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Sehat Card Hospitals List in Pakistan 2024

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Shah Derai Road? Kabel Chowk Swat.

Hassan Medical Complex is one of the best healthcare providers in Kabul Chowk, Swat. Hassan Medical Complex handles a wide range of adult and pediatric diseases. Many of our patients are referred from other centers in the country. Call us for any kind  of more information. 

Wazirabad, Gujranwala.

Hawa Memorial Hospital (HMH) is being set up in Wazirabad and its environs to meet the growing need for quality healthcare. It is a non-profit organization registered under Section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017. HMH has state-of-the-art facilities, operating theaters, and clinics. It is run by a team of qualified doctors and staff. We are committed to providing exceptional medical services in a warm, friendly and professional manner. Call us for more details. 

Aadil Hospital
Get Health Services At Affordable Rates From Aadil Hospital In Lahore
Main Boulevard, D.H.A, Lahore Cantonment, Lahore, Pakistan

Aadil Hospital is located at Lahore Cantonment, Lahore, Pakistan. Aadil Hospital strives to provide quality health services at affordable rates to the middle-class segment of society. The Management and Employees of Aadil Hospital are committed to providing the highest quality of health care services conforming to our valued customers’ requirements. The hospital provides the following facilities as Mammogram (Digital), Dialysis Centre (Nephrology). Contact us through email and phone number.

Sadar Bazar Saddar Cantt Sialkot Cantonment, Sialkot.

Idrees Hospital Cantt is one of the best healthcare providers in Sialkot. Idrees Hospital is equipped with modern medical equipment. We are here to help you provide medical services. We believe that quality healthcare should be accessible to all. Contact us. 

Roshan Bheela? Kasur.

Govt. Aziz Bibi THQ Hospital is located at Roshan Bhila, Kasur. Govt. Aziz Bibi THQ Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. The hospital team is well trained. Experienced and highly qualified consultants and doctors of various specialties and subspecialties are practicing there. Our hospital is also planning to expand its services in other areas of healthcare. Feel free to contact us if you want our best services.

Zulfiqar St, Haji Muhammad Colony Rahim Yar Khan.

Amna Jamal Medical Complex Hospital is located in Muhammad Colony, Rahim Yar Khan. Amna Jamal State of the Art Hospital where we offer you the best treatment to help you heal your body, calm your mind and lift your spirits. When you are in hospital, our medical staff will help care for you. They work together to provide you with successful treatment. If you have any questions please contact us for more details. 

Mianwali - Muzaffargarh Rd, Fatehpur, Layyah.

Aasia Iqbal Hospital and Trauma Center is located at  Fatehpur, Layyah. Aasia Iqbal Hospital is a great hospital for providing medical faculty. You can call this contact number to make an appointment and report information to your doctor. 

Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences is a hospital located in Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan. It is one of the oldest hospitals in the province and is a teaching hospital affiliated to Azad Jammu and Kashmir Medical College. Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences was established in 1992 and is the first hospital of its kind in the city and region. AIMS Hospital has a very skilled and experienced staff. We treat patients in an emergency with state-of-the-art technology under the supervision of experienced and best physicians. Contact us if you would like any information.

Abbasi Hospital
Best Hospital in Muree
Kashmir Road, Murree, Rawalpindi.

Abbasi Hospital is located at Murree Kashmir Road, Murree, Pakistan. Abbasi Hospital provides all medical facilities. The hospital ensures better patient care and records, better training facilities for its staff and provision of house jobs through its capital ambulance rescue and emergency services.  If you need more information, book an appointment or need an answer to a question, please feel free to contact us.

Mushtaq Abbasi Medical Complex
Provide Good Services
Wali Town Kallar Kahar Road, Chakwal.

Mushtaq Abbasi Medical Complex is the largest healthcare system in Chakwal city. Medical facilities care for the injured and the sick under the supervision of highly qualified doctors. It also operates long-term care facilities, research centers, rehabilitation facilities, surgery centers, home health agencies, radiation therapy facilities, and other health care facilities. If you want our best services, please contact us.

Everything you need to know about sehat Insaf card in Pakistan

People of Pakistan are facing many types of health issues depression, blood pressure and diabetes are existing in alarming situation. People face difficult to find the treatment because of their minimum resources and poverty situation nationwide. Government is working day and night to provide people of Pakistan some type of benefit that help them to get  health care service and medical treatment. The private hospital charges are very high that is not affordable for average salary person. To solve the issue government of Pakistan has launched sehat sahulat initiative that is consider as social welfare reform. In 2015 it was launched by federal government with initiative of providing health care and medical services to all people that are unable to afford their medical treatment by health insurance scheme. Till now around 68 lac people enrolled in this program and recieved sehat insaf card. It is managed by Punjab health initiative Management Company.

Packages offered in sehat insaf Card

There are 2 treatment package in this program that are secondary care and primary care

Secondary care- it initial cover the cost of 60k per year and additional coverage is also 60k per family. In this secondary care you will get emergency treatment, maternity consultancy, inpatient services, C- section or Normal delivery, fractures, cost of transportation of 1k 3 times in a year and post hospitalization.

Primary care- it includes the initial coverage of 3 lakh per year and family the additional coverage is also 3 lack for family it includes following services burn, diabetes, inpatient service, heart disease, chronic infection, last stage kidney issues, cancer, neurosurgical treatment and organ failure. In severe circumstances the coverage is extendable to 10 lakh rupees.

How to see the eligibility criteria for the program

The process of checking your eligibility criteria is very easy and simple. You simply need to send your national identity card number through SMS from any network to 8500. You can also visit sehat sahulat program to know more about your eligibility. If you are eligible you can avail the hospital service by just showing your b form or CNIC number nationwide from empaneled hospitals. People that are permanent residence of Punjab can email and call on helpline and visit their website for any information or complaints.  Website link: https://phimc.punjab.gov.pk/  email ID: [email protected]. Contact number 0800-09009.

Eligibility criteria for Sehat sahulat program

People that are disable, belong to transgender community, people that are below the poverty line, all residence of KPK, Punjab government is also trying to include all Punjab population. Currently it cover 7 district of sahiwal and DG khan division. 11 district of Lahore and remaining 29 district program is only initiated for poor people, transgender community and special person that have CNIC from NADRA. It provide benefit to tharparker district of Sindh and newly merged tribal districts.

How you can apply online for sehat sahulat card?

To apply for sehat sahulat card online it is quite easy and quick process these simple steps can be easily followed by any age group person

Check eligibility criteria- you need to check the eligibility criteria via sending your CNIC through SMS to 8500. If you are eligible person you will receive the text message on the same number. The text contain your card number and card distribution center name of your district.

Get the specialized sehat insaf card- if you are eligible candidates for program you need to receive your sehat card from the district card distributor by showing your CNIC. You can go to any empanelled hospital to receive the services but always take your CNIC and sehat insaf card with you. They will provide the service once they verify the data by health facilitation officer or health card representative.

How you can use your sehat insaf card?

Gather all documents and information- before going to hospital you need to gather all document and information and see the empanelled hospital list in your districts you need to take following document with you when visiting hospital  that are CNIC or B form in case of child and sehat insaf card.

Use it for treatment- for assistance visit the representative counter in panel hospital they will validate your card and later on send to you the relevant department for consultation.

Free treatment- if you get admitted in the hospital on panel hospital than you will get the treatment free of cost. All cost will be beard by sehat insaf card.

Feedback- after the treatment the SSP traffic will contact you for feedback and you can also provide feedback by calling them and through their website.

Who are included in family?

It covers the family member that are children that are born in paneled hospital will be automatically added in the family, husband, wife and unmarried children.


Government of Pakistan has launched sehat sahulat initiative that is consider as social welfare reform. In 2015 it was launched by federal government with initiative of provide health care and medical services to all people that are unable to afford their medical treatment. There are 2 treatment package in this program that are secondary care and primary care. The process of checking your eligibility criteria is very easy and simple you simply need to send your national identity car number through SMS from any network to 8500. You can also visit sehat sahulat program to know about your eligibility. In this article we discussed types of packages, eligibility criteria,  how to get apply online for sehat sahulat card, who is included in family and how you can  get your card.