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Dr. Babar Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

8-C Model Town, Lahore.

+92-42-35863310, +92-42-35868868


Dr. Babar Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Babar is a pioneer in the field of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Pakistan. He is a Founding part and Past President of Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons and plays had a particular impact in the improvement of Plastic Surgery in Pakistan. He is an individual from a few National and International Associations identified with Plastic Surgery. Dr. Babar holds the interesting qualification of being affirmed by both the American Boards of Surgery and Plastic Surgery. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons starting around 1977 and has been an individual from its Board of Governors for a very long time. Dr. Babar was Clinical Assistant Professor and Consultant in Plastic Surgery at Hahneman University Philadelphia for more than 11 years and has filled in as Consultant and Professor of Plastic Surgery at King Edward Medical College/Mayo Hospital for more than 16 years. In acknowledgment of his exceptional accomplishments in the field of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Babar name and life story has been incorporated by the International Biographical Center (UK) and Marquis WHO (USA) for most recent quite a while.

Dr. Babar has composed many articles and clinical exploration papers distributed in clinical diaries, including American Journal of plastic and Reconstructive medical procedure, Pakistan Journal of medical procedure, Journal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan.

Dr. Babar has given talks and introduced numurous research papers at clinical meetings. He is frequently met by columnists on paper and TV as an expert in the field of Plastic Surgery and Annals of King Edward Medical College.

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