ask the companies to visit your home and ask them to provide quotation at least ask 3 companies. This will help you in comparing price and will also help you to know about the company behavior.

Research and ask for references- always see for how long the company is in same business. Ask them to provide the reference of previous clients see they don’t hesitate to provide references of previous clients.

Ask your family and friends in neighbor- if there are some other people around you that have already installed solar panel system in their home or office you ask them what was their experience with their company if there experience went well you can ask the same company to come and provide quote so you can compare it with other company quote.

Multiple varieties- there are many varieties of  solar panel and what type of solar panel you will install will depend upon on your need budget.

Clarify what will be included in quotation- always ask them to provide written quotation. Ask them to provide the breakdown of each thing if anything is not included ask them immediately because in end you may not be surprised. Ask them if there are any hidden charges to avoid surprise.

After care service- there should be certain guaranteed or warranty time for solar panel. There are different warranty time for each manufacture so check the company you are hiring is providing guarantee or not.

Cost of solar panel system in Pakistan

The charges of solar panel depend upon the size, the type, the brand, the quality and location for where you purchased the solar panel system in Pakistan. In Pakistan solar panel system start from 40 to 50 thousand rupees.

Best solar panel in Pakistan

There are many solar panel in Pakistan but all of them are equally created but there are some companies that produce better products and are expensive. Below we describe some of the best solar panel in Pakistan that are

Sun power solar panels- they are one of the well-known and leading company of solar panel globally their product are available nationwide. There panel are used in multiple ways and they are most efficient panel in the market for commercial and residential installation. Their product are famous for performance and quality.

LG solar panel- these solar panel help in reducing your carbon footprint and electricity bills. There panel are efficient and well known manufacture of electronics. They also offer 25 years of warranty on their panels. They have different types of panel so you can choose the one that suits your home and business need.

Canadian solar panel-  if you are looking something affordable and  also want quality in solar panel Canadian solar panel is the right brand for you  they have module efficiency of 20 percent. They are best for residential area if you want to increase your energy production.

Panasonic solar panel- you will get these panel from different retailers shop. they cater the need of residential and commercial area they are famous for their  durability and quality. They make them  best choice of people that want to buy solar panel. The price of Panasonic solar panel vary on the type and size you choose.

Rec solar panel- they are most trusted and reliable company for solar panel. They are famous because of their performance and quality. They are widely available in Pakistan. They provide 25 year of warranty and deliver quality products. They are continuously working on their technology aspect to improve the efficiency of their products.

JA solar panel- they are leading brand of solar modules and cells. They started in 2005 and with increase demand of solar panel they become leading brand of world for manufacturing solar cells. The head quarter is in china but has sale offices all around world.

How to choose best solar panel in Pakistan?

If you are planning to buy a solar panel in Pakistan first of all see what type of size and model you want and whether it is present in the market. So below we discuss some tips to choose best solar panel in Pakistan

See power amount you want- first of all figure out the amount of solar panel power you want. This will be determined through your energy, usage, size of your home and whether you want everything to run through solar system or just want to part power bill.

Climate- as solar panel work best for area where climate is sunny. If you live in cold areas where usually is cloud it is best to look for other options to split the bill

Price- as the price vary depending upon size, type and manufacture so compare the price of each brand and then reach the conclusion.

Look for quality- always look the quality when choosing solar panel. Read the review available on their website and at social media platform. Compare the warranties the manufactures are providing before reaching the conclusion

Always check the certification- always see whether the solar panel you are choosing is certified as the certification tell that solar has undergone through various testing.

Decide the type- if you have limited space on your roof choose the efficient solar panel. Even if there is lot of space in roof you must consider panel size as later on you need more panel when your need of electricity increase.

Reputable company- as there are many scams in the market related to solar panel so it is best to choose a reputable brand that has good record of selling solar panels.

What is solar panel?

Solar panel is the device that is used to convert the sunlight into composed particle of energy into photons (electricity) that are used to power your electrical devices. You can use solar panel for different application like telecommunication equipment, remote power system or can be used for residential and commercial area.

Types of solar panel in Pakistan

Mono crystalline solar panels- they are oldest types of solar panel they are made up of single crystal silicone solar cells. They have premium panels but are expensive. They have high performance and last for longer. These mono crystalline cell are uniform and black in color.

Polycrystalline solar panels- they are mid-range panel affordable but are less efficient. They are made up of fragment of silicon crystal melted together. The panel have short life span. They don’t generate much electricity with sun like mono crystalline solar panel. They are rectangular in shape has blue finish with speckles.

Thin-film solar panels- they are low in profile but are thin and flexible. They are made up of semiconducting materials. They require more space on roof to be installed. They have shortest warranty period as they degrade quickly. As they have thin film panels you use in different applications.


Solar panel is the device that is used to convert the sunlight into composed particle of energy into photons (electricity) that are used to power your electrical devices. In this article we discussed about, types of solar technologies  and solar panel in Pakistan, price of solar panel in Pakistan, how to choose best solar panel and  things you need to see while choosing best solar panel company in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed solar panel stores in every city of Pakistan in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.

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