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10 Best Leather Gloves Manufacturers in Pakistan to Choose in 2024

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Obee Sports
Sportwear manufacturer in Sialkot
Shahabpura Sialkot.

Located at the heart of Sialkot, you'll find Obee Sports, a prominent player in the industry. Boasting over eight years of experience, Obee Sports stands out in crafting top-notch sportswear and leatherwear items. Their sportswear collection spans tracksuits, hoodies, jerseys, shorts, and pants, while their leather line includes gloves, suits, bags, and belts. Obee Sports also brings a competitive edge to their clients through cost-effective solutions and enhanced profitability. Notably, their rigorous quality control policy includes a thorough final inspection before shipping to ensure impeccable products.

GB Leatex
Leather Good Manufacturer
4 /s /69, Rasool Park, Multan Road, Lahore.

Discover GB Leatex, a reputable manufacturer and exporter, serving as your trusted supplier of premium Leather Wear, Textile Wear, and Sports Wear. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we offer an extensive range of high-quality products to meet your diverse needs. From luxurious leather creations to comfortable and stylish textile wear, our collection is designed to impress. Whether you seek fashionable apparel or top-performing sports gear, GB Leatex delivers uncompromising quality and reliability. Rely on us for all your apparel needs, as we ensure you exude confidence and style in every step of your journey.

Prince Wears
Manufacturer and Exporters of Sports Wears
Allama Iqbal Road, Small Industrial Estate, Sialkot.

Prince Wears, based in Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan, is a prominent manufacturer and supplier in the industrial market. We specialize in producing a wide range of high-quality sportswear, streetwear, leatherwear, fitnesswear, and boxing gear. With our own production unit and skilled team, we have earned a reputation as world-renowned manufacturers and exporters of top-notch safety products. Our extensive experience in the industry has taught us the importance of delivering superior quality products for the workwear sector while maintaining competitive prices. At Prince Wears, we are dedicated to providing reliable and premium solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. For further information, please feel free to reach out to us via email or phone. 

Swisspo Sports
Quality Gloves and Apparel
Swisspo Road, Christian Town, Sialkot.

Swisspo Sports established in 1978, is a family-owned venture spanning three generations. They're all about making motorcycle gloves. They're dedicated to giving you top-notch gloves, ensuring your rides are enjoyable and safe. The factory doesn't just stop at motorcycle gloves – they also create gloves for law enforcement, gardening, safety, fitness, and fashion.

Arian Sports
The Gloves Specialists
Near Awan Chowk, Pasroor Road, Sialkot.

Arian Sports  Established in 1982, Arian Sports specializes in the manufacturing and global distribution of motorcycle gloves. With a workforce exceeding 250 individuals, the company's factory yields an impressive output of over 300,000 glove pairs each year. Arian Sports Ltd offers a diverse selection of glove types, including racing, street, touring, and urban styles. Whether seeking a replacement for worn-out gear or an enhancement in performance, Arian Sports is an excellent destination to explore a wide array of glove categories. Recognized as one of Sialkot's premier glove manufacturers, their legacy in crafting quality gloves remains unmatched.

Rising Star
Unleash Your Athletic Potential: Rise with Sportswear Manufacturing Stars
Hunter Pura Muslim Town Sialkot.

Rising Star is a renowned Manufacturer and Exporter of high-quality sportswear, sports gloves, leather fashion garments, motorbike garments, and boxing, MMA, and martial arts equipment. With our two well-equipped units in Sialkot, we have the capacity to produce over 50,000 to 100,000 products per month in each unit. Our strict quality control measures, coupled with the expertise of our experienced staff, ensure exceptional craftsmanship throughout our production line. We cater to international brands and serve clients in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and the Middle East. With a commitment to fairness and honesty, we aim to be your reliable one-stop solution for all your requirements. Trust in our proven track record of delivering superior gloves and garments for renowned global brands. For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

Greeting International Corp
Unleashing Quality Global Style
Opp 16/728 Rahim Pura, Sialkot.

Greeting International Corp a manufacturing company based in Sialkot, Pakistan. Our dedicated team of professionals understands the needs of our customers and strives to fulfill those requirements promptly and affordably. Our motto is to "Supply quality products at the best prices." We specialize in Leather Garments tailored to meet our customers' specifications. Our diverse product range includes leather gloves, bags, jackets, motorbike suits, and various leather accessories. For more details, please visit our website at .greetingint and stay updated with our latest offerings on our Facebook page: Greeting Intl Corp.

Moallah Ahmad Nagar Bonga, Zafarwal Road Rangpura Sialkot.

Paki Exportia is a leading sportswear manufacturer based in Pakistan, boasting extensive expertise in crafting high-quality athletic apparel. With a strong commitment to excellence, our seasoned team blends innovation with precision in every stitch, delivering performance-driven sportswear that meets global standards. From cutting-edge designs to superior fabric technology, we cater to diverse sporting needs, ensuring comfort, durability, and style in every product. Our dedication to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation for reliability and distinction in the sportswear industry. At Paki Exportia , we continuously strive to outfit athletes and sports enthusiasts with the best-in-class gear for their performance and passion.

Marala road, Sublime Chowk, Sialkot.

GSS Gloves is located at Marala road, sublime chowk, Sialkot.  GSS Gloves is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of high-quality gloves, ranging from work and safety gloves to fashion, winter, and premium leather gloves. With over two decades of experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry, delivering excellence and reliability.

7 Kamanwala, Chaprar Road, Sialkot.

Garmor Corporation is located at Chaprar Road, Sialkot. Garmor Corporation is one of the largest glove manufacturers and exporters in Pakistan. It’s an output of years’ long effort, commitment and dedication. Our factories have been manufacturing and supplying gloves for the last four decades. We are proud of being the supply chain partners of US large brands and retailers to satisfy their gloves' needs. Our product line includes a full range of working gloves including RIG Gloves, Impact Gloves, Mechanic Gloves, Tactical Gloves, Military Gloves, and Winter Gloves, etc. For more details please contact us.

All you want to know about hand injuries in Pakistan

Hand injuries are most common type of injuries that exist in workplace thus it is important that worker use proper measures to keep themselves safe from these injuries. If worker faced hand injuries they may face financial issues because they will not be able to work for next few days or weeks. In severe cases they may end up in damaging their hand permanently. So to avoid this issue manufactured have developed special leather gloves for the safety of employees. Every job requirement of glove is different from one and another. Leather products were made 7000 years ago. In today’s era, leather is used for furniture, footballs, clothing such as leather gloves and boots.

Understanding the market of leather is not as simple as you think. When you will visit market you will see multiple types of patterns, skin types and different style that are used for different purposes. If you will understand these element than it will be easy for you to choose the glove for your job. Below we describe some of the leather element you need to consider before buying the leather gloves that are

What you need to see when buying gloves in Pakistan

Glove material- usually the leather gloves are used by the factories in workers where they need to deal with sharp objects  in ware house work, metal work, mirror work, metal stamping and coal mining as well. Wearing the gloves is not a solution but wearing the right type of material gloves is important

Leather- It is considered as most preferred type of material for gloves as it is ideal to protect you against heat and sparks and offers you high abrasion.

Kevlar- It is used as high protection of gloves and best for automobile sector and industries that involve high flame.

Metal Mesh- these types of gloves are used in meat and you can easily adjust these gloves. These gloves are also have high durability.

Chain Mail- these types of gloves are used in food industry and effective to use against sharp objects like knives.

Spectra- these gloves provide superior to max protection when slicing dicing or chopping the food items.

Knit- they are best option for handling light material and provide protection against containments.

Lining The lining are also key factor to see when buying the leather the different types of lining are given below that are Cashmere- it is considered as most lux and softest option. These gloves are very warm soft and breathable so hand will feel comfy no matter how long you wore them. Wool- they are bulkier than cashmere. They are durable soft and warm but little less than cashmere. Shearling- they are best for cold climate and are warmest and bulkiest option.

Quality construction- the quality of construction will also decide which leather gloves you should choose they are best to buy or not. Like hand swing gloves, table cutting, drum dyed leather and quirks give a more unique and elegant look to the gloves.

Glove size and fit- when going to buy the gloves measure the size of your hand by wrapping a tape around the widest part of your palm do not include your thumb. The leather gloves come in different sizes

Types of leather that is used for gloves in Pakistan

Before viewing the different types of leather we need to see that where the leather come from. The leather come from the animal hide/ skin. It is called skin / hide on the basis of size of animal. The leather that comes from small animal like goat is called skin. The leather that come from large animal like cows are known as hide. The leather has different quality from A category to category D. the category A is the top category while grade D is the lowest quality of leather. There are two layer in hide one is grain and split. The grain leather is soft, smooth and flexible and it taken out from the outer layer of hide. The split leather is obtained after the grain leather is removed. This leather is resistant to cut, rough one and repel the water. The durability of the leather depends upon the part of animal that it come from. Leather that come from the side is more durable and it is high quality of leather. The shoulder skin is durable but is affordable. The belly skin is most affordable but it is least durable.

Animal Leather

The leather gloves are made up of either goat skin, cow hide or pig skin. There are other animal skins that are used in making of leather gloves are sheepskin, buffalo, skin deer hide and horse hide.

Cow hide- most commonly used for leather gloves. It is best in durability, resistant to water, easy to take care and resistant to dirt.

Pigskin- IT is used for making of gloves. Gloves made from this material are more durable and breathable. They’re less economical than cowhide. The gloves made from the pigskin get softer when it get wet.

Goat skin- It is comfy and strongest type of leather used for gloves the goat skin leather gloves are water resistant and flexible.

Sheep Skin- It is one of the most light weight, warmest, water resistant and softest leather used for gloves. Theses gloves are best for cold weather temperature.

The other types of skin used for making leather gloves are buffalo, leather, horsehide and deer skin.

Taking care of your leather gloves in pakistan

  • Put them and remove them properly.
  • Keep them dry and store them properly.
  • To return their elasticity stretches them periodically.
  • Never over wear them and get them relined.


Leather gloves come in different sizes, style and types. Hand injuries are most common type of injuries that exist in workplace thus it is important that worker use leather gloves to keep themselves safe from these injuries. In this article we discussed about the types of  leather used in making of leather gloves,  what you need to see when buying leather gloves and how to take care of your leather gloves.  For your ease and your convenience we have listed multiple leather gloves shop in every city of Pakistan that offer multiple types of leather gloves in multiple price ranges. You can contact them by simply leaving a message on their website or contact them by email if you have any query.