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Roshan Center, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad.
Shaze is an Islamabad based company dedicated to providing clients with creative kitchen concepts, high quality kitchen design for small kitchen, modern kitchen, home kitchen and commercial kitchen ...
203 Main Canal Road, Near Wafaqi Colony, Lahore.
Hadayat & Co, a reputable company based in Lahore, is dedicated to delivering world-class comfort and style to its customers. Specializing in sourcing premium finishing products, they offer an ...
Kitchen Designing Services
Golden Plaza, F-7, Blue Area, Islamabad.
At KitchenCare, our genuine passion for the industry drives us to continually develop cutting-edge innovations. Since 1992, we've been creating cherished memories for our clients. Known for excelle ...
Plot # 390, Street No. 16, Potohar Road, I-9, Islamabad.
Interwood Mobel (Pvt.) Ltd. is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Interwood Mobel (Pvt.) Ltd. was established in 1974 and has since become Pakistan’s most trusted name in high-quality furniture ...
High-Quality Hardware and Interiors
Pir Plaza, Sumbal Road, F 10/3, Islamabad, Pakistan
Al Asif Hardware and Interiors is located at F 10/3, Islamabad, Pakistan. Al Asif Hardware and Interiors is a preeminent hardware and interiors solution provided in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. We p ...
One of the most Recognized Name
64 Balour Palace, Beadon Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Al-Habib Panel Doors is located at Beadon Road, Lahore, Pakistan. Al-Habib Panel Doors offers Solid Doors, Main Double Doors (Diyar Wood, Kail Wood, Ash Wood, Pertal Wood), Fiber Panel Doors, Pa ...
Golra Mor, Islamabad.
Moooi Home, situated at Golra More in Islamabad, proudly represents a leading Turkish brand specializing in Kitchens, Doors, Wardrobes, uPVC Windows, Bathroom Vanities, Tiles, Kitchen Appliances, a ...
Kitchen Furniture Store
shop no 5, shokat center, Defence Rd, opposite DHA rahber, sector 2 Muhafiz Town, Lahore, Punjab.
D&K Kitchens is situated at sector 2 Muhafiz Town, Lahore. Looking for a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional. Look no further than D&K Kitchens. Our experienced designers will work with ...

All you want to know about wardrobe in Pakistan

You need to decide where you need to place the wardrobe. Wardrobe is place where all your things go inside you need to see the functionality of wardrobe. You all need to see the aesthetic about the wardrobe what will it look like from outside. There are so many wardrobe styles finishes and material available in the market below we describe some of the wardrobe material as available in the market.

Wardrobe material in pakistan

Veneer-if you like natural warmth of solid wood in less cost than veneer is best option for you. Veneer sheets are made up of ultra-thin slices of wood. You can polish and finish veneer just like solid wood. The major advantage of it is that it give a wood feel in minimum cost the cons of this material is that it need to be re polished after some time.

Solid wood wardrobe- for home owner the best wardrobe material is solid wood design. Solid wood is not envirnmnetal friendly choice. The cost of soild wood is high so natural wood is not afforadable for all home owner for home décor and wardrobe. It give a elgance look and style to your home and disadvantage is it is not ecofriendly.

Mirror shuttered wardrobe- It give a stylish look and perform various function. Mirror wardrobe give a larger look to your bedroom. These are best choice for small rooms where there is no space for seprate dresser. The major disadvantage is that the mirror is eaily breakable but the advantage it give aesthetic appeal with function of dresser and wradrobe.

Laminate wardrobe- these are most popular material for wardrobe and they are available in multiple finishes patterns and colors that go with your theme and décor. These wardrobe have gloss textured and matte finishes that give a modern traditional look to your room the major advantage of choosing these wardrobe is that they are durable and low in price. You can easily clean these with a soft cloth soap and water. The cons of these wardrobe is that it can be easily scratched.

Transparent glass or acyclic materials- if you want a minimum detailing you can go for transparent glass or acrylic shutters. These give you an airy and light look to the wardrobe. If you are neat person than it is not the best option for you. When you have transparent shutter you need to keep your wardrobe in order. The major advantage of it that is unique and elegant but there is lack of privacy.

Frosted or PU finished glass- if you like glass wardrobe but you don’t want that people view it. You should give your glass shutters painted by PU paints or you add the frosted sticker. In this way you can get a privacy look with airy look of glass. Glass wardrobe combined with a mirror or laminate give an aesthetic and modern look. But the major issue is that glass is breakable.

Lacquered or PU paint- you can paint the shutter of your wardrobe. You can customized the decoration according to your room decoration you can spray or paint the wardrobe to give it a glossy matte finish. You can choose the range of color this idea is best for walk in wardrobe.

Prices of wardrobe in Pakistan

The cost of wardrobe in Pakistan varies on the type of wardrobe you want, the location of the shop and quality of product. Wardrobe in Pakistan start from 15000 to 45000 rupees.

Tips to choose the right type of wardrobe for your home

You need to have a suitable storage for your bedroom. Wardrobe is furniture items that provide space to keep your valuable things in organized manner. Finding the right type of wardrobe for your home is difficult task so below we describe some tips that can be helpful for you

Usage- there are many varieties of wardrobe from single door, two door or three door fitted or free standing wardrobe. There are many option available in it when you open it such as shelves, drawers and shoe racks. So you need to see what type of storage space you need whether you need it for cosmetic purpose, shoe purpose or for clothing purpose.

Functionality-you should know how much space is needed for you to hang your clothes in wardrobe is necessary. Like for handing long coats and gown you need hangers for short dress you need half height rail. You need to think about the shelves and drawers as well so you can also store maximum in them as well. Now a days there are built in jewelry drawers, shoe racks in wardrobe so you don’t need extra furniture for it.

Consider size- always see the size of wardrobe that will fit exactly and matches the size of your room. If you have small room choose small wardrobe if you choose large wardrobe there would be less space for other furniture item like bed. Always see your budget what size of wardrobe is in your budget.

Type of wardrobe- you need to see what type of wardrobe you need to buy. Fitted wardrobe are best for room that have odd angles and sloping angles free standing wardrobe can be easily moved from one room to other some other types. There are two door, three door, panel wardrobes, door less and sliding wardrobe.
Style- always choose the wardrobe that matches your overall color schemes and design of room so that wardrobe don’t look odd in room setting.

Material and finish – there are many option of material and finish type you can choose any to give your wardrobe a unique look and style


Wardrobe is place where all your things go inside you need to see the functionality of wardrobe. In this article we discussed about, types of wardrobe in Pakistan, price of wardrobe in Pakistan and tips while choosing wardrobe in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple wardrobe stores in every city of Pakistan that offer wardrobe in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.