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Are you looking for the best tyre repair shops in Pakistan? If so, you've come to the right place. presents contact information, addresses, and names of the top mobile tire repair shops. Our extensive business listings directory makes it easy to find the right tyre puncture repair services for your needs. Plus, you can send an email inquiry, compare prices or make a call to the best one

Techno Tyres

Best Quality Tyre Dealers

Address: Showroom # 1, Block-B, North Nazimabad - Karachi.  

Techno Tyres is based in Karachi, Pakistan. We are the exclusive dealer for Bridgestone, Michelin, Hankook, General and many well known international brands. We provice ultra high tech perfomance tires & tubes that brings quality to out customers. You can contact us anytime in case of any query.

Prime Tip Top Tyre Repairing Centre

Badar Chowk Rd, Hussainabad Orangi, Karachi.

Looking for a reliable tyre repair centre. Look no further than Prime Tip Top Tyre Repairing Centre. We specialize in repairing all kinds of tyres, from cars to off-road tyres. With our years of experience, you can be sure that your tyres will be in good hands. So dont hesitate, bring your tyres to us for a repair today.

Pakistan Rubber & Tyre Co

79-C, D.H.A Phase II Extension Phase 2 Commercial Area Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

Looking for quality tyres that will last. Look no further than Pakistan Rubber & Tyre Company, We have been distributing Bridgestone tyres in Pakistan since 1953, and our line-up covers tyres for all types of vehicles. With our nationwide dealership network, you are sure to find a convenient location near you. Plus, our corporate offices provide quality products and services to ensure you are always getting the best. So when it comes to tyres, make Pakistan Rubber & Tyre Company your first choice.

Tyre Expert

52 P2, D.H.A Phase II Extension Phase 2 Commercial Area Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

Looking for a comprehensive tyre service. Look no further than tyre expert! We offer 3D alignment, wheel balancing, tyre fitting, puncher, tyre repairing services, and nitrogen gas; effectively creating a one-stop shop catering to all our consumers needs.

New Asif Tyre

Noman Arcade Shop 16/17 , Block 14 Gulshan E Iqbal , Opposite To National Stadium, near Mashriq Cente, Karachi.

Looking for quality tyres, rims and accessories. Look no further than New Asif Tyre. With our own service centres and dealerships across Pakistan, we are your one-stop shop for all your automotive needs. Trust us for the best in quality and service – New Asif Tyre, your reliable partner on the road.

Tyre Care

New Rd Service Ln, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.

Looking for the perfect way to take care of your tyres. Look no further than tyre care. We deal in imported and local brands tyres and offer computerized wheel alignment, puncher services, wheel balancing and used alloys. So whatever your tyre needs, we have got you covered.

Bhatti Tyre Repair Shop

Block J Model Town, Lahore.

Looking for the perfect way to take care of your tyres. Look no further than Bhatti Repair Shop. We deal in imported and local brands tyres and offer computerized wheel alignment, puncher services, wheel balancing and used alloys. So whatever your tyre needs, we have got you covered.

Ali Hassan Tyre Repair Shop

Shad Bagh Underpass, Bhagatpura, Lahore.

Looking for a reliable tyre repair shop? Look no further than Ali Hassan. We offer all kinds of tyre repair services, from wheel alignment, Wheel Balancing and puncture repairs Services, for all kinds of vehicles. So whether you have a car, bike, bus or truck, we can help you out. Come and see us today.

Tyre Air and Repair

Bilal Arcade, Abdul Haque Rd, Block G Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore.

Looking for a reliable tyre air and repair shop in Lahore. Look no further than Tyre Air and Repair in Phase 1 Johar Town! We offer complete tyre air and repair services, and our experienced team is dedicated to providing the best possible service. Contact us today to schedule a visit.

Ghauri Tyre and Tube Pvt Ltd

146/1-M, Industrial Area, Kot Lakhpat. Lahore, Punjab.

Looking for the best motorcycle tires and tubes in Pakistan. Look no further than Ghauri Tyre & Tube, We offer the highest quality products and services, complete with used and new tire repair services. We are the best in Lahore, so come see us today.

All you want to know about tire shops in Pakistan

Tires are essential for a vehicle for transportation, whether a car, bus or truck. Tires are necessary to make the vehicles move. It would help if you had a modern vehicle tire to carry the increased load with increased speed. As tires are expected to travel a high number of miles, you need to ensure that the vehicle tire you are using is well maintained so you can use the vehicle for a long time. Everything is at last on the tire, so you need to take care of it. When going somewhere in your car, you must ensure that your tire is not punctured. If it needs repair, go for it, as it is essential to save the life of a driver. When on your way you feel the tire is punctured, you can visit any nearby tire repair shop. You can ask about the type of training received by a technician for tire repairers and what type of material or method will be used.

Component of tire repair in Pakistan

For proper tire repair, the technician will remove the tire from the vehicle to properly inspect the issues and repair it as soon as possible so you can continue your ride. They will use rubber stems on the tire to permanently vulcanite your vehicle tire to seal out moisture. Lastly, they will seal and reinforce the liner. Once it is installed, it will be again placed on the vehicle, and a test drive will be taken to see whether it is working correctly.

The standard method to repair a tire at a tire shop in Pakistan

It is a stressful situation when you want to walk to your car and realize the tire is flat. You should visit the tire shop to detect the damage that occurs. Some of the standard methods to repair a tire are

Tire plug- It is pliable rubber interested in the tire puncture from the outside. This piece will be expanded, and the air will not get out of the tire. They are inexpensive treatments and take just a few minutes. This treatment can be done without removing the wheel from the vehicle.

Radial Patch is thin flat rubber used to repair the affected tire from the inside. To install this patch, you need to remove the tire from the vehicle. After that, the patch is applied to puncture inside the tire. The patch will expand inside the tire and meld in tire rubber. This process takes longer than a tire plug.

Combination – the type of tire repair technique used will depend upon the damage on the tire, but sometimes a combination of both is also used.

Guideline for tire repair services in Pakistan

All tires available in the market cannot be repaired because of safety issues, but some tires can be improved, so below, we found some effective and safe tire shops as well.

Depend upon location- tire repair depends on the site of the area that needs treatment. If a puncture occurs at the edge or on the side wall, or outside tread area, then you need to replace the tire.

It Depends On Location. If you try to repair it, it will affect your safety on the road.

Some punctures are big to repair- the size of the puncture is also essential in tire repair. If the is ¼ inch diameter hole, it is not safe to repair such a tire in that condition. It would help if you replaced the tire.

The current tire condition- before going on a ride, always see the tire condition and tread depth. If the tread is less than 1/16 inch deep, using such a tire on the road is not safe. It would help if you replaced them.

Repair should not be overlapped- you should not overlap the tire repair in the same area if there is a puncture in the same place where it was previously repaired, so it is best to replace the tire in that situation.

Service offered at a tire shop in Pakistan

The best tire shop will offer your repairs and all wheels-related services. The technicians in these shops will help you maintain and extend your vehicle tire's life. Some of the services provided at tire shops are

Tire balancing- to extend the life of your tire, you need to ensure that the wheels are correctly balanced. If they are uneven, the tire will wear down fast.

Tire rotation- ensure that tires are regularly rotated to extend their life. When you do constant rotation, the technician can inspect the tire.

Tire alignment- always check your tire alignment regularly. This will make sure that tires are spinning and lined properly to maintain vehicle performance.

A tire pressure monitor system-It a built-in system that will measure your tire air pressure. If there is less air pressure, it will be displayed with a warning sign to alert you.

Tips for choosing the best tire shop in Pakistan

As car owners always struggle to find the best tire shop in Pakistan, we have listed some tips below to choose one.

  • Choose the nearest tire shop.
  • Always visit reputable and trustworthy tire shops in Pakistan
  • Always check the pricing and reliability of tire shops in Pakistan.
  • Always see the customer service they are providing to their clients
  • Always go on time for tire repair; otherwise, you need to replace it
  • You can ask for recommendations from friends and family
  • You can check and read reviews online about the tire shop you are interested in.


Tires are essential for vehicles, whether a car, bus or truck. Tires are necessary to make the vehicles move. In this article, we discussed the method to repair a tire at a tire shop in Pakistan, services offered at tire shops in Pakistan and tips for choosing a tire shop in Pakistan. For your ease and convenience, we have listed tire shops in every city of Pakistan that offer multiple services in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by leaving a message on their website or contacting them by email if you have any queries.

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