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10 Best Curtain Shops in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Curtain Mart
Best Curtain Shops in Pakistan
D 1023, Saidpur Road, Near Collage Chowk, Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Curtain Mart is based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Expertly Measured Tailor-made Fitted to perfection We do it all. Curtains, shutters and blinds chosen by you. Measured, made and fitted by us. You can contact us anytime in case of any query.

Ideal Curtain Cloths
Shop High Quality Curtains for Windows
Iqbal Rd, Naya Mohalla, Rawalpindi, Punjab.

Ideal Curtain Cloth is based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. We have wide variety of Curtain Cloth-Sofa and Home décor accessories. We give you access to local and imported Curtains Cloth & Blankets and Floor Carpets to Improve your place. To get new ideas of furnishing and decorating your home, just visit us. 

Bismillah Interiors
Buy Best Quality Curtains for Office
Plot No: 242, Block C, Main Boulevard PIA Road, Near Wapda Town Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Bismillah Interiors is based in Lahore, Pakistan. Local & Imported Curtain & Sofa Cloth, Carpets, Verticle, Horizontal, Roller, Wooden & Zebra Blinds, Curtain Rod, Railing & All Window Accesories. You can contact us anytime in case of any query.

HB Fabrics
Best Curtain Shops in Pakistan
Tata Bazar, Factory Area, Faisalabad.

HB Fabrics is based in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Our latest curtain style in Pakistan is became a fashion for most bedrooms. We have the best designs in the market. Net, Velvet, jacquard, leather, printed cotton & Silk Parda our most popular items. Curtains price fall between the range of Rs.500 to maximum Rs.1100 not more than that. You can contact us anytime in case of any query.

Sheikh Jee Furnishing Fabrics
Shop High Quality Curtains for Kitchen
111 Ferozepur Rd, Fazlia Colony, Lahore, Punjab.

Sheikh Jee Furnishing Fabrics is based in Lahore, Pakistan. Sheikh Jee Home Furnishings has been in the business of making your house a home for close to 5 decades. From our humble beginnings, we have grown to become a leading retailer of premium curtains and decorative accessories. Our experience and hard work has enabled us to penetrate into different markets of Lahore and nowby the grace of God, Sheikh Jee is the first to serve the domestic and international markets through online shopping facility. You can contact us anytime in case of any query.

Tradition by M.R. Barry
Shop High Quality Curtains for Bedroom
PIA Main Boulevard Lahore Pakistan.

Tradition by M.R. Barry is based in Lahore, Pakistan. Established in 1973, M.R. BARRY is a nationally recognized interior design firm with expertise in residential and commercial projects. Whether it is to dress up the windows or to beautify the walls, we here at M.R. BARRY are committed to create a distinctive space for you to live in. You can contact us anytime in case of any query.

M. Talha Curtain
Buy Best Quality Curtains for Office
1st Floor Aslam Plaza Main Boulverd DHA Lahore Pakistan.

M. Talha Curtain is based in Lahore, Pakistan. M Talha Curtain Interioris determined to provide complete Interior Designing Solutions to residential and commercial places.Our scope of work includes provides the provision state of the art Carpets, Rugs, Artificial Grass, Curtains and different types of Wooden and Vinyl Flooring, etc. We cater to the general public as well as the corporate sector. You can contact us anytime in case of any query.

M.A Razzaq Furnishers and Curtains
Buy Best Quality Curtains for Office
143-Ferozpur Road, Opposite Wapda Hospital, Near Jamia Ashrafia Lahore, 54000 Pakistan.

M.A Razzaq Furnishers & Curtains is based in Lahore, Pakistan. MA Razzaq Furnishers are specialized craftsmen for custom wooden furniture, located at Shah Jamal Colony, Lahore. We deal in all kinds of furniture products like Sofa, Bed, Cupboards, Singhar Tables, Dining Tables, Wall Mirror & Frames, Kids Beds, Baby Carts, Chairs, & other traditional furniture items. You can contact us anytime in case of any query.

Hamza Collection
Buy Best Quality Curtains for Office
Shop No. 5 Barki Plaza , Main Boulevard, Defence, Opp.Adil Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Hamza Collection is based in Lahore, Pakistan. Hamza Collection we Provide Curtian Cloth, Sofa Cloth, Furniture, Wallpaper, Window Blinds, Carpets. You can contact us anytime in case of any query.

Hafiz Interiors and Fabrics
Buy Best Quality Living Room Curtains
Shop#18-G, Ground Floor, Madina Tower, Muslim Town Mor Lahore, 54000 Pakistan.

Hafiz Interiors & Fabrics is based in Lahore, Pakistan. Furnishings has been in the business of making your house a home for close to 5 decades. From our humble beginnings, we have grown to become a leading retailer of premium curtains and decorative accessories. You can contact us anytime in case of any query.

Cutains to enhance the decoration of your home

Windows plays an important part to circulate the air in your house and also used to lighten up the room. You need windows in your dining room, kitchen and bedroom for proper ventilation system but they are also source of someone to peek in your house thus to cover and save your home that no one sneak peek in your  house. Curtains are also used as fixture of the unpleasant area. Windows curtain are not necessary but it is decorative accessory that can add into decorative look. Curtain are not used for home window their are different types of curtains used at different occasion as for event decoration backdrop curtain are used for creating a perfect matching with the theme.

Why there is need to visit curtain shop?

Curtains just not only used to save you for sneak peek and adding decoration to your events but they have other benefit of curtains that made you visit curtain shop. Curtain are great source to cover your windows according to your preferences  there are many options for window that can modify your windows there are different design for  your dinning, kitchen and office windows you can choose window curtains according to your room interior by viewing  different color option, design and material. You can use different types of curtain from curtain shop to protect your private life. Curtains sometimes are used to segregate the specific area as divider makes your room look small.

It has been though that curtains help you in controlling the amount of sunlight you needed in your room you can block the direct sunlight there are curtains and drapes that can easily manage the intensity of sunlight. Like if you want sunlight but worried that if you opened window stranger will look inside there are sheet curtain that can help you in the situation. Sheer curtain are used for light filtering and blackout curtains are used to darken the event by blocking the light. When you used Ac or other devices for cooling and heating your rooms half of generated cool is leaked throughout the windows. There are thermal curtain that you can purchase from curtain shop to keep the heat and cooling of your room inside. There is a lining attached to  Energy efficient curtains  at the back  so that you can prevent the cooling and warmth.

Curtains are also used to give you a comfortable cozy environment. When dark toned color curtain are said to gives you cozy and smaller look of room. When you use pastel curtain it will give your room spacious look and will brighten up the dark spots. Interior designers have emphasis that there is huge impact of curtain on your room decoration. They say that whenever you want to décor your room the first thing you should see is the curtains. It is not compulsory to use expensive curtains even cheap curtains can be used to improve the aesthetics of your décor. Curtains are also used to lighten up your ambiance as when you will use modern curtain they will add a splash to your boring places. Curtains can also be to use to create a specific theme or feel. Curtain can be used for multiple purpose and can be customizable according to need of customer. Curtains are also used for noise insulation as they can muffle the outside sound. There are certain curtains that can prevent you from dust

How to choose best curtain?

  • First figure out what will be best suitable for your room requirement
  • See the right fabric for your room as materials can change the tone of the design.
  • Later you can choose the color as color can make or break the whole look in your mind.
  • See whether your need a printed curtain or a solid one for your room
  • See what size you want of your room curtain
  • Before visiting the curtain shop you must measure the width of your window.
  • See what trims and accessories you will need to give to your curtains for a perfect look to your room.
  • See whether you need line curtain or unlined curtain.
  • Choose the material of the curtain on basis of maintenance needed


There are different charges for different design and styles. Like for plain curtain they charge you around 5k to 10 but for fancy curtain with tassels and accessories it will cost 15k to 20k.