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Civic Center, Phase 4, Bahria Town, Islamabad.
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Longman Industrial Sales is located in Lahore, Pakistan. We are the prominent manufacturer, supplier, and sale of a wide range of Fiberglass and Rubber Products, which are widely appreciated for s ...
Shop# 54 & 55, Saleem Plaza, Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block 16 Karachi
HS Fiberglass & Plastics is located in Karachi, Pakistan. HS Fiberglass was started over 18 years ago with the aim to design, manufacture and install fiberglass products using top quality material ...
Bhatta Gadiyan Salamat Pura Lahore
New Fibre Zone is located in Lahore, Pakistan. New Fiber Zone is a trusted Supplier for all kinds of fiberglass products. We are serving our clients for the past 27 years with quality products lik ...
7B, Westland TradeCenter, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi Pakistan.
Blue Line Fiberglass is located in Karachi, Pakistan. Blue Line fiberglass is a leading Fiberglass Manufacturer Company in Karachi, a subsidiary of Blue Line Décor which was formed in 2003 with a ...
Service lane of ring road near Quaid E Azam Interchange Wagha Town, Lahore, Punjab Pakistan
We are an Engineering company established since 1998. Our services and products can be broadly categorized into fiberglass fabrication steel fabrications. We are based in Lahore, but we ...
CHP8+FR9, Barki Rd, Hudiara, Lahore, Punjab.
Power Tack Fiberglass is located in Barki Rd, Hudiara, Lahore, Punjab. We reliable manufacturer of fiberglass products, Steel Fabrication, Heavy Duty Structure, Light G ...
Apartment# 3, 1st Floor, Malik Plaza, Dougach Stop, Zarrar Shaheed Road Guldasht Town, Lahore Cantt Pakistan
Pak Fiberglass Industry Composits is located in Lahore, Pakistan. We are manufacturer & service provider of design/consultant of  Fiberglass Canopies, Domes, Sky Ligh ...
Valley Rd, Westridge 1, Rawalpindi, Punjab
National Group of Companies is located in Westridge 1, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. National Fiber Glass combined experience of over 30 years has enabled us to launch this c ...
M-1 , Mezz. Floor , Safeway House , 28-E , South Park Avenue , Phase II-Ext. D.H.A. , Karachi
Fibretech is located in Karachi, Pakistan. Fibretech is one of the Leading Manufacturers of Fibreglass Products in Pakistan. the Company started its production in the year 1995 with medium size se ...

All you want to know about fiberglass fabricators in Pakistan

Fiberglass is the most popular material used in various fields like used by engineers at your home by project managers and many more. It is leight in weight and strong than other materials like plastic or wood. It can withstand the harsh envirnment with rusting and buckling. Due to these properties of fiber glass is used for brigde construction by government and people. People buy these  fiber sheet from the fiber glass shop to use them. The manufacturing process of fiber glass is still unknown but fiber glass is widely used in pakistan below we describe the fiber glass manufacturing

The manufacturing method of fiberglass fabricators in Pakistan

Raw material- there are many varieties of fiber glass like S glass, H-glass and E-glass and the list go on. Every type of fiber glass has its own qualities and each fiber glass differ manufacturing process. To develop fiber glass there are different types of minerals used they melt mineral in furnace. Later on the melted glass is used through tiny brush later on these take form of orifices that are 25 micrometer in diameter that are known as filaments. Later on these filament are sized and bundle into roving’s.

The alternative form of glass fiber is used by manufacturing companies it come in strand mat. When the glass harden as it cool down the binding material is used to  keep the product in place later on it rolled and cut to form continuous mat.

Pultrusion- when the stand mats are formulated they are moved to FRP manufactures. These manufacture turn these strand mats into certain fiber glass tool and equipment that we use in our daily life. This process is known as pultrison. Pultrison is the procedure that convert the liquid resin and reinforced fiber into fiber reinforced polymer composite. There are many different ways to create fiber glass but most used and common is pultrison that give best results. There are 5 stages the first one is performing in which they fit the material into pultrison machine later on through tension roller they  create filament into workable shape in this step they handle all thing with care for accuracy to achieve the best quality and strength of glass. The filament are then wet out in resin bath to get the properties of fiber glass you want for the project. The resin bath composition change depending upon the performance you need in your end result. Once you have soaked it in resin bath after that you need to get them through heating pool to set them in your desire shape and molds. There is constant temperature and when initiated the temperature of resin will rise than the die. After the pultrison procedure is done you need to separate the fiber glass and cut the size you want for product.

Prices of fiberglass fabrication in Pakistan

The cost of fiber glass fabrication in Pakistan varies on the type of fiber glass fabrication you want, the location of the shop and quality of product. Fiber glass fabrication in Pakistan start from 500 to 900 rupees.

Tips to choose fiberglass Fabrication Company in Pakistan

Choosing the right type of fiber glass fabrication company is daunting task if you are looking forward towards some specialized solutions like all fabric glass fabrication company don’t handle making of all equipment for every industry you need to see whether the company has right type resources experience to deliver you the products. If you choose the right company you won’t face any issue of quality or time delay. Below we describe some things you need to consider while choosing a fiber glass fabrication company in Pakistan

Experience- you need to see the company you are hiring has how much experience serving in the same industry. You just don’t need to see company experience but you need to see the employee working in company experience as well. You can ask them certain question such as how they have work on certain project like yours one. Have they made such product previously that you have order them to make? See there technical expertise to meet your demand for the product.

Workforce- you need to see two factors the skill and experience of individuals. If there is lack of skill in individual they won’t be able to deliver best produc,. You should see how many people are working on permanent payroll

Quality- whether it is big or small project you don’t need to compromise on quality standards. Always see that products they are producing meet all the quality test of their own. Always see what type of certification they hold. See what metrics they follow to track their quality performance.
Competitive prices- always visit multiple companies of fiber glass fabrication so that you get the idea of prices they are charging from you. Choose the one that offer quality prices in minimum charges.

Resource- always see the company you are choosing has the right type of technology resources and equipment to meet your company requirement of fiber glass manufacturing.

Financial – always see the company you are choosing is financial stable the company that is financial stable can invest in new technology.

Customer service- the customer is the most important factor while building relationship with the customer. You can ask from their previous clients about their performance.


Fiber glass is the most popular material used in various fields like used by engineers at your home by project managers and many more. It is leight in weight and strong than other materials like plastic or wood. In this article we discussed about, Manufacturing method of fiber glass fabricators in Pakistan, price of fiber glass in Pakistan and tips of choosing fiber glass Fabrication Company in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple fiber glass fabricators company in every city of Pakistan that offer fiber glass in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.