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Best AC Companies in Pakistan to Choose in 2024 | Air Conditioning Brands

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Sabro Group
Pakistan's AC Company
Street 10, I-9/2 I-9, Islamabad, Pakistan

Sabro Group is located at I-9/2 I-9, Islamabad, Pakistan. Sabro Group of companies is a pioneer heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system company in Pakistan. We provide complete installation and repairing/maintenance services in a complete package. If you have any questions or require more information regarding our products, please fill out the form below and our support team will get back to you before you know it!

Siemens Service Center
Specialize in Repair & Installation of all types AC
17-GF, Ahmad Center Plaza, I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan

Siemens Service Center is located at I-8 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. We are providing the best repair /maintenance/Installation services to all household Appliances/AC-HVAC air conditioning, with more than 13+ years of successfully diagnosing and repairing in this region. We are one of the leading Service and Repair companies in this region.

Best AC Company in Lahore
Abid Market Lahore, Pakistan

Rays are located at Abid Market Lahore, Pakistan. Rays is offering a broad range of home appliances including microwave ovens, range hoods, hobs, electric ovens, steam ovens, AC, and much more. If you have any concerns and queries about our products like AC or want any kind of information or complaints or suggestion please feel free to contact us and share your concern with Us!

Global No.1 Major Appliance Brand
College Road, Block D Block Q, Gulberg 2, Lahore, Pakistan

Haier is located at Gulberg 2, Lahore, Pakistan. Established in 1984, Haier is a Global no:1 Home appliances Brand. Focusing on user experience, Haier is committed to making the lives of its customers comfortable with its innovative and smart products. Our products include AC, Fridge, Washing Machine, LED, Ovens, Laptops, etc. We are available to assist you with all your queries and inquiry. Our team is always ready on a priority basis to assist regarding all your needs.

Pak Elektron Limited
Best AC Company in Pakistan
Green Trust Tower, Office 301, 3rd Floor, Jinnah Ave, Block O, F 6/1 Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan

Pak Elektron Limited is located in Blue Area, Islamabad, Pakistan. Pak Elektron Limited (PEL) is the pioneer manufacturer of electrical goods in Pakistan. PEL provides its popular product consisting of refrigerators, Air conditioners, Washing machines, LED TV, ovens, Water dispensers, Deep freezers, and Air purifiers. If you are looking to buy the best AC then PEL AC is the best choice for you, contact us through email and phone number.

TCL Electronics
TCL Inspire Greatness
Phase 3, DHA, Lahore, Pakistan

TCL Electronics is located at DHA, Lahore, Pakistan. Founded in 1981, today TCL is one of China’s leading Consumer Electronics brands with a global presence in over 150 countries. Please let us know if you have a question, want to leave a comment, or would like further information about any of our services

Premiere Home Appliances Company in Pakistan
Lane 2, PAF Colony, Lahore, Pakistan

Dawlance is located at PAF Colony, Lahore, Pakistan. Dawlance is the premier Home Appliance company in Pakistan, with a product range, stemming from refrigerators to microwave ovens and air conditioners, with a culture and products that elevate reliability. If you have any concerns and queries about our services or want any kind of information or complaints or suggestion please feel free to contact us and share your concern with Us!

Orient Group of Companies
Best AC Company in Pakistan
94-C, New Phagwari Road, Block E, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Orient Group of Companies is located at Block E, Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Orient is a consumer electronics goods brand. Over the past decade, we have evolved as a brand by revolutionizing the lifestyles of thousands of people across the country. Orient popular products are Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Washing machines, LED TVs, Oven, Water dispensers, and Deep freezers. Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavor to answer all inquiries within 24 hours on business days. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Leading Pakistan's Home & Kitchen Appliances Market
Muhammadi Masjid, House No. 129-A, Raja Khaliqdad Road, Near National Market, Asghar Mall Scheme, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Kenwood is located at Asghar Mall Scheme, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Kenwood designs produce and sell kitchen appliances including stand mixers, blenders, food processors, kettles, air conditioners, and toasters. For any queries, you may connect with us via email, WhatsApp or call. We will be happy to assist you.

Global No.1 Air Conditioning Brand in Pakistan
Shamsabad, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Daikin is located in Shamsabad, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Daikin is the leading innovator and provider of advanced, high-quality air conditioning solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Daikin is the one and only air conditioning company in the world that specializes in manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service, not to mention refrigerants. Call +92 51-4445482 today. Alternatively, send us an E-mail. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

Most Purchased  AC companies in Pakistan

In Pakistan most of the regions remain hot and humid for 8 months in a year thus usage of Air conditioner is very common and frequent. Now the heat waves also started in the whole country there is a increase in demand of AC. Due to increase in demand of AC manufacturing companies in Pakistan has put great emphasis on making affordable and high techno AC in the market. In hot region of Pakistan air conditioner is compulsory in public place and for modern living in houses and offices. There are multiple brands of air conditioners available in market thus it is difficult for choose which one is best for your home and office. If you feel difficulty in finding one below we will see the top  brand of air conditioner used in Pakistan

Major brands of AC in Pakistan

Ac is not considered as luxury any more but it has been that 10 % of total household income is spending in paying the bill of these electric appliances like AC. Through Ac you can beat the heat by cooling down the temperature of your room. The brand will provide you long time warranty and give elegant design look of  AC. In Pakistan usually people purchase AC of these brands that are: Haier, Kenwood, PEL, gree, Mitsubushi, Orient, Dawalance,  Daikin Acson  and Changhong Ruba.

Whenever you reached home back from tiring day at office you want to relax on a place where there is no noise and you can takeoff from all of your stress luckily if you find such place the weather in Pakistan will let you down and go crazier. To overcome this when you install Ac in your houses so that you can relax but then you see that you have to pay large electricity bill generated by using such appliances. To solve this issue manufacturing companies introduced Inverter Ac that is bit expensive but in long run they are light on pocket. They use less energy and are eco-friendly. If you feel difficulty in purchasing Air condition at once there are certain Stores that also offer installation opportunities to get one.

Before purchasing Ac you should also see whether you need normal Ac or inverter AC or solar Ac. Solar Ac are quite new in the market so you may not find them in large size they are only available in 1 ton 1.5 or 2 ton. These air conditions will be next technological change in the field of air condition. Experts will usually see the size of your room and then will recommend you the best among them. There are certain companies that provide the service to its customer to guide them which size and type of Ac will be best suitable for them. Every brand Air conditions have their own price range according to the features they are providing to the customer. After looking the pricing of AC that next being a customer you should see is AC energy consumption. The more energy your AC consume the more it will increase your electricity bills so make a wise because it is one time long investment.