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Zaib Sexologist Hospital
Best Sexologist Hospital
1st Floor, 61 Shadiwal Chowk, Block R 1 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore.

Zaib Hospital in Lahore has really good doctors who help with mens health problems. They use modern treatments and have the latest equipment. They are especially good at taking care of sexual health issues and making sure you get the best care possible.

Al Naseer Plaza, Murree Rd, Saddar, Rawalpindi.

Professor Dr. R. Y. Jalali, a renowned Sexologist in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, holds multiple top certifications from around the world. He's got degrees from places like the USA, Russia, and South Asia, covering various aspects of human sexuality. His deep knowledge and global education make him an expert in sexual health. He's known for pioneering approaches that help people with their sexual well-being. With his experience and extensive qualifications, Professor Dr. R. Y. Jalali stands out as a leader in sexology, offering advanced solutions and care for individuals in Pakistan and beyond.

Dr. Ahmad Sajjad
Male Sexual Health Specialist
Kiran Plaza 3 Kohistan Road, F 8, Islamabad, Islamabad.

Renowned as a leading urologist and esteemed sexologist in Islamabad, Dr. Ahmad Sajjad garners widespread acclaim for his exceptional patient satisfaction. With expertise spanning urology and sexual health, he stands out for his comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Sajjad's proficiency extends to addressing urinary tract conditions and diverse sexual health concerns with personalized care. His reputation for excellence is underscored by a commitment to providing tailored solutions and compassionate guidance to patients. Boasting a high satisfaction rate, he remains a sought-after professional revered for his expertise in Islamabad medical landscape.

Murree Road Saddar, Rawalpindi.
Dr. Javaid Aqeel Rajput
Best Male Sexual Health Consultant
Gulshan e Iqbal, Karachi,

Dr. Javaid Aqeel Rajput, an esteemed urologist in Karachi, is renowned for his exceptional patient satisfaction. Holding a distinguished profile with an MBBS, FCPS, and a Diploma in Urology, he specializes in diagnosing and treating a wide spectrum of urinary tract conditions. With extensive experience garnered from diverse urology departments, Dr. Rajput adeptly combines medicinal and surgical approaches to manage UTIs, urinary incontinence, and interstitial cystitis. His commitment to personalized care extends to crafting tailored treatment plans for both male and female patients, solidifying his status as a premier urologist known for advanced expertise and patient-centric care in Karachi.

14 Abu Bakar Block , New Garden Town, Lahore.

Dr. Muhammad Muzammil Tahir, a distinguished urologist in Lahore, embodies excellence with a stellar reputation for patient care. With an MBBS and FCPS qualifications, he specializes in diagnosing and treating a wide spectrum of urinary tract conditions, showcasing expertise in UTIs, urinary incontinence, and interstitial cystitis. Through extensive service in diverse urology departments, Dr. Tahir adeptly combines medicinal and surgical strategies for comprehensive management. Renowned for personalized treatment plans catering to both male and female patients, his advanced proficiency in urology establishes him as a top-tier certified professional. Dr. Tahir's commitment to tailored care and skillful expertise distinguishes him among Lahore's leading urologists.

Premium Diagnostic Center, Cantt, Rawalpindi.

Dr. Fartash Sarwar, an esteemed Urologist and Sexologist, practices in Rawalpindi. Holding degrees in MBBS and FCPS (Urology), he possesses two decades of rich experience in the field. Dr. Sarwar's expertise spans both urology and sexual health, offering specialized care to address diverse concerns. Renowned for his proficiency and compassionate approach, he stands as a trusted figure in Rawalpindi's medical community. Patients seek his guidance for comprehensive urological and sexual health support, benefiting from his extensive knowledge and commitment to providing tailored solutions and expert care.

Dr Tahira Rubab
Best Sexologist in Pakistan
Johar Town, Lahore.

Dr. Tahira, a top sexologist in Lahore, offers various services including help with stress, depression, couples' issues, and specialized sex therapy. She's well-known locally and globally for her dedicated approach, aiming to provide top-notch care to all. Dr. Tahira Rubab focuses on giving patients the tools they need to improve their lives.

Fawad Urology
Top Rated Urologist Specialist
Khokhar Chowk, Johar Town, Lahore.

Dr. Fawad Nasrullah, a seasoned urology expert in Lahore, specializes in male health, infertility, and advanced urological procedures. With over two decades of experience, including sixteen years in specialized urology and male health, he's a recognized figure in the field. Dr. Fawad reputation thrives on his deep knowledge and dedication to pioneering treatments, ensuring top-notch care for his patients. His expertise not only lies in his extensive experience but also in his commitment to advancing urological care, making him a go-to professional for male health concerns in the region.

Tareens Clinic
Best Fertilities Physician in Pakistan
Liberty Mall, Main University Road, Near Shafique Psychiatric Clinic, Peshawar.

Tareens Clinic is a top-notch center offering expert care in sexology, urology, and infertility treatment. Led by specialists, the clinic provides tailored solutions for reproductive health issues. Focusing on infertility, they offer advanced treatments and support for couples facing challenges in conceiving. With a team of caring experts, Tareens Clinic delivers personalized care and innovative approaches to help individuals achieve their reproductive goals with confidence.

What is sexology?

Sexology is the scientific learning of human sexuality, include human sexual function, interests, and behaviour. Field of Sexology may use tools from a variety of academic fields, including biology, psychology, education, sociology, anthropology, media studies, neurology , criminology, medicine, and epidemiology.

What are sexologists?

Sexologists are those people who study, investigate, and work within dedicated areas in the field including sexual development, sexual relationships, sexual behaviour and activity, sexual identity and orientation. Sexologists are providing treatment of sexual dysfunctions, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, and sexual pain.

How to choose the best sexologists in Pakistan?

There are many people who identify as a sexologist or sexuality expert however; patients must consult with only trained, qualified and experienced sexologists providing professional sex therapy or sexuality education in Pakistan. Before consultation with sexologist you must check proper qualification, training and an experience of a sexologist. All sexologists in Pakistan are medical doctors and registered with Pakistan medical council.

What causes do sexologists in Pakistan treat?

Sexologists identify and treat all types of problems related to sexology. Following problems can treat by sexologist in Pakistan.

  • Erectile dysfunction in men
  • Premature ejaculation problem
  • Male sexual dysfunction issue
  • Sexual disorders problem
  • Hydrocele treatment