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The 10 Best Employment Agencies in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Aljazib Recruitment
Your Future Begins Here
Saddar Alamna Plaza M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi.

Aljazib Recruitment Manpower is a top-notch recruitment agency in Pakistan that specializes in providing global job opportunities, expert job consulting, staffing solutions, recruitment services, and comprehensive HR support on a global scale. With over 15 years of industry experience, we are recognized as one of Pakistan's leading certified HR consultants. For further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email or phone.

Pakistan Recruitment Manpower Consultant
Empowering Futures, One Hire at a Time
Saddar Amna Plaza Karachi.

Discover Pakistan Recruiting Manpower: Your reliable partner for 20+ years, adept at sourcing skilled and unskilled labor from Pakistan. Seeking a global recruitment collaborator? Our expertise encompasses overseas employment, staffing, and HR solutions. As top-certified consultants, we boast 15+ years of industry prominence and proudly align with the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment, Government of Pakistan. Join hands with us for unparalleled professional services worldwide. For further details, reach out via email or phone.

Alahad Group Manpower Recruitment Agency
Pakistan's Leading Manpower Recruitment Agency
Park Avenue, Shahrah-e-Faisal Road, Karachi.

Alahad Group stands as the premier manpower agency in Pakistan, holding the coveted position of the country's top recruitment agency. Renowned for its excellence, Alahad Group has earned the distinction of being the foremost choice for recruitment solutions. With a commitment to delivering unparalleled manpower services, we specialize in connecting skilled individuals with top-tier opportunities. Our unwavering dedication to client satisfaction and a robust track record of successful placements solidify our position as the number one recruitment agency in Pakistan. Choose Alahad Group for unparalleled expertise in sourcing and placing talent, making us the trusted partner for all recruitment needs.

Allied Services International Pvt Ltd
Best Human Resource Consultant Firm
C73 Satellite Town, Opposite Bilal Hospital, Off Sadiqabad Road, Rawalpindi.

stablished in 1975, Allied Services International Private Limited (ASIL) is Pakistan's leading provider of premium Human Resource, Business Processing Outsourcing, and Facility Management services, catering to a wide range of local and international clients. With a remarkable track record spanning over four decades, ASIL has earned the trust of over 400 satisfied clients, maintaining an untarnished reputation for delivering excellence. Having successfully placed over 110,000 individuals, our expansive presence in Pakistan's major cities, along with regional offices in the UAE and Bahrain, enables us to address diverse HR service needs. Our dedicated and professional approach underpins our continued success in delivering top-tier services.

Razzaq Enterprises Overseas Employment Agency
We Provide Best Manpower Recruitment Services
16 Shalimar Plaza, Chandni Chowk Rawalpindi.

Razzaq Enterprises Overseas Employment Agencies is a distinguished recruitment agency in Pakistan, officially registered since 1989 by the Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment. With a rich history spanning over four decades, we have successfully placed more than 150,000 professionals and skilled workers for over 500 clients, spanning nine key industries. Renowned for our expertise in Manpower Recruitment for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, we extend our services to Far East Asian countries. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of the recruitment landscape has made us a trusted name in the industry, facilitating the connection between talented individuals and promising opportunities.

B-III-631 Khurram Colony, Muslim Town, Service Road, Rawalpindi.

With a seasoned presence in the industry since 1980, Al-Hijaz Overseas has emerged as a well-established and highly regarded recruitment agency in Pakistan. Leveraging over four decades of experience, we specialize in the deployment of Pakistani workforce to international destinations. Our commitment to offering efficient and effective recruitment solutions has earned us a stellar reputation among businesses across diverse sectors. A significant point of pride is our government-registered office based in Rawalpindi, which underscores our dedication to providing clients with dependable and trustworthy services. Al-Hijaz Overseas is the trusted partner for seamless and reliable manpower recruitment, bridging the gap between talent and opportunity.

Teleport Manpower Consultant
No 1 Recruitment Agency in Pakistan
House# FA-224A, Faizabad , Sultan Street, Sector I-8 Near Satellite Girls Hostel Faizabad Islamabad.

Teleport Manpower Consultant has rapidly risen to prominence as a leading recruitment service provider in Pakistan. With strategic partnerships established with top-tier manpower consultants and suppliers in the country, we have strengthened our capacity to deliver a broader range of services to our valued clients. Our primary objective is to source, develop, and align talent with the strategic goals of our clients while assisting individual candidates in realizing their potential and career aspirations. This commitment to excellence, coupled with our extensive network, enables us to provide comprehensive, tailored solutions that meet the distinctive needs of both businesses and individuals. Teleport Manpower Consultant is your partner for successful talent placement and professional growth.

People Recruitment Agency
Its Better Together
1-C, Jehlum Block, Green Fort-2, Lahore

People Employment Agency Lahore is a leading staffing and recruitment firm in Lahore, Pakistan. With a focus on various industries, they connect skilled job seekers with quality employment opportunities and help employers find the right candidates. Their experienced team leverages a vast network and industry expertise to ensure a seamless match. Known for transparent and ethical practices, the agency prioritizes long-term relationships and success for both job seekers and businesses in Lahore's competitive job market. For top-notch employment solutions, trust People Employment Agency Lahore as your partner in career development or talent acquisition

Hanzi International
Overseas Employment Promoters
umar farooq plaza, Chandni Chowk Flyover, Rawalpindi.

Hanzi International is a reputable manpower recruitment company based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, officially approved by the Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Labour and Manpower. Comprising a team of dedicated professionals, we prioritize client satisfaction by offering top-notch services in selecting suitable manpower according to their specific criteria. Our core mission is to aid foreign recruitment delegations in their quest to find the right talent and explore overseas job opportunities for forward-thinking individuals. We aspire to establish strong business partnerships with our clients, providing custom-tailored solutions and quality services. Our extensive database encompasses a wide array of professionals, including IT experts, engineers, healthcare professionals, aviation specialists, and more, ensuring we can cater to diverse industry needs.

Altayar Overseas Employmet Agency
Best Recruitment Promoter
Sam Plaza, Near Domino’s & OPTP, Haider Road, Saddar, Rawalpindi.

Altayyar stands as a premier recruitment agency and leading manpower supply firm in Pakistan, specializing in the Gulf region. Notably, our recruitment services are entirely cost-free for overseas clients (terms and conditions may apply). We excel in the mass recruitment of various professionals, including drivers, heavy equipment operators, construction laborers, mechanics, engineers, doctors, and nurses in Pakistan, facilitating their placements in Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, and Oman. With a commitment to delivering top-tier workforce solutions, Altayyar ensures a seamless and efficient process for both job seekers and overseas employers.

All you want to know about employment agencies in Pakistan

An employment agency is the company that hires employees on behalf of other companies. These agencies can be owned by government, local or federal government and can also be owned privately. Usually the jobs offered by such companies are on contract base temporary or part time. The agency keeps the record of each employer so that employee can have looked on the work history and skill that are needed for the company. It will be helpful for them to match employee skills with new assignments. There are many companies that outsource their recruitment procedure to these employment agencies for finding the best mid and entry level jobs. These agencies help you to save your money and time and will also find best candidate for your company.

When as company you work with employment agency for recruitment of employee you will have low legal risks and will have more flexibility. Usually they charge 25 to 100 percent of the salary of hired employee. Hiring the employees for your business is not an overnight process as you need to receive the application whether they meet the job criteria, later on they held interview with candidate that fall in criteria and determine the salaries. The agencies perform these tasks on behalf of business owner so that the companies hire employment agencies that put their all effort to search for the best fit candidate for you. Choosing the employment agency for every company is not right option.

If the companies don’t have any right fit candidate that is desired by the company they basically advertise the position on different platform like indeed or other job seekers websites. The agency will also look right fit candidates on LinkedIn that allow them to filter the result on basis of location industry and keywords. This is best technique to hire the niche specialists that have specific skill set.

Process of employment agency

For small companies it is difficult to find talented qualified candidate. It has been seen that around 99 percent of employers are facing issue in finding right fit candidate for technical, soft and personal skills so the employment agency help you to solve this issues below we describe some steps of employment agency

The employer contacts staffing agency- first the employer will reach the employment agency that has specified in your industry area you need to specify the basic job responsibilities related to job title. The number of workers that are needed by you the hourly wage rate or salary and time line for hiring the new workers.

Developing job description- when the employer describes the job responsibility the employment agency prepare the job description and later on advertise it on different platform for job seekers. They may also reach the candidate individually if they are right fit for job.

They Examine candidate when multiple candidate apply for this job opening the employment company review the qualification and experience of candidate and then schedule the interviews. After that the most qualified candidate held an interview with hiring manager of employment Company.

Employer decision- the hiring manager interviews the employee and can make final decision on selection. These help employers to save their time and spend this time on some other valuable asset.

Take care of paper work- all the paper work for new employee is handled by the employment agencies like payroll tasks, taxes and contracts.

Reason of hiring the services of employment agency

Hiring of the Employment agency is best way to find the most efficient talent as quickly as possible below we describe the reason of hiring the employment agency that can benefit you in long run are

Fast Hiring- the job market has been changed in past few years and hiring of right fit candidate is bit difficult and employment agency help you in that as great talent is hard to find and is lot of time consuming process for mangers to review resumes and conduct their interview and also deal with other responsibilities of day to day work operations. So employment agency helps you to do this task quickly because they are solely responsible with this task.

Reduce work load on  team- when you do this hiring process by on your own the workload on team increase and their major job duties are ignored so when you hire the employment agency that lower down your burden to do extra work that is not your job duty.

Flexibility- the hiring job opportunities are part time or on contract basis that helps organization to have certain people when they required. Organization released about the importance of fluid workforce.

Specialized hiring- employers are facing issue to fill the position due to skills set gap. If you are trying to find a niche worker that has specific skill a professional employment agency help you in this regard. Some employment agency recruits for technical fields. They have all necessary connection to get the right pool of applicants they also have knowledge of that area specific salary ranges that can save your money in long run.

Reduced risk-when employer hires new employees there is some legal responsibilities on them that they need to cover in form of taxes, health insurance and labor laws. So employment agency handles all the responsibility of the employees.

Tips while hiring an employment agency

  • They should know your company size and industry to target right candidate.
  • They should make time and listen to you understand your need.
  • Always see that they are the expert in this field of industry.
  • They must be persistence but not annoying and disrespectful.
  • Make sure they follow the same process as they promised you at time of contract.
  • Always ask for review of previous clients.
  • You can ask suggestion from other companies if they have any past good experience of employment agency



These agencies act as middle man between employers and employee. They connect the qualified candidates with the companies that have certain job openings. These agencies help you to save your money and time and will also find best candidate for your company. In this article we have discussed about the process of employment agency, reason and tips of hiring the employment agency for your company. If you are searching for the best employment agency for your company hiring process in Pakistan then you have come to right place. We have updated the best employment agencies list for you. Just send message to multiple agencies and get relevant information.