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Dr. Rizwan Ghafoor

Best Orthopedics Surgeons in Multan

Fatima Medical Centre, Chowk Rasheedabad Flyover, Rasheed Abad Naqshband Colony, Multan, Pakistan

Dr. Rizwan Ghafoor is located at Naqshband Colony, Multan, Pakistan. Dr. Rizwan Ghafoor has some expertise in complex injury and confounded cracks, spinal issues and wounds, sports wounds, joint problems and substitutions, hand medical procedures, solid issues, and pediatric muscular health. Have a question or comment? Use the form below to send us a message or contact us by mail.

Orthopedic Surgeons in Multan

Human body musculoskeletal system consist of multiple bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments thus if you feel pain in any of these so it is quite common because they play a major role in movement of your daily routine work. Orthopedics field is especially devoted to treat these specific areas. Orthopedic surgeon and doctor are also known as orthopedist who have specialized in this field. They can just not only diagnose and treat but can also perform surgeries. As this field is quite vast so mostly people of orthopedic field specialize in specific type of orthopedics. Most common orthopedics fields are foot, hand and sports injuries. Mostly your care doctor refers you to the orthopedist if he sees any problem related to musculoskeletal system. You care doctor will also let you know to see which types of orthopedist you need for this particular issue.

What Does an Orthopedic Surgeon in Multan Do?

They are trained and qualified to diagnose your orthopedic issues, provide or prescribe treatment and also assist people in rehabilitation. They can also prepare long terms strategies to provide treatment for disorder illnesses and issue related to your bones muscles, tendon, ligament and joints.

They provide treatment and surgeries for various areas that are hip, hand, neck, knee, ankle and spinal surgeries. Firstly they try to treat issue in holistic manner rather than going on the surgeries straight away.

Which conditions are handled by physiotherapists in Multan?

They provide treatment for various issue below are some of the conditions that are handled by orthopedic surgeon in Multan that are:

  • Joint or back pain
  • Bone fracture
  • Limb abnormalities
  • Bone cancer
  • Arthritis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Muscle strains and
  • Injury in tendons and ligament like sprains and tendonitis

In what conditions you need to see physiotherapists in Multan?

In most of the cases people visit orthopedic surgeon in Multan if they feel any kind of pain in their movement of bones joint and muscle. If you feel that your body is stiff, it hurts or usually swollen or if you face any injury related to ligaments, joint, muscle and bone than you must visit orthopedic surgeon. You also need to see orthopedic surgeon if you see that you range of motion is reduced. In this situation orthopedic doctor will help you to regain your ability of movement in particular manner.

If you face any serious injury they will help you to recover and also recommend you how to prevent yourself from further surgeriesthat’s why many athletes take advice and work with orthopedic surgeons. Usually orthopedic surgeon treat theseinjuries that are broken or tor tendons, broken or torn ligaments, fracture of hip or spine, broken bones that don’t heal with a case. Orthopedicsurgeon are not only visited at time of surgery you can visit them if you have long lasting pain loss of mobility and aches.These issues may arise because of any previous injury or it may occur with passage of time so it’s better to tell your doctor if you feel any kind of pain

You can see orthopedic surgeon for treatment of your soft tissues or bone. These problem may occur if you had long term illness that are:

·         Chronic joint and muscle pain

·         Cancer tumor in bones

·         Bursitis

·         Non-cancerous tumors

·         Blood cancer

·         Cancer tumor that is spread from bone to other areas

·         Arthritis

·         Treatment provided by orthopedic surgeon may include surgeries therapy and some medication depending upon the situation of the person

Consultation with orthopedic surgeon in Multan

During your first appointment your orthopedic surgeon will have detail look on your medical history after that will see the diagnostic imaging that are X-ray or MRI and some physical test. These test and physical check-up will help you and your surgeon to see what your issues are and you can also discuss about your problems and issues of specific area where you feel pain. Usually it takes around 10 to 20 minutes for the surgeon to fully examine you and recommend you treatment.

Sometimes it is hard to consult for first appointment with your orthopedic surgeon. If you plan some questions before visiting the clinic you will be more clear and efficient about things that will benefit you and your orthopedic doctor as well. First of all you need to understand your own condition that how you can manage your long term health as every patient case is slightly different from one and another but below are some steps that can help to get started:

  • Always before consultation to the orthopedic surgeon compile the records of your previous medical history if you consulted some other doctor previously. If you are taking any medication or supplements for any problem or issue you should disclose this information to your surgeon.
  • Explain the level of pain to your surgeon it will be helpful for your surgeon to diagnose the problem easily. You can easily explain through a pain scale from 1 to 10. 1 show no pain and 10 show extreme pains.
  • If certain treatment is recommended by the surgeon ask about all the relevant information for the surgery like information what food and drink you need to avoid what is the healing procedure and recovery time? Etc.
  • Once your surgeon recommends you the relevant treatment always ask for the side effects and positive of treatment so that it would be easy for you to go for relevant treatment.
  • If you need time to make decision regarding the treatment you can ask for more time to from orthopedic to make decision regarding the treatment.
  • For peace of your mind you can also ask your surgeon about that how much experience you have in treating these same issues.

The price of consultation with orthopedic surgeons in Multan will depends on the qualification and experience of your physiotherapists. Mostly for consultation fee they charge around 1k to 3k rupees in Multan.

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