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Ali Arshad Associates
Professional Architect Design Firm
F-42/1, Block 4, Off 26th Street, Kehkashan Clifton, Karachi.

Ali Arshad Associates have been working in field to provide vibrant and dynamic designs in developing a building that will complement and enhance the beauty of your surroundings. They are trying to create design that go beyond the expectation of the clients by setting an example. They with their unique talent and principle of art ,history and technical knowledge create a wow feature in their designs. When they collaborate with their clients they use their years of experience, education, creativity and practice to deliver the end product in original form and in budget. They will find innovative and practical solution to your problems. They handle project of all sizes and they have expertise in architecture feasibility study, supervision urban design, interiors, renovation, maintenance and master planning.

Jinnah Garden, Islamabad.

AbdulMoiez Mirza Architect & Associates is a dedicated private consultancy firm offering comprehensive architectural design consultancy services. Originally founded in 2020 as a small individually owned architectural design consultancy, the firm swiftly transformed into a full-fledged design firm, catering to the Real Estate Industry's diverse needs. Our expertise spans across commercial projects, high-rise architecture, planning, interior design, construction, mechanical services, and renovation solutions, ensuring holistic and innovative services for our valued clients. For any inquiries or assistance, please feel free to get in touch with us.       

Rania Mall, Saddar, Rawalpindi.

Artistic Buildtech is located at Saddar, Rawalpindi. Artistic Build Tech, a design studio that brings your dreams to life through innovative and exceptional design. We are a passionate team of professionals dedicated to creating captivating spaces and experiences for our clients.

52- A, DHA Phase 6, Lahore, 54000

SM design works is located at lahore. Since 2014, SM DESIGNWORKS is an emerging name, among the famous and top architects in Lahore and top interior Designers in Lahore, Pakistan with absolute commercial Design | Restaurant Design | House Design | Office Design Solutions.

All you need for your space
Zamzama Commercial Area Defence V Karachi.

Sahulat4u, based in Karachi, is a comprehensive interior design, concept development, and consulting firm known for crafting lucrative and appealing projects. Our expertise spans various sectors like hospitality, office spaces, retail, and both commercial and residential realms. Renowned for creating marketable and profitable ventures, we excel in delivering innovative designs tailored to diverse industries. With a keen eye for detail and a focus on profitability, we specialize in transforming spaces into compelling, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environments. At Sahulat4u, our commitment lies in designing projects that not only stand out but also elevate the market and redefine standards.

signature interiors
Elevate Your Space, Redefine Your Style
Garden Town, Gujranwala.

Signature Interiors is a premier interior design firm specializing in creating inspiring spaces for residential, commercial, and hospitality environments. With a wealth of expertise and a passion for design, our team of skilled professionals brings innovation and creativity to every project. From elegant and cozy homes to functional and stylish workplaces, and captivating hospitality venues, we tailor each design to our clients' unique vision and needs. Through a collaborative approach, attention to detail, and a keen eye for aesthetics, we transform spaces into captivating experiences that blend beauty, functionality, and comfort seamlessly. Discover the art of interior design with Signature Interiors.

Robust Construction Solution (Pvt.) Ltd.
We Build The Way You Want
Block L Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore.

Robust Construction Solution (Pvt) Ltd stands out as a rapidly expanding and highly esteemed organization in Pakistan. Our company boasts official registration with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and holds a coveted position as a Category C-2 member of the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC). At Robust, we place a paramount emphasis on our customer-centric approach, consistently delivering top-tier services within the domains of Engineering, Construction, and Design.

Mohas Consultants
Connecting Spaces with People
Arbab complex, Warsak Road, Peshawar.

Mohas Consultants specializes in turning your dreams into reality by creating comfortable and elegant living, working, and staying spaces. With a focus on architecture, interior design, and engineering, we offer innovative solutions that elevate your surroundings to a new level of sophistication. Our team combines an aesthetic sense with cutting-edge designs to provide you with spaces that reflect your unique style and preferences. Whether it's designing a luxurious home, renovating an office space, or constructing a commercial building, Mohas Consultants is dedicated to delivering a heightened level of evolution and creating spaces that exceed your expectations. Experience the lushness and comfort you deserve with our exceptional services.

Transeptia Construction
Best Construction Services Company
13/B-1 Khursheed Alam Road, Cantt, Lahore.

Transeptia Constructon a leading interior design firm in Lahore, specializes in creating customized architectural designs tailored to their environment. With a rich history of excellence, they excel in construction, 3D remodeling, and interior design for both commercial and residential projects in Pakistan. Their team of skilled architects and interior designers is committed to crafting original designs that enhance livable spaces and inspire creativity. Transeptia offers a range of services, including interior design, architectural design, construction, office interiors, 3D modeling, and furniture and fixture solutions, dedicated to enhancing and beautifying interiors.

Habib Fida Ali
ISO 9001 2000 Certified Architect Firm
4- Chaudhry Khaliq-uz-zaman Road, Karachi.

Habib Fida Ali work as sole proprietor in 1965. The design philosophy of the company is unchanged from previous 49 years. Company considered less is more. Design team work day and night to collaboratewith the clients to attain quality by providing themwith suitable affordable designs. There are 40+ employees working in the organization among which 14 arearchitects and interior designers and 17 CAD and 3D draftsman. They have worked in corporate, hospitals residential,institutional, historicpreservationhospitality mosques and entrainment projects. They deal with architecture design, pre designing, landscape designing interior architecture and project management.

All you want to know about architectural designs in Pakistan

Architectural design is consider as important phase of any kind of project because it focus on aesthetic and functionality of your project. The designing is important because the designs will make difference for the people who are utilizing the space on daily basis. Every one want a seamless and efficient space area when it come to the functionality. If as home owner you want designing of your home or want designing of building hire the expert architectural designer as he will carefully lay the designing of your home.

Architectural design is the planning of structure with aesthetic and function in mind the difference between architecture and architectural design is that the architecture is about the overall function while designing structure from initial phase to the construction phase but architectural design consist of designing aspect of the process. Architectural designer are not as same architect. The test passed by architecture is related to technical architecture knowledge not about designing but about health measure, the environment, the residents and welfare about building. The architectural designer solely focuses on the design aspect of architect field.

We all have the picture of dream home in our mind the architectural designer than translate that image into structure. We as home owners have very little information about what an architect does. People are familiar with basic concept of designing they only tell their designing requirement to the architectural designer and then he through his skills he create a rendered map in return. When you hire the architectural designer they start the designing process very smoothly that you need not to worry about it. Architectural designer first earn the license after the education, rigorous training and experience. They first will understand their client need and then lay out the designing according to set standard.

Famous architectural designs

Designing of the building is the first thing that capture the attention of people. If the building designing is remarkable it usually become the land marks for that city and people from all around the world visit that place. Some of most fascinating and memorable building have architectural that are identifiable. Some of these designs are still utilize by architectural designer below we describe some of the most famous architectural designing structure

Greek and Roman Classical architecture- this design is usually used in ancient Greece and Rome. The classical design are usually surrounded by columns, expressed by temple or oblong enclosure. In Greece the architectural design are classic in order of Doric, columns and Corinthian. The roman favorable architectural design are Corinthian.

Gothic design- these styles are usually used in Europe in churches. Theses design of building was used in France for hundreds of years. The most famous gothic architectural design is the Notre dame in France.

Baroque- it is emotional and dramatic design this style of architectural was originated from Italy. These design includes curving forms like concave convex and ovals. There is another design as distortion in which the design look like it is broken or manipulated to make it unique and stand out

Neoclassical Architecture is the revival of classical architectural design. The style is similar to the Rome and Greek design. Neo classical design have free standing columns, elegant line, uncluttered appearance and massive buildings.

Victorian Architecture- these design of building were constructed in region of England queen Victoria. These design are used in residential house design during the industrial revolution. The Victorian design look like doll house that have asymmetrical design and vivid colors.

Modern Architecture- these designs cover different styles that were famous in 20th century these design are simple, lack ornamentation and based on clean structure

Post-Modern Architecture- the post architectural design includes cratered decorative and ornamentation element in building instead of just clean line like modern architecture designs.

Neo-futurist Architecture- in this design they use new technologies to create innovative structure that are previously not done.

Why hiring of architectural designer is important?

Economics- the best architectural designer is the one that doesn’t cost much and still stand out. The architectural designer can develop your small old space area office into new and breathing space area that gives the economic boost to you.

Quality of life- architectural designer add creativity, art and beauty to life of our home and offices that we didn’t expected. They know how to give your building the best view. It has been seen that good architecture design creates healthy neighborhood and communities.

Creating flow- they just not develop design they make sure that building designing flow make sense. The good flow help individual to live more efficiently like a well-designed hospital will ensure that patients are treated quickly.

Things you need to see before hiring the architectural designer

  • You need to identify why you’re building?
  • You need to identify what you need from the architectural designer?
  • You need to research about the specialization of architecture designer.
  • Once you are done with above step now you should review the portfolios of short listed candidates.
  • The people who meet your criteria meet those architectural designers for the interview.
  • You must ask them about their charges for proposal.

Pay structure of architecture in Pakistan

In Pakistan the architectural designer earn around 40-150 thousand in a month. The lowest salary of architect is around 40 thousand and highest is around 146 thousand in a month.


The designing is important because the designs will make difference for the people who are utilizing the space on daily basis. Every one want a seamless and efficient space area when it come to the functionality. Architecture is about the overall function while designing structure from initial phase to the construction phase but architectural design consist of designing aspect of the process. In this article we have discussed the famous architectural designs, importance of architectural designer and tip to hire an ideal architectural designer for your home.  If you are searching for the best architect designer in Pakistan then you have come to right place. We have updated the best architectural designer for you. Just send message to multiple architectural designer and get different quotes.