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10 Best Colleges in Pakistan to Choose in 2021 | Private and Government

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Islamia College Peshawar
Government College For Man and Woman.
Jamrod Road, University Campus Peshawar, Pakistan.

Islamia College Peshawar is located at Jamrod Road, University Campus Peshawar, Pakistan. Islamia College Peshawar, the symbol of academic excellence is rich in history. Its building, which is the best embodiment of Muslim civilization in south Asia, and its lush green lawns attract visitors from all over the country and abroad. It is not only the culminating point of the Aligarh Movement, it is in fact the beautiful combination of Aligarh and Deoband Schools of Thought. For more information regarding our College please get in touch with us through our email and phone number. We will contact you within 24 hours.

Lahore Grammar School
Private School for Boys and Girls.
Gulberg, Lahore, Pakistan.

Lahore Grammar School is located in Gulberg Lahore, Pakistan. In 1979, Lahore Grammar School opened its door to a handful of students with 55 Main established as its first branch. Lahore Grammar School provides education to both boys and girls till A’ Level. It has extended its network to cater to the needs of the middle-income group in its Landmark Schools. For more information regarding our School please get in touch with us through our email and phone number. We will contact you within 24 hours.

Divisional Public School and College
Best Private School & College for Girls and Boys
Block H, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan

Divisional Public School Lahore is located at Block H, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan. It is evident that under his guidance Divisional Public School and Intermediate College, Lahore would make progress by leaps and bounds and would truly justify, like always, its legendary status among the top-ranking educational institutions of the country keeping pace with the modern developments in the field of education. For any query and information related to our School and College, contact us through email and phone number.

Roots School and College
1st School Launch Virtual Education system
74 Harley Street, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Roots School System RSS is located at 74 Harley Street Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Roots School System RSS is a leading 21st model private sector educational institution styled on the modern 21st-century educational system of international standards, specially designed to meet the requirement of the students to meet the challenges by involving the three E’s approach Exposure- Expansion - Exploration. Established in April 1988, Roots has innovated modern education standards, with universally acclaimed academic excellence and all-round development of students. Roots School System has more than 100 Campuses nationwide with an incessant increase in student number to nearly 25,000 plus students today. Roots have achieved academic excellence and all-around development of students for over 25 years. For more information regarding our School please get in touch with us through our email and phone number. We will contact you within 24 hours.

Standard High School and College
Private School & College
Tennch Bhatta, Rawalpindi Cantt, Pakistan.

Standard High School (SHS) is located at Tench Bhatta, Rawalpindi Cantt, Pakistan. Standard English School has a glorious history. It was founded in 1964 by Sh. Rehmatullah (May Allah rest his soul in heaven), a renowned educationist, in a rented building in the vicinity of Tench Bhatta, Rawalpindi. From a modest beginning, the institution kept growing to become the leading educational institution in the area. it has been the aim of the SHS Administration to provide quality education at an affordable fee. Keeping in view the demographic pattern of its catchment area, it has been offering innovations in schooling methods. The school results are a witness to the institution’s futuristic vision and evolution through the past years. The administration believes in continuous innovation in methods and timely implementation of decisions to attain sustainable growth. For any query and information related to our School, contact us through email and phone number.

Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges
Private Secondary School for Boys and Girls.
Lodhi Colony Road, Lodhi Colony, Multan, Pakistan

Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges is located at Lodhi Colony Road, Multan, Pakistan. The Nishat Schools and Colleges are the premier institutions of learning, committed to advancing the cause of high-quality education. Madam Nishat Khanum laid down the foundation of the Nishat School system in 1977, and later on, established the colleges in 1996. The Nishat Group of Schools and Colleges has a dynamic repute in the private educational sector. The group has secured 58 positions in BISE Multan so far. This clearly reflects our commitment to quality and dedication to excellence. For more information regarding our School please get in touch with us through our email and phone number. We will contact you within 24 hours.


Britain Group of Schools and Colleges
International School & Colleges group
20/E, Officers Colony, Multan, Pakistan

Britain Group of Schools & Colleges is located at 20/E Officers Colony Multan, Pakistan. An institute with the blend of Islamic teaching and modern methodologies to grow the fertile minds for tomorrow. Britain International School System is working with its wide-area network all over Pakistan and abroad as well. Ensure your success by becoming a part of Britain International. School System. To know the process and to register your interest. If you are searching for the best School of Islamabad then contact us today through our email and phone number. We will contact you within 24 hours.



Public School & College Working From 2007
Jinnahabad, Mandian, Missile Chowk, Abbottabad, Pakistan

Tameer-i-Wattan is located at Jinnahabad, Mandian, Abbottabad , Pakistan. Tameer-i-Wattan is to provide quality education at affordable expenses. Its standards are designed to prepare the students to meet the challenges of the nation. The objective is to develop leaders and visionaries who would lead the nation to prosperity, progress, and development. The institution provides a healthy and competitive environment for the development of academics and professional skills of the student through an elaborate system of interactions with faculty and different cadet colleges. The institution is committed in providing a highly competitive and peaceful environment that promotes hard work, discipline, learning, leadership, and professionalism. We focus on providing qualitative facilities bearing in mind the need analysis and expectations of every student. For more information regarding School please get in touch with us through our email and phone number. We will contact you within 24 hours.

Wilderness School and College
Private Secondary Schools for Boys and Girls
Sheikh Mandah, Airport Road, Quetta, Pakistan

Wilderness School & College is located at Sheikh Mandah, Airport Road, Quetta. Wilderness School & College Quetta is committed to providing an education of excellence that meets each student’s interests, abilities, and needs within a common curricular framework and reflects and promotes an understanding of, and appreciation for, diversity in our community as an integral part of school life. Wilderness challenges each student to develop intellectual independence, creativity, and curiosity, and a sense of responsibility toward others both within the School and in the community at large. For any query and information related to School, contact us through email and phone number.

Quality School and College
Future of Quality Education
N.K Ahmed Road, Opposite POFs Sports Complex, Wah Cantt, Pakistan

Quality School is located Opposite POFs Sports Complex, Wah Cantt, Pakistan. Quality School, Wah Cantt has been established by Quality Schools Foundation as a public service facility for the girls of the community of Wah Cantonment and Surrounding areas. Quality Schools Foundation has been founded on the principle that affordable quality education is a fundamental right of every child in a civilized society. The mission of the Quality Schools Foundation is to promote quality education among girls in underprivileged areas. For more information regarding our School and college please get in touch with us through our email and phone number. We will contact you within 24 hours.


All you want to know about taking admission in college in Pakistan

As there are new advanced occupations emerging so just going to school is not enough you need to get higher level education to meet the criteria of those jobs. After school students to get high level education visit College and select the subjects related to their interest you can select engineering subject, medical subjects, social science or humanities it totally depends upon your interest, academic subject in last degree and your academic performance in last degree attain from school. There are many benefits when you take admission in college it will significantly impact your life. Below we describe some of advantages when you visit college and attain a degree

Benefits of getting a College Degree

Earn more income- On average it has been seen that students who get their college degree get more money in a month that you cannot achieve after attaining secondary level education.

Unemployment is reduced- when you attain your college degree your career will be more stable. People who visited only school have less job opportunities than people who have attain a degree from college so people who attain degree from college are less unemployed.

More job satisfaction- People who attained college degree feel more satisfied and feel a sense of identity with the work compared to the one who only did secondary level education in high schools.

Increase your financial knowledge- Reports indicated that people who attain college degree have more confidence to used bank account even they know who to file the raxes and file tax refunds more than the people who get high school education.

Increase Happiness- people who attain their high level degree from college seems to be happier than adults who didn’t. Even most people who attain high level degree from colleges are owners of home because they are getting handsome salary amount.

Healthier- people who attain high level degree from colleges have healthier habits of eating than who just received a school education. There is positive relation found in between eating fruits vegetable exercise and education attainment.

Better Citizen- When you earn a college degree you cannot just improve your own living standard you can also help other citizens and communities to be a better place to live. People who earn more usually give back more to charities’ so that the country prosper as a whole.

Steps to compare colleges

No doubt when you attain college degree it will help you to get high salary package with many job opportunities. As now many organizations are focusing to have at least bachelor’s level education for jobs that can be attain by visiting colleges. So choosing the right college is very important to achieve your professional goals. Below we describe some step to compare college you are interested.

According to the experts it is suggested to apply in 4 to 6 college depending on your budget for application process. Some extra ordinary students compelled to one or two college they have a good sense about it instead of choosing multiple college they select one or two colleges but when you apply in one college if your application is rejected from that institute your year will be wasted so it’s better to apply for more than for one even if you are extra ordinary student.

List down colleges-First sit with any one of your family member to whom you trust that will help you list down the colleges that you are interested.  You need to see various things like experience and previous results of that college you are interested.

List down your wants and need- see what are  your expectation and need from the college like if you are interested in experienced college list down your college experience and select the top 5.

Weight the pros and cons of colleges- sit with an experts that can tell you the pros and cons of each college you are interested so that you weight the college easily.

Pay visit to the college- No doubt internet provide sufficient information but it is recommended to visit college to meet faculty and know the learning environment and culture that will also help you limit your list to just 2 to 3 options.

Financial aid offers- See the colleges you interested provide any financial aids. If your selected 2 to 3 options offer financial aid offers you can pick that college because it meets your already set criteria

Tips when selecting college

See the geographical location- when choosing college always see the location. See if you need to travel big cities or your fine with your town colleges

See your academic course available- see your interested college offer the admission in the discipline and subjects you are interested.

Quality of Education- every marketing strategy tell the college performs best in all fields and it is not possible in reality so always see reputation and  academic quality of institution.

Size-there are some small college and some are big in sizes. Some large colleges offer large varieties of subject but in small college the class size are small that help you to get one on one learning experience.

Cost- Public college fees are minimum and private college fee is high so choose according to your needs and budget.

Resources- you need whether the college organizes any extra-curricular activities medical facilities, counseling in the campus for students apart from academic life


In college students receive high level of education that helps them to earn more, help the society and communities. There is less unemployment when people visit college for further education. They have more knowledge how to save money and eat healthy food. In the article we have discussed steps to compare the colleges and some tips for parents when selecting college for their children. If you have any query, you can simply contact from the above mentioned details or visit their website to know about further information.