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Block L Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore.
Robust Construction Solution (Pvt) Ltd stands out as a rapidly expanding and highly esteemed organization in Pakistan. Our company boasts official registration with the Securities & Exchange Co ...
Premier Town Planning Company
Central Park, Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
URBAN Developers, Chartered Town Planners being nation’s premier town planner are pioneered the concept of land development and town planning with offering prime projects at ideal places.
Town Planning Company
5/A, Muhammad Ali Cooperative Housing Society, Karachi.
Associated Consulting Engineers was founded in 1958 by the late Khaja Azeemuddin. ACE has successfully completed more than 1400 projects both within the country and internationally.
Experienced Town Planner
Office # 15, 2nd Floor, Satti Plaza, Main Khana Pull, Rawalpindi.
We are one of the experienced town planning company based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Professional Architectural Design Services
319, Nazimuddin Road, F-11/1, Islamabad.
Suhail and Fawad Architects is an organization established with main objective is to provide comprehensive services in the field of architecture, interior design, and plannning services to resident ...
21 Dyal Singh Mansion, 57 The Mall Road, Lahore.
Sheher Saaz (Pvt.) Ltd. is an international consultancy firm established in 1998 with one goal to provide individuals and organizations with expert advisory services. Our team consists of professio ...

All you want to know about responsibilities, skills and hiring of town planner in Pakistan

If you are thinking to renovate your property land and want to change the use of land you need the services of town planner. Property development is stressful so hiring the service of town planner will not just help you support you but also save you’re a lot of time as time is money as they handle all planning paper work and checks. The major duty of planner is to achieve sustainability keeping in view the different environmental, economic and social issues when taking decision to build something on land or not. The town planner basically develops town so people can live, enjoy and work. Keep in mind they don’t construct building in fact they tell how and where should they build and what should be used in making of building that it can benefit everyone and fit into local surroundings. There are different planners like town planners, urban designing, environment planner, city planner, land uses planner and development planners. Below we describe the some job duties of town planner

Job duties of town planner

  • They make sure that people have access to jobs, home  and facilities like school, parks and hospital
  • They design new town, parks, shops and gardens.
  • They balance the community’s environment and businesses.
  • They set development rule and guideline that need to be followed.
  • They protect building and areas that are historical and have architectural importance.
  • They prepare and assess the application of land uses for new buildings.
  • They meet with architects and local community to explain your ideas and get the view about it from people
  • They mark up the land for development and makes sure that it is available.
  • They meet and present in meeting and committees to plan proposal.
  • They manage and lead many projects on one time


Skills needed to be a town planner

Despite of getting formal education town planner need combination of skills to perform best as the profession is very diverse the skills of planner may differ on basis of their specialization. They must have knowledge of town structure and physical design. They must have the ability to analyze demographic information. They must have knowledge about plan making and project evaluation. They need to understand the local federal government laws, processes and programs. They must have understanding of social and environment impact on communities. They also work as mediator or facilitator if conflicts arise so they need to have good communication skills. They must have ability to solve problem while using their creativity and technical competency. They must have command on different software and mastery in geographic information system.

Benefits of hiring a town planner

Fulfill survey requirement and handle disputes- if you are planning to bring any structural change you need to conduct conditions survey or produce site context plan. This job can be done by town planner on your behalf like to establish the boundaries of the property.

Complete the documentation and planning permits- no one want any flaw in planning regulation as it may cost you later. In this situation town planner can help you get the right information according to the government regulation like if there is any restriction on building heights in certain area they will make sure that building does not exceeds that limit.

Networking-town planner has built a good networking in past years so they know about local areas and council requirement. They have right knowledge working in different zone and permits attached to each zone. They are familiar with the timings of planning committees their language and documentation requirement when submitting the application.

Financial advantages- If you submit the application by yourself without involving town planner you application may be rejected by the council planning time. So you need to resubmit the application and it will waste your time and money because there is possibility that you didn’t meet the local standard and policies.

Tips to choose the right town planner

Choosing the right town planner is difficult task because you want that your plan is accepted without on waiting list in government offices. Below we describe some key features that you need to look before hiring the town planner

Check the registration- the town planner you must choose have registration and license to offer the service to you. See whether they are well trained and competent and familiar with all regulation and rule of ethics

Experience- as there are different aspect involve in town planning. Anyone who has past experience in regional planning will benefit you.

Reviews- you must see the review of the service provider. There are review website and forums where you can easily see the reviews. See what previous clients say about their services.

Compare their quotes- you must compare the quotes provided by town planner. Before picking the expert town planner always ask about the rates to see whether it is in your budget or not.

Face to Face Conversation- always meets the planner to know more about the expert. During the communication you can ask them about their experience and ideas.

Pay of the town planner in Pakistan

The average salary of town planner in Pakistan is around 1 lakh and 25 thousand per month.


Town planner basically develops town so people can live, enjoy and work. Keep in mind they don’t construct building in fact they tell how and where should you build and what should be used in making of building that it can benefit everyone and fit into local surroundings. In this article we have discussed the responsibilities, benefits, skills and tips to hire an ideal town planner for you.  If you are searching for the best town planner in Pakistan then you have come to right place. We have updated the best town planner for you. Just send message to multiple planner and get different quotes.