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Best Tile Stores in Pakistan to Visit in 2024 | Tile Shops

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203 Main Canal Road, Near Wafaqi Colony, Lahore.
Hadayat & Co, a reputable company based in Lahore, is dedicated to delivering world-class comfort and style to its customers. Specializing in sourcing premium finishing products, they offer an ...
Superior Quality for Enduring Value
Street # 1, Saba Commercial Area, Phase 5, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan
BM Floors is located at Phase 5, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan. BM Floors has years of experience working in Top MDF manufacturing and flooring organization. BM Floors as an Importer, stockiest, and re ...
Tiles Manufacturer and Supplier in Pakistan
Commercial Area, Cavalry Ground, Lahore Cantt, Pakistan
Pak Clay Tiles is located at Cavalry Ground, Lahore Cantt, Pakistan. Since 1982, we had been running withinside the tile enterprise and offer correct nice products. We are Khaprail Tiles Manufactur ...
Leading Brand of Porcelain, Vitrified & Ceramic Tiles
164 CCA, DHA Phase 4, Lahore, Pakistan
Stile Emporium & Design Studio is located at DHA Phase 4, Lahore, Pakistan. The Company becomes a personal area business enterprise withinside the Ceramic area in Pakistan. The Company is mainly e ...
Exclusive 360 Degree Home Styling Store
DHA Phase 4, Sector CCA, Lahore, Pakistan
S. Abdulla Home is located at Sector CCA, Lahore, Pakistan. Create a lavatory you may loosen up and unwind in via way of means of introducing a few elegant new tiles. From lovely Marble impact sam ...
Supply Multiple Sizes of Wall & Floor Tiles
Ferozepur Road, Ichhra Fazlia Colony, Lahore, Pakistan
Pakistan Tiles is located at Ichhra Fazlia Colony, Lahore, Pakistan. Pakistan Tiles laid its basis over the past region of 2016. Our nation of the artwork plant is able to generate wall/ground ce ...
Largest Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Distributors
142-DD-CCA, Sector CCA, DHA Phase 4, Lahore, Pakistan
Dura Tiles is located at DHA Phase 4, Lahore, Pakistan. Dura Tiles is one of the largest and fastest growing ceramic and porcelain tile distributors. We work closely with our worldwide network of ...
Best Tile Store in Karachi
F-41/3, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan
The City Tiles is located at Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan. The City Tiles aims at being one of the major players of tiles, sanitary ware, and allied building products of the country. The City Tiles ...
Vast Range of Beautiful Exclusive Imported Tiles
113-A, Ferozepur Road, Shah Jamal Fazlia Colony, Lahore, Pakistan
Butt Sons are located at Shah Jamal Fazlia Colony, Lahore, Pakistan. Butt Sons display area at Ferozpur Road has an exceptionally huge scope of delightful selective imported tiles. Leaving the eff ...
Provide Quality Tiles Designs
57-E, Street 6, Jami Commercial Street 11, DHA Phase 7, Karachi, Pakistan
A Finishes is located at DHA Phase 7, Karachi, Pakistan. A Company that facilitates its clientele with the creation of unique collections of Concrete, Marble, Tiles, Granite, Stone, porcelain tile ...

All you want to know about tile stores in Pakistan

Tiles have flexible ground surface that is used on your property to give a fine look and texture. Tile floors are usually best for practical use, durable and easy to repair. When you choose the tile floor in your home it increase the real value of your property. They are made up of different materials and are available in multiple sizes, design, shape and measurement. This help you choose the most suitable one for your kitchen area, washrooms or yards. To purchase tile it is best for you to visit tile stores.

Why there is need to visit tile store?

They help you inspect exactly what the tile look like as picture available online are not just enough to see the genuine element of tile. When you visit the shop you can exactly differentiate between the picture and reality. You can see the original shape and can also decide that which size will be suitable for different region of your property.

You can inspect about the surface of tile to see whether they are suitable for you or not the tile surface matter to see which territory of your property they will look perfect like smooth surface tiles are used for rest room the harsh surface tiles are best for you outside spots.

You will come to know about the exact shade of tile. When you see the picture online the color of tile may vary in reality like some tiles may look green in picture but in reality they may be blue green shade. Shading plates are also different for different brands like for one may the tile color is sand and other would say as beige

You can talk to experts available on shops as they meet varieties of people they know what are the trends in market you can tell the size area of your room they will exactly tell the estimate of tile you need when you visit shops you will also get opportunity to choose grout and epoxy of varieties of brand to make sue the employment of tile is done flawlessly.

Types of tiles

Mainly there are six types of tile available in the market that are ceramic, granite tiles glass tile marble tile porcelain and other natural stone tiles.

Ceramic tile- these tile are used on different area. They are popular choice for home improvement projects they are affordable and durable as well. They are ideal choice for bathroom, room, front entrance or kitchen of your home.

Porcelain Tile-they are made up of high raton, quartz and silica they are baked on fired on high temperature. They are more durable but sometime more expensive there are wide variety of color available in these types of tiles

Glass Tile- they are best for backsplash or shower. Glass tile have high level of stain resistance they are easy to crack if the item is dropped so these work best on your walls.

Marble Tile- one of the most expensive natural stone. It is elegant and bold choice. It is hard to replicate these tiles with other material. Marble is produced under the high pressure and heat. It delivers great depth and contrast.

Granite Tile- It is another natural rock that is used in flooring and countertops. It is more harder than marble so it is less prone to crack. It is best for the areas that are less prone to crack.

Natural stone tiles- despite of granite and marble stone they have option of other tiles like lime stone travertine sand stone.

How to choose tile for your project

The type of tile you choose totally depends upon your style your budget and how you want your area to function. Tiles are major part for remodeling your project when you visit tile stores you will see many options. Tile installation of tile is complex so always look for reputable installer.

Don’t choose the tile that is easily scratch able or permeable to cover your counter tops floors and walls. Many sellers can guide you which tile style and type is best for your area. Like frosted glass tile look good on kitchen backsplash it is not good to install them on high traffic areas because they may crack.

Your tile is made up of which material totally depends on preference and budget of customer. Consider the large slab style marble for your washrooms wall and floors. You can find cement tile with summer print for welcoming vibe. There are also leather and metal tile but they are not suitable for your room

Tile style and design changes very rapidly with every passing year always go for latest trends and design especially if you want to sell your home with 10 years.

See what your budget is whether you can spend a lot or little. The inexpensive tile also look good if installed well. Expensive tile can be used in the small areas.

Sometimes tile get slippery when are wet that is major issue in kitchen and bathrooms. Smaller tiles are best way to save you from slick surfaces. Marble that are not treated are treacherous and tile that are large in size are more slippery

There are many options available for color of tiles. You can buy them on special order if you want in neon color or any other bright color but mostly classic color of tiles is white greyish brownish. The bright color tile gives the dramatic look to your house.


Tile floors are usually best for practical use, durable and easy to repair. When you choose the tile floor in your home it increase the real value of your property. They are made up of different materials and are available in multiple sizes, design, shape and measurement. In this article we have discussed about reason to visit tile store, types of tile store and how to choose tile for your project. If you are searching for the best tile store in Pakistan then you have come to right place. We have updated the best tile store for you. Just send message to multiple suppliers and get different quotes.