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Best Yoga Studios in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Sumaira Servet is the most experienced and popular yoga teacher
House No. 203, Street No. 52, G-10/3, Islamabad, Pakistan
Sumairas Yoganama is located at G-10/3, Islamabad, Pakistan. She layout yoga especially for weight loss, she teaches simplest to women in which girls can without difficulty and quite simply resear ...
Best Yoga Instructor in Twin Cities
Al-Mustafa Towers, F-10 Markaz, F 10/3 F-10, Islamabad, Pakistan
Yogi Baqer is located at F-10 Markaz, F 10/3 F-10, Islamabad, Pakistan. Ashtanga yoga is a system of yoga transmitted to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009). This method of yoga ...
Yoga, Reiki & Mind Sciences
Empire Heights II, Hill Road, Bahria Town, Phase VI, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Pakistan
Pranayama Yoga is located at Phase VI, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. After receiving intense training from Bali, Indonesia (200 HRS) TaiChi, Saima Altaf began teaching Yoga from home where s ...
It's not Fitness and its existence
22-C, Main Saba Avenue, Corner with Chota Bukhari, Phase 6, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan
Studio X is located at Phase 6, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan. Studio X is proud to be at the forefront of the latest, most innovative, and highly appreciated programs being introduc ...
Rediscover yourself through Yoga
37-A, Main Gulberg, Off Shayan Lane, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan
Cloud 9 Wellness Studio is located at Off Shayan Lane, Gulberg III, Lahore, Pakistan. Cloud nine Wellness Studio is a real yoga & recovery middle withinside the coronary heart of Lahore city. It� ...
Pakistan's First Registered Yoga Studio
135-B, Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Iqbal Avenue Cooperative Housing Society, Phase I, Iqbal Avenue Housing Society, Lahore, Pakistan
Indus Yoga Health Club is located at Phase I, Iqbal Avenue Housing Society, Lahore, Pakistan. Reshape your thoughts, body & spirit with the goodness of yoga. Whatever your trouble intellectual bod ...
Your new personal Yoga, Teacher
2nd Floor, 41 Central Commercial Area, CCA, Sector C, Phase 5, DHA, Lahore, Pakistan
Rumi Yoga is located at Phase 5, DHA, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Ibreez Rumi is an internationally renowned yoga teacher and author known for his accessibility, humor, and ability to empower studen ...
Best Institute in Karachi
11 Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi, Pakistan
Pakistan American Cultural Center is located at 11 Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi, Pakistan. Our different courses include Yoga and Dance course. Our courses contain classical to modern dancing conte ...
Winyasa Wellness
Zahoor Ilahi Road, Opposite LACAS School, Lahore, Pakistan
Vinyasa Wellness is located at the Opposite LACAS School, Lahore, Pakistan. Situated in the heart of Lahore, a tranquil haven of yoga classes led by Seemi Elahi. Class sessions offer a holistic ap ...
Essential Yoga For You
Plot 102/1, Block F, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan
Kurves Yoga & Fitness is located at Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan. Kurvesyoga.com is a health well-being center. It gives quality yoga training in Lahore. Kurves’ intention is that will help yo ...


Physical and mental exercise always hooked yoga practitionersso, roll out your yoga mats for some effective moves. The beauty of yoga is that you don’t need to be a yogni to get benefits from it. It has the power to calm your mind and strengthen you physically. It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, fit or overweight. Basically yoga is for everyone so doesn’t need to get afraid of some fancy yoga studios in Pakistan and poses.

What is yoga?

It is set of different exercise basically the poses with some mediation rules and specific breathing techniques thatare the building blocks for your yoga class. If some people faces difficulty and pain during the certain poses than there are certain modification and variation for specific students to help them and make them do specific modified poses. Certain props are also used like blanket, chairs, straps and blocks to help you get the full benefit from the perfect pose. As one shoe does not fit everyone same is the case with yoga it is not like that one size that will fit all. The best yoga workout for you will be the one that will be according to your needs and goals.

Doing yoga on regular basis have wide range of benefits for the students. A complete yoga workout will help you in reducing your back pain, keep your joint active and healthy. It is also helpful in improving your overall balance; stretches help you instrengthen your muscle as well. Yoga workout also focuses on breathing exercise that willhelp you to calm down and help you to be more mindful of your body. Yoga act as medicine that will help you to move in your life with great ease.

Benefits detected by different research studies

Many researches are conducted upon on the benefit that we can reap from yoga exercise. Fewbenefits are highlighted below from the studies that are:

  • It helps you to strengthen your bone. It has been in the study that yoga practitioners following yoga on regularly basis have increased bone density rather the control group.
  • It help you to recover from your back pain taking your weekly yoga classes will lower symptoms of back pain due to intensestretchingsession.
  • People who are practicing yoga regularlyfeel improvement in their balance. Study revealed that athletes who took yoga classes for 10 week showed better balance than the control group.
  • Another study revealed that people who practice yoga and meditation regularly perform more better on brain training exercises.
  • Study conducted on women show that mental stress andsymptoms of stress are reduced when yoga is practiced on regular basis.
  • Study conducted on coal miners who practiced yoga showed lessen depression and anxiety problem.

Tips to get best yoga center in Pakistan for you

You need to look these features before booking your classes with yoga studio in Pakistan. It is not easy job to find a best one that to in your budget is hard job but you need to do some legwork and some hopping to find a good one for yourself.

Determine why you need to join

Before finding a best yoga studio you need to ask yourself why youwant to join the studio. Take a moment and ask yourself few questions that are:

  • What I need fromthese yoga sessions?
  • Whether I’m recovering from any kind of injury?
  • Whether I want to be in shape or world like to break a sweat?
  • Do I want to lower my stress and anxiety level?
  • Do I like regular same classes pattern or require some change in each session.

See your geographical limit

One of the best ways to limit your research for yoga center is to limit your geographical boundary. Than ask yourself how long you could travel to reach yoga center. See whether you will use public transport if you will use public transport than see the buses schedules and routes. If you are travelling by your own you might be willing to travel one mile extra  if it  is best yoga in the town but if it quite far from you might skip it out. While visiting the yoga center on you own also see whether they have a parking facility

Determine your needs and want from the class

See what are your expectations and needs for the yoga class you might be practicing soon.As some people prefer slowy class some prefer restorative class so that they can balance out your other task, if that is need and priority than find a studio that deal with these classes.Some people are looking forward towards a place that the includes history and philosophy of yoga not just physical asanaso look forward to such yoga studio for your yoga sessions.

Always consult your friends

People have different preferences regardingyoga but it doesn’t hurt to ask your family and friends that are already practicing yoga class. Ask them what will be their suggestion for best yoga studio. Even some studio have facility to take one guest with them for one day to get an experience of yoga this would be best for you to know the taste of yoga studio and will make your decision more easy

Always look around you

Many yoga studio offer short term passes that are quite cheaper, within that frame you can  join different classes to see which teacher and class best suits youand then you can take long term pass for yoga class

Always arrange a meeting with teacher

Before booking classes from yoga studio meet the teachers because when you get connected with your teacher it will lead your yoga class to next level. You can visit different yoga event to get connected with different yoga teachers if you get connected with any teacher on event you can ask them to teach you or you tobe a part of their yoga classes.

Look and access the perks

Teacher and yoga classes are main feature while choosing yoga studio but always see perks that are good tiebreaker while choosing between many yoga classes like shower facilities, dressing facilities flexible timing facility are the perks that you must consider for your yoga classes.

Look for your budget

You will find multiple yoga center and studio that offers multiple price ranges. Review your budget and then take decision accordingly. If you like some studio and that is not in your budget don’t miss that opportunity immediately, see if they have any discount packages for students.

Choose you yoga studio with full care and zest as it will help you to recover many problems. Be healthy and stay strong from mind as well as soul !

If you are searching for the best yoga studios in Pakistan and looking for the best yoga instructor near you then you have come to right place. We have updated the top yoga centers for you. Just send message to multiple centers and get different quotes.