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Building No 3c, lane 3, Seher Commercial Area Phase 7 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

Musa Traders is a leading wholesaler of high-quality artificial grass Company in Pakistan. They offer the best imported grass of different thicknesses to cater to the diverse needs of their customers. Their products are available for delivery throughout the country. In addition to providing top-notch artificial grass, Musa Traders also has a team of professionals dedicated to installing the grass to perfection. Whether you need artificial grass for your home, office, or sports facility, Musa Traders has got you covered with their wide range of products and exceptional services. For more information contact us through email and phone no.

office # 7,8, More, Al-Hassan Plaza, LG Floor 149 Lahore – Kasur Rd, Muslim Town, Lahore.

Home To Office Concepts provide comprehensive services to ensure that artificial grass surfaces remain in top condition and are suitable for use in homes and offices. With a focus on customer satisfaction, this company strives to provide high-quality services that meet the unique needs of each client. Whether its routine maintenance or a complete renovation project, this company is committed to delivering top-notch artificial grass solutions.

Eden Towers, Gulebeg 3, Block E 1, Lahore.

Garghash Sports Flooring has been providing high-quality indoor and outdoor sports flooring solutions in Pakistan since 1999. Their range includes EPDM athletic and jogging track flooring, PU basketball court, acrylic badminton court, tennis court, synthetic PVC sports flooring, EPDM kindergarten, kid rubber playground, football soccer artificial grass, squash maple wood floor, and more. For more information contact us through email and phone no.

K2B hasan apartment block 13 A gulshan e iqbal karachi.

Omair Sports Flooring is a company that specializes in providing various types of flooring solutions for sports facilities, gyms, outdoor recreational areas, and even childrens play areas. They offer a wide range of services including the installation of sports flooring, gym flooring, and artificial grass. Their expertise also extends to constructing recreational and amusement areas. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a business owner looking to create a safe and enjoyable environment for children, Omair Sports Flooring has got you covered. For any information contact us through email and phone no.

Main Blvd, Sector E DHA Phase 3, Lahore.

An artificial grass and plant  is a company that provides a range of synthetic turf options and plants for landscaping and other purposes. They offer a variety of high-quality and durable artificial grass products that mimic the appearance and feel of real grass, as well as a selection of plants that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. Whether you are looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, business, or other space, an artificial grass and plant supplier can provide you with the products and expertise you need to create the perfect landscape.

Siyal Interior & Doors
Where the essence of home begins
Faizabad Vehari chowk Multan.

Siyal Interior and Doors is your one-stop destination for a wide variety of doors, interior products, and event decor items. With an extensive selection of doors that combine style and durability, they cater to diverse needs. Additionally, Siyal offers a range of top-notch interior products to elevate your living spaces with elegance and functionality. For those special occasions, their event decor products add a touch of charm and sophistication. Whether you're looking for the perfect door, interior essentials, or exquisite event decor, Siyal Interior and Doors provide exceptional solutions to transform your spaces into captivating havens.

Poundhil Artificial Grass
Best Flooring Contructor
Saddar Rawalpindi

Poundhill Artificial all types artificial grass Astro turf are available on whole sale price. We are the importer of artificial grass. We take Payment through paypal aswell, For any query contact us.

Sarina Flooring
A Fmous Wooden Flooring Company
DD-83, Minhas Plaza, Shamsabad, Murree Road, Rawalpindi.
Looking for a reliable and affordable flooring solution in Pakistan? Look no further than Sarina Flooring! We offer a wide range of flooring products and services to meet your every need, and our prices are unbeatable! Satisfaction guaranteed!
Dream Interior
Quality of Work and material Professional team
Office 62, 3 Zubair Shah Rd, near nust University, H-13, Islamabad

Looking to transform your home into a stylish and functional space? Dream Interior is here to help! Our experienced team of designers will work with you to bring your vision to life, whether you are looking for a modern or traditional look. We offer a wide range of services including space planning, furniture selection, and color consulting. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start creating the home of your dreams

Circle Enterprises
Best Artificial Grass Services
Football Ground near SLS school Zaraj Housing Society Sector B Islamabad

Looking for a top-quality artificial grass provider in Pakistan? Look no further than Elite Sports Centers! We specialize in developing and operating football fields on 4G artificial/synthetic grass turf with floodlights, and we are the main provider of artificial grass for sports/landscape, multipurpose flooring, tennis courts, basketball courts, and other indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Contact us today to learn more!

All you want to know about artificial grass in Pakistan

Artificial grass got importance because it was needed for athletic fields later on it was used at your back yard but in today world there are many uses of artificial grass beyond used in playground and residential area. Below we discuss some types of artificial grass in Pakistan.

Types of artificial grass in Pakistan

Artificial grass is synthetic ground cover that look similar to real grass. It has been evolved so much from past that it don’t look plastic or fake product. It is made up of petroleum based plastic. There are 3 types of artificial grass that are

Nylon artificial grass- it is long lasting and most durable but expensive as well. It is stiffest artificial grass so best for high traffic areas. Not suitable for kids playing area and for pets area.

Polyethylene artificial grass- it is best option for the artificial lawn. It has realistic texture and look. It is mid-range option so not much durable as nylon artificial grass. It is soft material that is best for children play areas and zones that are best option people that love to walk barefoot.

Polypropylene artificial grass- it is least expensive and durable and cannot stand high traffic areas. It is suitable for the areas that are not used on daily basis

Where you can install artificial grass?

You can place the artificial grass area on area where there is natural or other area as ground cover. It can be used on areas where the natural lawn don’t look practical. You can use artificial grass in play areas, front and back yard of your home.  Boarder of the sidewalks, gathering areas, around their ground above ground pools, roof deck and backyard patios.

Prices of artificial grass in Pakistan

The cost of artificial grass in Pakistan varies on the type of artificial grass you want, the location of the shop, and quality of product. Artificial grass in Pakistan start from around 5 thousand rupees.

Pros and Cons of using artificial grass in Pakistan

There are many home products that you use and each one of them come with certain positive and negatives.

Pros of using artificial grass

You don’t need to maintain it. No need to fertilizing, mowing and ratting is needed. It is always green. You will get lush green grass for entire year. You can choose the shade of green artificial grass. With passage of time they become more realistic and resembles the natural grass. If you use it with care it is very long lasting and can last for 20 years or more. You don’t need to pour the water daily that save your time effort and monthly supply of water and water bills as well.

Cons of using artificial grass

It is bit on expensive side and professionals expert will charge the installation on the basis of sq ft . Even if you install it the initial cost of buying grass is expensive. As artificial grass is made up of plastic so it get really hot in during summer. It became so hot that it is difficult to even stand and enjoy in your lawn. The high quality of artificial grass look real and is durable but still it is not as soft as the real grass. Not soft for kids if they fall while laying. As it save your water consumption but during manufacturing phase of artificial grass impact environment and difficult to find the recycle center of artificial grass in Pakistan. Researchers say that artificial grass may become dangerous when it is hot it emit toxic gases

Artificial grass maintenance and cleaning

No doubt you require less maintenance for artificial grass than natural grass. With basic cleaning and maintenance steps you can prolong the life span of your artificial grass.

If there are spill over or stain you can simply use detergent and for tougher stain you can use few drops of ammonia. If you have animals and they urine and do solid immediately pick the solid and wash the areas. Wash the lawn periodically to remove debris and dirt. If you want superior cleaning you can invest in leaf blower with a vacuum.

Factors that effects life span of artificial grass in Pakistan

There are some common factor that effects the life span of your artificial grass but some of them are environment circumstances that human cannot control

Heavy use- if there is heavy use on area of artificial grass it will wear down more quickly than average usage. Even if you aggressively use your artificial grass it still need to last for at least ten years.

Weather effects- It is best for any type of weather but the direct sunlight can affect the longtivity. choose the material that can stand the sun in hot summer.

Install it right way- some times to save money we try to do it on our own. But as result if they are not properly install the life span is reduced. The expert installation will also provide some useful suggestion.

Clean you artificial grass with water- no doubt your artificial grass don’t need water to grow but you need to clean with water to remove dirt and debris.

Cleaning after pets- always clean the artificial grass if the pets do their job done on artificial grass and use odor reducing pills.

Watch for any repair- if there is any small rip immediately replace the patch and it will improve the overall condition of artificial grass.


Artificial grass is synthetic ground cover that look similar to real grass. It has been evolved so much from past that it don’t look like plastic or fake product. It is made up of petroleum based plastic. We discussed about, types of artificial grass in Pakistan, price of artificial grass in Pakistan and factors effecting the life span of artificial grass in Pakistan. For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple artificial grass stores in every city of Pakistan that artificial grass in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query