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Best Furniture Repair Services in Pakistan to Hire in 2024

Are you looking for furniture repair services in Pakistan? b2c.com.pk presents contact information, addresses & names of the best furniture repairing specialists  near you. Discover nearby top sofa repairing expert with b2c.com.pk extensive business listings directory and send an email inquiry or make a call to the best one.

Chiniot Wood Works
Best furniture Repairing Service Provider in Islamabad
Park Road, Chatta Bakhtawar, Islamabad, Pakistan

Chiniot Wood Works is located at Chatta Bakhtawar, Islamabad, Pakistan. We provide the best service of new making furniture and old repairing furniture and polish. If you have any concern and query about our services or want any kind of information or complaints and suggestion please feel free to contact with us and share your concern with Us!

Al-Qadri Wood Works and Furniture House
Your Expert Furniture Maker and Repairer
G-12, Islamabad, Pakistan

Al-Qadri Wood Works and Furniture House is located at G-12, Islamabad, Pakistan. Al-Qadri Wood Works and Furniture House is a Furniture making shop located in Islamabad and was born from my passion for handmade, unique items. For many years, I have been interested in working with materials of all kinds of furniture repairing services. If you have any questions or require more information regarding our products, please fill out the form below and our support team will get back to you before you know it!

Furniture Design
One of the Best furniture Repairing Service Provider in Islamabad
House No. 1, Ali Street, Al-Qaim Town Road, Near Masjid Muhammad-ur-Rasolallah, Pindorian, Islamabad, Pakistan

Furniture Design is located at Pindorian, Islamabad, Pakistan. We have experience of more than 25 years in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. We also provide the services of Repairing (Cution) of Sofa. We are also at the forefront of providing excellent customer service because we are available 24/7 via phone, WhatsApp, Facebook, and our website.

Karachi Repairs
We can Serve You Better
Gulistan-e-Johar, Block 2, Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi Repairs is located in Karachi, Pakistan. We now offer Painting services in Karachi, No job is too small or big for Karachi Repairs. Our Painter Karachi services are provided through partners who are skilled, and professional. Karachi Repairs Painters provides a wide range of custom interior and exterior painting services, Carpentry services, allowing for a smooth, seamless experience and exceptional results in every home. Finding the right team to paint your homes, offices, apartments, building, commercial plazas, and so on can feel overwhelming, but with Karachi Repairs Painters you’ll have peace of mind. We are experts that treat your place with the care it deserves. For any query contact us through email and phone number.

Quick Services
Maintenance and Construction Services
Al Aziz arcade, 2nd floor, Office # 5, Bahria Town Phase 7, Rawalpindi.

As the premier home maintenance company in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Quick Services excels. With a commitment to excellence, we swiftly attend to your maintenance needs. Our team of experts ensures rapid and efficient solutions for your home, from repairs to installations. Experience top-notch service and prompt assistance, all tailored to meet your requirements. Trust Quick Services for unparalleled reliability and convenience in home maintenance. To delve deeper into the details, feel free to get in touch with us via email or phone. We're here to provide you with all the information you need.

Victoria Furniture House
Manufacturer and Repairing all type of Furniture
Shop 03 21, Next to Islamabad Cash & Carry, Melody Market, Islamabad,Pakistan

Victoria Furniture House is located at Melody Market, Islamabad, Pakistan. We are making exclusive furniture from solid rosewood for the last 36 years. Mostly our customers are a foreigner and locally, they love our quality and product. We also repair and re-polish all kinds of furniture. If you have any concerns and queries about our Furniture Repairing and Carpentry services or want any kind of information or complaints and suggestion please feel free to contact us and share your concern with Us!

Fast Furniture Repairing & Polishing
Furniture Maker & Repairing in Islamabad
Ghouri Garden, Islamabad, Pakistan

Fast Furniture Repairing & Polishing is located at Ghouri Garden, Islamabad, Pakistan. We repair and polish your furniture in less time at a reasonable price. Fast Furniture Repairing & Polishing also provides Home services at the cheapest price with our expert furniture repairing master. We are also at the forefront of providing excellent customer service because we are available 24/7 via phone, WhatsApp, Facebook, and our website.

Rehman & Sons Collection
Furniture Manufacturer & Repairing in Islamabad
Basement No.1, Burj Al-Bilal Raja Plaza, Jinnah Ave, Islamabad, Pakistan

Rehman & Sons Collection is located at Jinnah Ave, Islamabad, Pakistan. We deal with innovative marketing concepts, quality products, and state-of-the-art manufacturing methods that have always been driven by the demand for customer satisfaction. At Rehman & sons, the stream of satisfied customers continues to grow as we continue to be creative and diversify to expand the business, and improve quality into the next millennium. If you have any questions or require more information regarding our products, please fill out the form below and our support team will get back to you before you know it!

Ibrahim Furniture
Specialize in Furniture Repairing in Lahore
Main Barki Road, Opposite Shooting Club, Baoo Wala, Block J, Park View CHS, Lahore, Pakistan

Ibrahim Furniture is located at Baoo Wala, Lahore, Pakistan. We deal in all kinds of furniture products and their repairing services like Sofa, Bed, Cupboards, Singhar Tables, Dining Tables, Wall mirrors & Frames, Kids Beds, Baby Carts, Chairs, & other traditional furniture items. We have more than 3 decades of crafting experience and design consistency with quality wood & durability guarantee! You can visit us for a look. We also serve our customers with bridal furniture packages at affordable prices. Call us for more information & rates! If you are looking for the best Furniture Repairing in Lahore, then contact us through email and phone number.

Nasir Sofa Repairing Center
Best Sofa Repairing Center in Islamabad
G-10 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan

Nasir Sofa Repairing Center is located at G-10 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan. Nasir Sofa Repairing Center is the best and oldest furniture repairing center in Islamabad. We deal especially with sofa repairing at a reasonable price. If you have any concern and query about our services or want any kind of information or complaints and suggestion please feel free to contact with us and share your concern with Us!

Hire Best Furniture Repair comapny to give a new look to your home

In our homes there are certain furniture we love we don’t want to sell or throughout and buy new ones. Homeowners develop a special bond with their furniture whether it is your first ever sofa that you bought or any furniture that is handed over to you in your dowry or in heritance by your parents or grandparents. The problem arises when your furniture starts looking old and worn so at that  time you need to make decision whether you need to purchase a new one and get rid from old furniture or  look for alternative option to restore or repair their old furniture.

Furniture repair technicians provide repair services at your home and in their own retail environment. They repair, inspect your furniture for any kind of damage, restore the parts that are necessary to relocate and keep the record of all the sales and repair services provided. They also see options available in market for damage furniture; maintain the record of all the stock of the company related to furniture repair services. Always maintain precautionary measures that are set by the clients. Sometimes they also provide cleaning of your furniture material that is hard wood, leather and fabric.

Benefits of repairing new furniture rather buying new one

Below we have described some of the benefits that are associated with repair of your furniture rather buying new one

  • Not a problem if your furniture is getting old it can be still used for years. When you hire a services of professional furniture repair services they will make your old furniture look new again. If you want to change your look of old furniture or doing it to new styles and trend in the market or want to enhance the look of that same old furniture they can restore it for you. If the furniture doesn’t match your room décor any more than can give a wood finishing again. By restoring the furniture main aspect for which fall in love will still remain same.
  • Anyone who has every bought a house that is not furnished knows how expensive it is to buy new furniture. The major benefit of renovating old furniture is that it cost less than buying new one. You can easily renovate your home furniture in less money or need not to take a loan from bank.
  • You won’t consider this an important aspect but when you restore your old furniture rather than buying a new one you are playing your role in protection of environment. It has been seen restoration of old furniture will immensely decrease the carbon foot prints. Almost 1000 less carbon dioxide are produced when you restore your old furniture rather buying new one.

Furniture restoration

Restoration of old furniture is an art. There are many steps that need to be followed for furniture refinishing. Before restoration began you need to see whether the wood you will be working on it is worth refinishing. See whether the refinishing that we do is worth all of the effort. Later on see how complicated the refinishing is as refinishing process may include many process and that eventually increase your cost. The type of furniture, the size and if the piece is antique these all factors also add up in the cost. If you want the original appearance and want to restore few pieces that cost will be less rather than completely changing. If you require restoration of antique furniture it requires more care to retain it in its original form that will add more value into it.

Furniture is an essential element in everyone home it gives your home a classy look. There are multiple types, quality and design of furniture available in the market now. Some furniture is of high quality that has long life and some get damage after few years. When you are going for restoration of your furniture always go for a professional company because unprofessional company instead of refinishing make your furniture more adverse here are few tips that you should follow to hire a furniture company.

Tips for hiring a professional repair services

  • Always search in local areas- before choosing a furniture repair services always visit the local areas of these repair professional. There you find multiple furniture companies that have already provide repair services to satisfied customer. If you choose any professional furniture repair near your home it will be easy for them to visit your home and also for them to take furniture from your home to their shop for repair.
  • Before hiring any company compare with other companies never go for the first company you visited. Go for the one that is best, experienced and offer a quote in your budget. You can also compare them on the basis of tool, techniques and material they use.
  • See what kind of services are provided the best one is the one that handles with all type of furniture repair services. See the whether they have desired skill set and relevant experience of field see for how long they have been in same business.
  • You can also get recommendation from friends and family member if anyone of them has past experience of taking services from any furniture repair company.
  • Lastly but not the least consider the budget perspective as well most of companies have standard charges for the specific type of furniture repair. The cost is determined by the nature of damage and restoration you want.

Always consider these key elements while taking services from any furniture repair service company.

Price of furniture repair services

The price of furniture varies on the type of furniture that need repair and also on what type of repair you need like for example if you want to repair a chair it will cost less and if you want to repair a whole sofa set it will cost you more.

Usually people have affiliation with their furniture even if it is old they don’t want to sell it.  In the article we have discussed the benefits of doing restoration of your furniture rather than buying new one. Like it is less expensive to repair your furniture rather buying new one. Renovating previous furniture is also eco-friendly. We have discussed some of the tip that you need to see before hiring furniture repair services. If you are searching for the best furniture repair services in Pakistan, then contact with the list above.