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10 Best Supplier of Swimming Pool Equipments in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Best Swimming Pool Solutions
1st Floor, 40/C, Commercial Area, Khayaban-E-Shahbaz, 26th Street Phase 6 DHA Karachi
M.H. Ghanchi International is located in Karachi, Pakistan. We are one of the most competent swimming pool companies in Pakistan. For many years now, we provide a spectrum of top-quality supplie ...
The best pools on the planet
Minhas Plaza Main Murree Road Shamsabad, Rawalpindi
Royal Pool Solution, located at Murree Road, Shamsabad, Rawalpindi. is your haven for premium pool services. From installations to maintenance and repair, we offer comprehensive solutions for ...
Supplier of Pool Pumps & Filters
96 Mcleod Road, Near Jubilee Hotel, Lahore.
Aqua Safe is doing swimming pool filtration business since 1990, and has satisfied its clients all over the Pakistan. At present the company has successfully completed more than 280 project including ...
Professional Supplier of Swimming Pool Equipment
C-47, 11th Commercial Street, Phase II Extension, DHA, Karachi.
So Safe Water Technologies was established in 1980 with the prime objective of providing services to all those who need swimming pool equipment such as filters & pumps at an affordable cost.
Professional Designer of Swimming Pool
Asghar industrial Estate, Plot# 8, Green view Society, Kacha jail Road, Kot-Lakhpat, Quaid e Millat Colony, Lahore
Aqua Drops Pvt Ltd is Situated at Green view Society, Kacha jail Road, Kot-Lakhpat, Quaid e Millat Colony, Lahore. We are designer, builder and contractor of Swimming Pool in Pakistan and are serv ...
Deals in Swimming Pool
Office # 1, 3rd Floor, Shan Plaza, 10-Commercial Zone Karim Block Market, Allama Iqbal Town Lahore-Pakistan
Wave Associates was founded in 1996 in Pakistan. Wave Associates (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the Pakistans largest specialist Swimming Pool Construct ...
Swimming Pool Builder
19/32, Canal Park Gulberg 2, Lahore, 54660
Atlantic pool is providing all types of swimming pool services like swimming pool construction, filtration, maintenance, plumbing, electrical work, mosaic fitting, designing and tiling all over the ...
Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Service
1st Floor of Tourism Building, Jinnah Park, Chaklala Cantt., Rawalpindi
MA Swimming Pools is located in Jinnah Park Rawalpind, Pakistan. The Company was established in 2003 under the name and style of MA Swimming Pools by Mr. Mehmood Ul Hasan. MA Swimming Pools is ...
Excellence in Pool Services
16-c, 13th Commercial Street DHA Phase 2, Karachi
Pool Captain is a Swimming Pool Construction Company with Passionate, Experienced Workers/Employees since 2000. it is located in DHA Phase 2, Karachi. Reliability and quality are two good reasons, ...
Wide Range of Colours and Effects
House No.1, Elahi Street No.2, Mehar Fayaz Colony, Fateh-e-Ghar, Lahore.
We are specializing in swimming pool construction and routine pool maintenance, repair and remodeling services. We have been proudly servicing with quality, integrity and affordability for the past ...

All you want to know about swimming pool equipments in Pakistan

There are many type of swimming pool equipments in Pakistan to choose some of them are necessary and some of them are optional and some of them are just a luxury item. Some of the swimming pool equipment in Pakistan are vacuum head, telescopic pile, pool filter, pool brush attachment, skimmer attachment, pool heater, pool pump and chemical some of the optional elements are chemical feeder, automatic pool cleanser and caulk.

Important elements of swimming pool equipment in Pakistan

Telescopic pole- they are use to vacuum, brushing and skimming. This equipment is flexible and reach anywhere inside the pool to clean. Always choose a good telescope that use heavy duty aluminum, thick tubing and is at least 16 feet long.

Skimmer net attachment- it attached the telescope pole to clean all the leaves that are floating in pool water. When the net passes in water it grasps everything in it like bugs flower or leaves. This net is made of fine mesh to skim out things. It is best to buy a flat skimmer as it is easy to clean and easier to maneuver.

Pool brush attachment- the layer of algae form on the wet surface near the pool floor or walls of pool. To get off from this you need pool brush attachment to scrub algae away. When you do brushing  it prevent many issue and keep the water healthy there are 3 types of pool brushed for concrete pool use a nylon and stainless steel brush for fiber glass vinyl pool you need to use a nylon brush and for unite pool use can use a stainless steel brushes.

Vacuum Head- the pool vacuum has 3 parts vacuum head hose and telescopic pole. The vacuum head basically do the actual vacuuming. Vacuum head is attached to the end of telescopic pole. To start cleaning you need to power the vacuum.

Vacuum Hose- without this equipment you cannot vacuum your pool. So always purchase a good quality of vacuum hose. The vacuum hose provide that pressure to the skimmer so it swallow all the debris in your pool. Choose a vacuum hose that is 30 feet long and that has built in swivel cuff.

Pool filter- for cleanliness of water you need a filtration equipment for your pool side. The filtration purify each drop of water in your pool. It keep your pool water with containment and debris so you can swim safely.

 Filter Media- every pool filter used different types of filter that are sand filter, DE filters and cartridge filter. It is best if you keep the spare filter media with you all time so when replacement is needed you can easily do it.  To get best result try to replace the filter after every 2 to 3 months.

Pool pump- it is the most essential element for swimming pool. It help in circulating the water and provide power to filtration and healing procedure.

Pool heater- winter and cloudy day won’t stop to swim when there is pool heater through this equipment your pool water stay warm. Whether it is chilly after noon or July it keep the temperature of water perfect so you can swim easily.

Chemical-chemical are not equipment but they are important for pool cleanliness. It keep you pool water bacteria free so you can easily swim without hesitation of getting effected.

Some of the other types of pool equipment are chemical feeder, automatic pool cleaner and pool leveler.

Things you need to see while choosing the right type of swimming pool equipment in Pakistan    

Choosing the right type of equipment is important to keep your pool temperature and cleanliness. So below we describe few thing you must take into account while selecting pool equipment in Pakistan.

Consider the type and size of your pool- you need to see the size of your pool.  when you need to purchase filter heaters and pumps because your pool is large and you purchase a small one than the equipment will be unable to clean or circulate the water. And if you purchase large one it will waste your energy sources.

Figure out the municipal requirement- the government of Pakistan has set certain regulation for surrounding of pool and equipment used. So make sure you meet those criteria.

Consider what feature you want in your pool- when choosing pool equipment give priority to simplicity choose energy efficient equipment, best location and less noise area. Some owner want a gear and some owner will like uncomplicated equipment but choose simplicity that can easily managed by everyone. Choose the right size of pumps that save your energy as the pumps are heavy consumer of electricity. Place the necessary equipment of pool on easy to access area. Keep the noisy equipment long away from the pool side to minimize the noise.

Prices of pool equipment in Pakistan

The cost of pool equipment in Pakistan varies on the type of pool equipment you want, the location of the shop and quality of product. Pool equipment in Pakistan start from 2 lakh rupees.


There are many type of swimming pool equipments in Pakistan to choose some of the swimming pool accessories in Pakistan are vacuum head, telescopic pile, pool filter, pool brush attachment, skimmer attachment, pool heater, pool pump and chemical. In this article we discussed about, types of swimming pool equipment in Pakistan, price of pool equipment and thing you need to see while choosing pool accessories in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple pool equipment stores in every city of Pakistan that offer pool equipment in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.