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Find the 10 Best Companies in 2024 Providing Walkie Talkie in Pakistan

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Security Conscious Company
36 1St Floor, Suharwardy Road G6/1 Abpara Islamabad.
X-Vision Security Services: Your safeguarding experts for peace of mind. We are a trusted and dynamic security agency, dedicated to protecting what matters most to you. With cutting-edge technology ...
Best Security Solution Provider
Raja center, Main Market, Gulberg II, Lahore.
At Hydx Solutions, we excel in designing personalized security systems and offer sales and repair services for a wide range of wireless communication equipment, metal detectors, walk-through gates, ...
Supplier of Icom, Kenwood, Motorola, FRS & HYT Walkie Talkie
181F, Raja Center Main Market Gulberg II, Lahore.
Matador Technical System is a supplier & seller of Icom, Kenwood, Motorola, FRS & HYT Walkie Talkie from Lahore, Pakistan. Please call for available stock or Walkie Talkie prices in Pakis ...
We are dedicated to provide total customer satisfaction
Office No.1, Mezzanine Floor, Society Apartments, Kashmir road, P.E.C.H.S Block-II, Karachi, Sindh Pakistan
HR Mobiles (Pvt) Ltd is located Office No.1, Mezzanine Floor, Society Apartments, Kashmir road, P.E.C.H.S Block-II, Karachi, Sindh Pakistan. R Mobiles (Pvt.) Ltd established in 1996, we are reput ...
4th Floor, Shahnaz Arcade, Shaheed-e-Millat Rd, Bahadurabad Delhi Mercantile Society, Karachi, Karachi City
Limton Innovative Systems is located at Level 04 & 05, Shahnaz Arcade, Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi, Pakistan. Limton is the pioneer in Time and Attendance Management and Access Control Systems ...
Think about fire before its too late
Office No C-13 Descon plaza 3rd floor Opp PSO petrol pump Nursery stop Main Shahra-e-Faisal Karachi.
Universal Fire Protection (PVT) Ltd stands as a leading fire fighting equipment supplier and service provider, with a strong presence in major cities such as Karachi and Islamabad. For years, we ha ...
Leading ‘Solution provider’ with in house capabilities of developer
Opposite DHA Phase II & The Science School Near T- Chowk Main GT Road Islamabad, Pakistan
Micro Electronics is located at Opposite DHA Phase II & The Science School Near T- Chowk Main GT Road Islamabad, Pakistan.  Micro Electronics was the first electron ...
One of the leading firms.
Street No 2 Plot No 30, Gulber Greens Expressway Islamabad
Ayezee Group is located at Street No 2 Plot No 30, Gulber Greens Expressway Islamabad. yeZee Group is one of those leading firms which rely on customers’ foremost expectations about business, I ...
We avail this opportunity to introduce ourselves with our areas of expertise 
118-B, Garden Block, Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan
CTI Integrator is located at 118-B, Garden Block, Garden Town, Lahore, Pakistan. CTI reflects our company’s unique positioning as the center of I.T. Innovation, pro ...
Acrux Technologies is a leading information and communication technology (ICT) provider.
House# 202A St# 18 F-10/2, Islamabad, Pakistan
Acrux Technologies is located at House# 202A St# 18 F-10/2, Islamabad, Pakistan. A Two Way Radio system (TWR) is a security system installed in airports to provide secure and smooth communication ...

Find the 10 Best Companies in 2022 Providing Walkie Talkie in Pakistan

Walkie talkies are small radio like device that you need to carry in your hand. They are small that make them portable. In appearance they resemble with cordless handsets but walkie talkie have an antenna at top, a speaker and microphone. The speaker are bit loud they are designed in such a way that make people to talk with each other. The one person press the button and speaks and then stop pressing the button when finished and if the other person want to reply back he will use the device in same manner. People use walkie talkie for their personal use and business purposes. The device can help in communication with employees efficiently  with ease and save your valuable time as well like construction companies can get benefit from it as worker from one site area of job can contact worker working in another area. This help workers in emergency situation to inform worker efficiently and quickly. Now a days there are inexpensive walkie talkie for children so that you can give them a bit of freedom to roam in house or garden. You can use walkie talkie if any person at your home is disable or any one that is out from hospital because they may need your assistance so this device will help them to communicate with you easily.

The reason that why you should choose walkie talkie is that they are reliable and affordable inn price. It is one time investment not like phone that you need to change after sometime. There are many types of walkie talkies brand you should look for the features they are offering when choosing it will help you in finding the right one. There are certain walkie talkie packages that come in certain accessories like belt or clip  it is used to clip the walkie talkie ear piece. The top brands for walkie talkie are Motorola Kenwood, icom and Hytera

Price of walkie talkie in Pakistan

The price of walkie talkie varies from location to location and the type of walkie-talkie. The price of walkie talkie ranges between 3000-35000 rupees in most places in Pakistan.

Five basic steps you must consider to choose the best walkie-talkie in Pakistan

A walkie talkie is the alternative to mobile phone to communicate in different scenarios. Through walkie talkie you can communicate with large group in one time. Through walkie talkie you can communicate in those areas where there is no mobile signal from camper to worker the two way radio is consider prefer mode of communication. Purchasing the walkie talkie is bit difficult task because there are variety of two way radios, the price, feature, function and capabilities vary from one and another. Below we describe some of walkie talkie feature you must consider.

Environment- the most crucial thing when deciding two way is to see in which environment you will use it. If you are using for professional reason you need powerful handset that has great number of channel and battery life. If you are choosing a walkie talkie in harsh environment choose a waterproof walkie talkie if you are hicking person, sport and camping person you need walkie talkie with battery life and multi-channel that is not expensive as well.

Radio frequency- there are two type of radio frequency in walkie talkie that are Very high frequency and ultra-high frequency. The VHF walkie talkie cover more distance while using less power. VHF is preferable if you in outdoor security aviation or maritime. A UHF is popular option for indoor environment

Distance and Range- the manufacture of walkie talkie mention the range of walkie talkie and there is difference between the ranges that is advertise than actual range. Digital walkie talkie have best range there are walkie talkies that can transmit analogue and digital frequencies

Power- the rule of thumb for walkie talkie is 1 mile coverage =1 watt of power. The higher is the wattage the higher range you will get but sometime professional walkie talkie with 5 watts of power can achieve 3 miles. This happen because of severe weather condition. Always check the types of battery of walkie talkie you are interested in. modern walkie talkie use lithium-ion batteries best for day to day use and has high capacity. Other are NiMH batteries they are resistant to impact and highly durable. They batteries charge quickly but sensitive to heat.

Licensing- when you purchase a walkie talkie licensing will help you in operating  and securinf frequency with minimum interruption from outside.


A walkie-talkie is an alternative to a mobile phone to communicate in different scenarios. Through walkie talkie, you can communicate with large group in one time. Walkie talkie have an antenna at top, a speaker and microphone. In this article we discussed how walkie talkie are operated, types and reasons of choosing of walkie talkies in Pakistan and the price of walkie talkies in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience, we have listed multiple walkie-talkie companies in every city of Pakistan that offer walkie talkie in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.