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Dark Circles Treatment in Pakistan | Choose Best Clinic for Dark Circles Under Eyes

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Skin Specialist from Islamabad.
29-30 taj mehal plaza , near Maroof int'l hospital parking? F-10 markaz, Islamabaz F 10/3 F-10, Islamabad.
Dr. Nadia Arshad Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetologist & Certified Laser expert treats skin nail & hair diseases using the latest lasers and knowledge. Dr. Nadia Consultant Dermatologist, ...
Professional & Qualified Skin Specialist from Islamabad.
House No. 518, Margalla Road, Service Rd N, F-10/2 Islamabad.
Prof Dr. Ikram Ullah Khan is a laser therapy & skin specialist working at cosmetic laser & skin clinic based in Islamabad. Dr Ikram Ullah is the pioneer in introducing laser technology and has the ...
Experienced Skin Doctor from Karachi.
Horizon Vista, Mezzanine Floor. Opposite Dolmen Mall Clifton Block: 4, Karachi.
Prof. Azam J. Samdani Being the 1st Pakistani to attain PhD in Dermatology from the United Kingdom, he later did fellowship training in Boston, U.S.A, and has been a consultant since 1992 in Saudi ...
Professional Skin Care Services.
A-103, Main Sumbal Road F-10/1, Islamabad.
Dr. Shumaila Khan the best skin specialist in Pakistan, has come out to be a hope for patients suffering from almost any kind of aesthetic problems. Dr. Shumaila clinic is based in Islamabad and f ...
Dr Shireen Ansari Skin Specialist.
Plot No. 10B/10C, 3rd Floor, SRB Plaza, F-6 Markaz, Islamabad.
Dr Shireen Ansari (skin specialist) possess more than 18 years of experience in Dermatology Problems. Dr Shireen Ansari is qualified MBBS in Dermatology from London UK.
office no 2 pakland medical center , plot no 14- X lower ground , F-8 Markaz Islamabad.
The Skin Care Clinic is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. MBBS (Pak), Dip Dermatology, Cosmetology & Dermatosurgery (Thailand). Consultant Cosmetic Dermatologist and Laser Specialist. Dr. Saima Khan ...
Building 7-P? Hospital Parking?, opposite Maroof International, F 10/3 F-10, Islamabad.
Dr. Ghazanfar Ali is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Dr. Ghazanfar Ali has earned his basic medical degree from Khyber Medical College. Subsequently, he moved to the UK ...
No 8 10th Avenue F-10 Markaz Islamabad.
Dr. Samina Sheraz is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Dr. Samina Sheraz is a Consultant Dermatologist at Maroof International Hospital, Islamabad. She has more than 10 years of experience in the fi ...
House # 28 Street # 10 F-8/3, Islamabad
IPAL Skin Care Clinic is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. We handle a diverse range of issues as there are certified dermatologists under one roof with the apprehending of a Plastic surgeon. We rep ...
3rd Floor Suit 21 Executive Complex Markaz Road G/8 Markaz Islamabad.
Dr. Afsheen Bilal is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Dr. Afsheen Bilal has an exceptional educational and professional background. Her credentials include 13 Gold medals besides dozens of other ac ...

All you want to know about dark circle treatment in Pakistan

Dark circle under your eye have a visible impact on your facial look. There are multiple reasons behind those dark circles. To reduce dark circle under eye it is important to know first that what the root cause behind dark circles is so they can be treated accordingly. There are different types of scanner machine that help to reduce risk in any procedure and also help your doctor to assess your skin type that will eventually help your dermatologist to clearly understand about what is the right procedure to treat your issue.

Sometime people have bags under their eyes that are mild puffiness and swelling. It is common issue when you age because tissue of your eyes and muscle that are supporting your eyelids are weaken as well. Fats that are used to help and support eyes move to the lower part that causes mild puffiness under eye. Sometimes the fluid is also gather under your eyes dark circle.    Eye bags are cosmetic concern and they rarely indicate any serious condition or situation there are many option to overcome the issue whether you can use certain home remedies or go for an eyelid surgery in case of puffiness

Causes and Symptoms

Symptoms of bags under eye are:

  • Loose skin
  • Saggy skin
  • Dark circle
  • Mild swelling

Dark circle under your eyes can be caused because of aging, less sleep, allergies, fluid retention, genetics, smoking and due to any medical condition.

Cost of acne treatment in Pakistan

The cost of the treatment depends on the session the cost of 8 session cost around 50000Rs to 120000 and the cost of single session ranges from 7500-15000 PKR.


Treatment for your dark circles depends on the cause of those dark circles there are some home remedies that can help you to overcome the problem of dark circle. Some of the effective home remedies are describe below:

You can apply a cold compress:  it will help you to reduce your swelling under your eyes and it also shrink the blood vessels that will help you to overcome the issue of puffiness and dark circles under your eye.

Method: You can use an ice cube and wash cloth, wrap the ice cubes in the wash cloth and then apply it to your eyes or you can dap the wash cloth in cold water and then apply it under your eyes for maximum 20 minutes to get effective result. You can repeat the process in case if ice melts and cloth get warm.

Sleep for some extra time- when you take a proper 8 hours sleep in day it will also help you to reduce your dark circle. When you don’t take proper sleep your face will look pale and so your dark circle will seem more visible to people. Try to take proper comfortable sleep for 8 hours to avoid dark circle under your eye

Elevate your head: it has been seen that not taking proper sleep causes dark circles and dark bag but sometimes how you sleep also depends. Try to use pillow to elevate your head it will help your fluid not pool under eyes that eventually help you to reduce eye puffiness and swelling.

Apply cold tea bags:  it has been seen that when you apply cold tea bags under eye it shows improvement in your appearance. As tea has antioxidant and caffeine that help to stimulate blood circulation, reduce liquid retention and shrink your blood vessel under your skin.

Method: take two black tea or green tea bag soak them in hot water for 5 minutes and then let them to cool it down in refrigerator for 20 minutes. Now you apply these cold tea bags on your closed eyes for 15 to 30 minutes. After that remove those tea bags and rinse your face with cold water

Conceal your dark circle through makeup: you through your makeup can not cure your dark circle but can help you to camouflage and cover them. Concealers blend with your normal skin color to cover dark circles. But when you use makeup you need proper care as some products can even worsen your situation and you can trigger allergic reaction. If you face any issue while using makeup products immediately stop using them and consult your doctor.

Medical treatments

For best and permanent solution there are some medical treatments to reduce dark circles some of the best and famous methods are:

  • Laser surgery that is used to resurface the skin and help you to tighten the skin
  • To reduce pigmentation you can use medical treatment as chemical peel
  • Synthetic products
  • Inject medical tattoos on thinning skin area
  • Removing of fat so you have another and even skin surface
  • Filling of tissues to conceal blood vessel that is causing the discoloration under your eyes

While choosing any of the above always consult your doctor about skin condition and procedure that will suit you. As medical treatment are costly, painful and take a longer time period to recover.

Who is the best candidate?

The best candidate is the one who has dark and hollowing eyes. They have good thickness and elasticity under the eye that allow them for natural augmentation.

Side Effects

If you opted and your dermatologist recommended you a laser treatment you may face scarring and discoloration on your skin the treated area of eye can be either too light or dark the side effect of discoloration can be permanent in extreme situation.

During treatment when the top layer of skin evaporated you may face itching, redness and swelling once you are treated but after the few days of treatment the sign of itching redness disappears and you felt good about yourself.

After the treatment the skin area that is treated become sensitive to sunrays so try to avid moving in sun at peak hours. As skin is very sensitive at that time try to use sunblock with high SPF. As direct exposure of sun can harm your skin badly.

Be careful about the process as some people get infection on treated areas. Use cream and antibiotics prescribed by your dermatologists

People may face the issue of fat loss that is expected with radio frequency treatment like thermage

Recovery time

The recovery time of eye treatment is next to nothing you can go back to your home or any other place you want to go after the treatment but you may face the issue of swelling and bruising that will be resolved within few days. The swelling can easily reduce while using ice pack.