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4th Floor, Shahnaz Arcade, Shaheed-e-Millat Rd, Bahadurabad Delhi Mercantile Society, Karachi, Karachi City
Limton Innovative Systems is located at Level 04 & 05, Shahnaz Arcade, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi, Pakistan. Limton is the pioneer in Time and Attendance Management and Access Control Systems ...

All you want to know about temperature controllers in Pakistan

A temperature controller is the equipment that is used to control temperature by calculating the difference between a measured and set point temperature. The input of temperature come from the temperature sensor and output is connected with a control element known as fan or heater. The temperature controller system rely on controller that accepts temperature sensor that is RTD as input or thermocouple. They basically compare the actual temperature to the desired one and then provide output to the control.

Types of thermostats in Pakistan

Heat control system- it is one of the most common thermostats and it is among those with which people are familiar with the heat control thermostats are used to control the air temperature of your room. The device is connected to heating temperature system that is boiler or furnace when there is call for heating the electrical signal is send that the desired temperature has fallen. This signal send to control to start the process of boiler so that it can deliver heat through radiator or air. When the temperature is attained that is set the boiler turn off.

Temperature regulation thermostats-there are other type of thermostats to control temperature like electric heater thermostats they sense the temperature and provide power to provide heat element as required. There are cooling fan install in fan control thermostats that can be use depending on the air temperature in the room. Heating pad thermostats work in same pattern it limit the temperature to prevent burn accidents. There are pool thermostats that are used to sense the temperature of water in pool. The pool thermostats are used to raise the temperature of pool water to your desired point.

Automotive thermostats- these thermostats play a significant role in automotive industry. This thermostats monitor the temperature of the cabins. They are used for air condition or for heat level in passenger compartments.

Monitoring thermostats- these thermostats are used on critical component of the system. Oil thermostats these thermostats are in machines and engine to monitor the temperature of fluid lubricant machinery to ensure motor protection. Thermostats engine are used to maintain temperature of engine in large vehicle like tractor trailers. Thermostats are also use in laboratories to maintain specific temperature.

Price of temperature controller in Pakistan

The price of temperature controller varies from location to location, and the type of temperature controller. The price of temperature controller ranges between 2000-5000 rupees in mostly places in Pakistan.

Tips to choose the rights the type of temperature controller

Before choosing a controller understand your need and evaluate the process. This help you in purchasing a temperature controller. They are available in multiple sizes and come with multiple standard feature with inputs and outputs that help you to get a control that suits your application. Choosing the right temperature controller can be confusing task and time consuming. There are many manufacture that offer different types of controllers. Below we describe some steps that will help you to choose temperature controller according to your need.

Choose the desire controller size- Controllers are available in multiple sizes and shapes. The size of controller solely depend on the client preference. But the technology has reduce the size of circuit controller and offer more feature in small size that were not previously in large size as well. When choosing the size see how far the operator is from panel as it is important for him to see the temperature from the current location. You need to see the space available for panel if there is more than one controller mounted in panel. As smaller panel have smaller button if the operator is wearing gloves the size of controller need to be large.

See input that will feed your controller- usually the most controller come with field selectable input but still you need to specify it when ordering. Lower end controllers should be selected for thermocouples or RTDs or process input. Now majority have universal inputs and are selected through programming. It is necessary that controller is wired to the right terminal otherwise error will be displayed on message. Always check the manufacture specification to see whether the controller support the prefer input.

Decide about the Control operation-there are four main control operation on temperature controller. For some controller only on and off control are required. Some controller required temperature fall or rise. When the controller will be on you need to see whether you will raise the temperature or low it so it will cool down

Make sure you have enough outputs- usually the controller have two process output with alarm as additional output. You need to evaluate the application to see how many control output you need.

Get through programing- the most crucial part. The base set of parameter is found in controller and once the operator get experience of using new controller so that programming become easier for operator. The manufacture technical staff is important because they can direct operator and they can also answer related to programming operation.


A temperature controller is the equipment that is used to control temperature by calculating the difference between a measured and set point temperature. The input of temperature come from the temperature sensor and output is connected with a control element known as fan or heater. In this article we discussed about types of temperature controller, tips to choose the right type of temperature controller in Pakistan and price of temperature controller in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple temperature controller companies in every city of Pakistan that offer temperature controller in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.